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Play 501 with our new scorer application

There’s now a beta-version of a new application for playing n01-games (301,501 etc) on It is based on feedback from our members wanting to play darts games with friends.

In this beta-version it is only possible to play against a local guest (on same device) for the moment.
There will however be functionality to play against other members on same device or different places in the universe in a short while. Then you’ll be able to play against local friends, members and other members online using different devices to record the scores.

There’s also no statistics saved (in database) right now in the BETA-version but you can run a complete game with a few options. The buttons in the game could be handled by clicking, touching or using the keyboard on the computer.

Try it out and leave some feedback/requests how to make it even better!

Login and you’ll find the n01-darts-game application in the top menu named BETA.

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