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What are MICO-Factor games?

MICO-Factor unifies all games

You ever wonder what’s your true ability like in darts? Is it average? A waterproof indicator of your results and a great equaliser for all games!

So we developed this fantastic and simple way to measure your skill level. We call it MICO-factor, it means “Measurable Indicator Compatible Objective”, and funnily enough, it also happens to be the creator’s nickname.

Mikko Laiho – MICO-Factor presentation

All the games we have inside of this MICO-Factor genre are totally measurable and therefore solid base of how good you really are. Each game needs to be played 5 times to get MICO-Factor score for you as an average. When you better any of your five best scores in a certain game, your MICO-Factor score will improve. MICO-Factor games are also comparable with each other, so they will combine your MICO-Factor score in total.

Highest score in any MICO-Factor game is 40, which even Phil Taylor or MvG wouldn’t reach. Like ever. Say if you manage to get even 35 in any of MICO-Factor games once, you must be a TV-pro.

A good County or National Team player may reach now and then 30 points in MICO-Factor games, but to be honest, if you reach 25 as MICO-Factor you’re a very decent player. We invented this because we were eager to make a unifying indicator of all our mark-up games.
If you want to compare that to 501 averages, let’s say to reach the 40 points you need to have a tournament average of 167.00.
35 would be very close to the World records like 125 per throw. 30 points are very close to 100.00 averages in 501. 25 points in MICO-Factor would be almost professional levels of an all-time average of 85 per throw in 501.

Normal players will find themselves between 15 and 25, beginners will struggle to get over 10 MICO-Factor scores.
But there’s a surprising benefit as well: If you have got much different results between different games, the one you’ve got worse is the type you should practice more!

How did we invent this?

We believe that playing only 501’s isn’t really that good of a practice. Don’t get us wrong, naturally, you need to be able to hit your 501-game in a certain amount of darts, all depending on your level, but the fact is that the more you miss and the more you get over 20 darts the less you believe to yourself. The dreaded ‘Scar-tissue’ takes its scary place.
So we thought that there should be another and totally reliable way to compare your results of our practice games. All the MICO-Factor games are based on two things, maths and experience.

The maths part is easy, but the experience side isn’t. That takes tens of thousands recorded practice sessions with nominated and different level of players – but it also takes thousands of hours to practice.

Therefore we are very proud of MICO-factor, the first-ever measurable equal and honest indicator – other than 501’s average.