Kick Flick – Video Assessment

Our video based Video Assessment has been developed to those players, who are unsure about their throwing action, stance, grip and all-round smoothness.

We can detect if your gear is right for you, so you don’t need to change them trusting only luck and gut-feeling.

There might be something we can easily change for the better. Maybe you get more fives or ones than you should? Maybe you need a proper follow-through? Are you standing correctly on the Oche? We can answer these and so many more of probable questions your throwing action shows us.

We ask you to video yourself six different angles throwing nine darts from each angle. We will provide you full written assessment regarding possible faults for you to improve your game just in few days’ time.

So what you’ll get:

A professional view on your throwing action

Arm action
Elbow movement
Wobbling, unnecessary movements, solidness

An opinion about your:

General gear
Future practice

And naturally we will advise you in every single factor we think your game can be improved! We will tell you what to do next to perfect your throw.

Have a professional take on your throw and order Kick Flick now!



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