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During these uncertain times one thing that is for certain is that our love for the game of darts has not wavered. After the release of JDC Virtual back in April we are sure the passion of the darting community is high and the world has come together playing online darts. What we have worked on now is the opportunity for you to share the passion, share the fun and share the success with your friends, colleagues or your current darts team members.

The JDC Virtual World Team League is your chance to build your own team and top the leagues of world wide participation. I play in teams myself and enjoy the time with my friends and family playing the sport I love.

Now you can do the same and create your own team and find the players you want to compete for your team. If it is going to be difficult to get together in person for the foreseeable future this platform has no restriction and offers an ultimate for players to play in a world finals.

We will be holding a World Team event in Gibraltar based on the JDC Virtual World Team League. I hope you have great fun with this and the ability to share an evening with your friends surely is a great thing and best of all, its on your terms.

Steve Brown
This is Virtual Team League!
Playing within a team on JDC Virtual offers another opportunity for you and your friends, colleagues or team mates to enjoy a night of darts at your convenience. A team can be made up from anyone you know all over the world. Invite players on JDC Virtual or ask tour friends to join you. Teams will have the chance to qualify for a Virtual World Team Championship in Gibraltar next year all from your own home. Virtual team league is 7 weeks per season and you can decide what day suits your team to compete.

How does it work?
Every week, all players in the team will do one Qualifying round each. The team captain have the power to decide the deadline for the qualifying round and activate the LIVE round. The top 4 scorers in the qualifying round will unlock one LIVE round each which will make up the team's official score for the week.

The top 4 players from the qualifying round then have 24 hours to do their LIVE round. Each LIVE round must be started before Saturday 11pm (UK time) to be counted.

Want to create your own team?
Scroll down to the "BUILD YOUR OWN TEAM" section below and enter your team name. Pay the £5 for 1 season and your team will be created. You will be provided an invite link that you need to share with the players you want in your team. Once they're registered on GoDartsPro, payed their £5 for the season they will be part of your team.

If you are part of an existing team and wish to be released from that team to start your own team, you must contact GoDartsPro directly. There is the option to start a team with immediate funds for you to start straight away.
Further players will also be available on the transfer market.

Want to join a team?
If you've got an invite link to a team, register or sign in to your account on GoDartsPro and visit the link. If the team link is valid and there are still room for one more member (the limit is 12 per team) you're ready to pay the £5 for your season.
If you don't have any team to join, go to the dedicated Facebook page for the Virtual Team League and request a team to join there.

Make it count!

£5 per team member per season
7 weeks per season
A Virtual team World Cup to play for
Want to join a team?
Want members to join your team?
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As we come to the end of the season the next 7 week season will be the last season for 2021 and will finish 25/7/21. JDC Virtual Team League will be back in 2022. JDC Virtual will remain available as a free platform to practice and will be back in 2022.

Thank you for your contribution to the JDC Virtual concept.

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