Dear entrant,

The JDC Virtual World Darts Championship will now be rescheduled for the week of the 7th – 13th of June 2021.

After the most recent announcement from the UK Government and the Chief Medical Officer that the country will be operating a tiered system of restrictions going forward and warnings of potential lockdowns, coupled with the potential for further restrictions into the new year and early spring, the decision has been made to move the event into the early summer months to allow for the situation to ease and to give players and supporters a more certain approach that the event can go ahead in 2021.

Further more the Government of Gibraltar, the host nation for the event has more confidence that the venues will be free to use (currently a Nightingale hospital) in the summer rather than early spring due to a number of factors which include –
Further time for the pandemic to reduce in its effectiveness around the world. (this is a world event with over 15 nations represented)
The introduction of a vaccine and its potential to be rolled out across Gibraltar and other world nations.
The climate in Gibraltar in June is better suited to control a corona virus in summer months.
The need for Nightingale hospitals is hugely reduced which will free up venues in Gibraltar.
The minimised use of restrictions on travel for all competitors around the world to make it easier to attend.
The minimised use of restrictions at the event from Covid 19 for the players and supporters. ( hopefully eradicated by the vaccine)
To allow more time for the easing of more restrictions and lockdowns around the UK and Europe
More certainty for players to book accommodation and flights for the summer rather than early spring.

The event will be operated as follows:

TUESDAY JUNE 8TH -JDC Virtual World Darts Championship ( Junior Event )
WEDNESDAY JUNE 9TH – JDC Virtual World Darts Championship ( Adult Event )
THURSDAY JUNE 10TH – JDC Virtual World Team League Finals
SATURDAY JUNE 12TH – JDC Virtual Soft Tip Championship 2021 ( All age event )

As stated in your confirmation email and upon purchasing your entry ticket there may have been a possibility of date changes due to the world wide pandemic. Also stated you will not loose out on your entry as it is guaranteed until we can deliver the event.

We welcome the first stage of preparation for the JDC Virtual World Darts Championship 2021 and hope you are able to join us then. If you are not able to join us your entry will not be lost. We will hold your entry as a credit for future JDC Virtual, Virtual Teams or MAD darts events upon completion of this event. Please keep up to date with all JDC Virtual news on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Also we will continue to update on the “Route to the Rock” segment of your Virtual dashboard.

We look forward to welcoming you in June.

Kindest regards,


The Virtual World Darts Championships 2021

Event – Virtual World Darts Championships (VWDC)

Location – GIBRALTAR

Date – Scheduled JUNE 7TH – 13TH 2021

Dates for the JDC Virtual tournament are now confirmed for the competition to go ahead in June 2021. All competitors have been sent personal confirmation of the notice of date change on the 2/12/20.

NB – the JDC is not responsible for the movement of tournament dates if caused by further issues with a global pandemic.

Qualification – To qualify the player must unlock six passports (Average over 700 in a block of six attempts to unlock one passport – Only one LIVE attempt per player per day) Qualification attempts are totally FREE.
Both events are strictly amateur, players that have PDC pro tour experience or BDO world finals experience in the last 5 years are exempt from qualification.
You are able to qualify up to and including April 12th 2021.

The Finals – JDC Virtual is the qualifying mechanism however the actual finals will be played 501 double out. Complete format (TBC)

Entry – The cost to enter the World championships will be just £50 for adults and £30 for juniors once all six passports have been unlocked
(participation is optional and not a condition of the FREE Virtual experience powered by the JDC )

AGE – If due to the rescheduling around covid 19 a competitor turns 18 and was entered into the Junior Event they will be placed in the Adult tournament at no extra cost.

Ticket to play – Once you’ve purchased your ticket for the worlds we’ll send you your unique Boarding Pass. This pass must be presented at the registration desk in the venue on the day of the event.

Seeding – Seedings are now complete.

Further information will be placed on this page in the New Year and via JDC Virtual media platforms.

Prize fund

Senior event (Over 18’s)
Winner £5k
Runner up £2k
Semi Final £750 x2
Quarter Finalists £375 x4
Last 16 x £200 x8

Junior Event
Winner £1500
Runner up £750
Semi final £375 x2
Quarter Finalists £150 x 4
Last 16 x £75 x 8


A very special message for ALL amateur dart players around the world – from the top of the rock of Gibraltar

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