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Feedback from our members/players

We love to get feedback about our website and on this page we’ve collected a few emails and messages we’ve got from our beloved members.

I am a coach at Portsmouth Dart Academy and I use GoDartsPro a lot for practice.
Especially the JDC routine as I believe it is a really good practice game.
My son also uses GoDartsPro and is a member of the academy. With the use of your website the improvement he has shown in the last year is phenomenal.
He is currently 9th on the January JDC challenge with a personal best score of 662 and he is only 9 years old. With the aid of your website I look forward to seeing his development in the next year.
Thank you

Mark Wilson

I can’t thank you enough. The website is brilliant as are the games.
I feel it is just the tool to move my game onwards.
Your support as been superb and I will continue using the system for my practice.
I have also recommended it to some close friends.

David Fowler

Great coach always there when I need advice or motivation.
Knows the game inside and out and I feel I’ve greatly improved on everything thanks to Mikko.
Darts guru at its best, helped where I needed improvement and its paid off, highly recommend the program. Glad I found it, thanks Mikko!

Jamie Winters

Consistency and routine are vital for my practice. When I first discovered GoDartsPro, I was a little reluctant to change my set routines; but I soon discovered that most of the routines I used were on the website.

I now had a great way of recording my data for my practice. I then gave some of the other training drills a go, and I was very impressed, so I added them to my routine.

I firmly believe that since using the site, my performances are far more consistent and my all round play is improving. I am always looking forward to toeing the oche at home, to try and improve on my scores, or try out any new drills that the guys have added to the site.

During league and tournament play now, I have more belief; as I am certain that, with the aid of GoDartsPro, I have fully prepared myself for the challenge that awaits me.


Ricky Edwards

Since starting to use the GoDartsPro training games, I feel that my game has moved on at least a couple of steps – I’m no longer worried or afraid of reaching the end of a game, wondering how long it will take me to hit the double; I’m now seeing the double as ‘just’ another part of the game, feeling that I stand a good chance of hitting it!

The training games are great – you can find one that focusses on a specific area that you want to practice, they’re not so long that you get bored halfway through and they’re good enough for you to want to have two, three… thirty goes at them…

The MICO-Factor is a great innovation – it spurs you on to improve your game; even an increase of a couple of hundredths makes you think ‘Yeah, I’m going in the right direction …’ – the individual game scores show you what you need to work on.

In short, the GoDartsPro website has done wonders for my game – without it, I would have been throwing aimless darts at the treble 20, wondering why my game wasn’t going anywhere – thanks for the structure to my practice and for the improvement…

Dave Coram

I love this website!
I think it is incredible motivating and fun to use.
The training becomes both fun and rewarding.

Deana Rosenblom

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