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You get the status "SCOLIA ALREADY IN USE" from Scolia since you have another browser open with the Scolia device initiated. You can only have one browser/device/tab open with GoDartsPro and Scolia running.
Please close the other browsers and restart the game to be able to use your Scolia device for auto-tracking the darts.
Use darts setup
With custom darts setups you can track your practice with different darts setup combinations and see which combination that works best for you. Add your setups on your profile page.

Rules for 167

Throw 1 dart each at Treble 20, Treble 19 and Bulls eye (score 167).
Mark the hits. Repeat ten times.

Click on the buttons or use the keypad numbers 1 for 20, 2 for 19 and 3 for Bulls eye to track your hits.

Use Spacebar key or Enter key to report score.