Video coaching

Professional video coaching

Our video coaching project will point out every possible improvement we can think of for making your throw better.

1) Your throw

First we need to see what happens during your throw, therefore you need to video either your throw, darts trajectory or your throw and stance – there will be ten different shots we need you to take yourself us to be 100% we detect everything.
And believe us when we say if anyone can make your whole throw smooth as silk it will be us! We’ve done it earlier to players in different levels.

2) Your goals

We need to have a proper chat with you via WhatsApp or Skype, so we know for sure, what is the main ultimate thing you’re after with our coaching.
We’ll keep on chatting with you the whole half year fortnightly approx. 30 minutes per time.

3) Your gear

Did you know that one of our clients won his first major after our change recommendations? We encourage you to make all the difficult changes only by listening your head, not your heart. Because when the head is okay with new gear, the heart follows, not the other way round.

4) Your attitude

Albeit we aren’t professionally qualified sporting coaches, we can surely give you a tip of two what would work for you. May it be nerves, will to win, the deciding double, power scoring, desperation, calming down or pumping the adrenaline up again; training, resting, focus and concentration; what to eat and drink, what to think during the matches, you name it and we can help you! When it comes to most difficult areas like a Dartisis we might be able to help you even with that.

5) Why take this coaching

You get yourself a personal trainer for six month, who’s dedicated to you and your improvement, so when you leave us you’ll know at least what it takes to become professional darts player.
We’ll keep in contact tightly whole half year time. After assessment we start our real job. We talk to you and we suggest things which make you a better player – don’t worry, we’ve done this many times before. And if we fail the results are soon to be seen. We aren’t super-humans so if mistake is made we’re the first ones to admit it, “This clearly didn’t work for you” and we go back to drawing board. Then we make another choice for you to be better player! And another, if needed, because we practise what we preach: Never give up!

We’ve been over 40 years passionate about this sport and we have dedicated our lives to make you better player, so we dare to say that you won’t be disappointed! Our satisfactory per cent is a nice and round 100%!

It’s also very convenient to have a paid listener, because your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend might get bored after hearing your “missing by a millimetre those decisive doubles” –moan for hundredth of time… Now you’ve got a personal “darts-psychologist” whom to pour down and off-load all your history! And we will listen!

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