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Last updated 2022-08-23 07:53am

Note! Read the updated section about how long we store the member’s statistics and information.

How we use your personal information

With this privacy policy we want to let you know how we at GoDartsPro (herein “GoDartsPro”, “we” or “us”) promise to take care of the personal information we collect from you. This includes the information you provide us with (for example, when opening a GoDartsPro Account or subscribing to our newsletter), what we learn when having you on our site and when you are playing our games. This Policy explains which personal information we collect from you and for what reasons, how we use, store transfer such data but also how you can contact us to ask about your data and invoke your rights.

We only collect, use, store and transfer (“process”) your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, including but not limited to the (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (“GDPR”) and applicable national data protection legislation (hereafter “applicable law”).

Depending on whether you are a website visitor, customer and/or a user of our Services, we will process personal information such as your email address, your username, password(s) and payment details. We will also collect and use information about your technical equipment such as your hardware and software type and location data, and other information you provide us with, for example when you sign up for our surveys and contests.

We will use your personal information for different purposes. We will for example use the data to provide you with the Service you have requested, to improve our games and other Services, to predict user trends, to make recommendations based on your usage, to process payments and customize our Services to you.

What we promise

We promise to keep your data safe and to not to sell your data to third parties. We promise to give you the right to access and delete your data, and to provide you with ways to manage and review your marketing choices as well as any other information (such as for example newsletters) you get from us.

Your personal information

Personal information can be any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. In other words, it can be any information that could allow us to identify you both directly and indirectly (like for example your name, email address, IP address, or your billing address). In this Policy, we will use the word “data” to refer to personal information.

Why we process your information

We will only use and process data about you if we have one of the following reason to do so:

  • to fulfil the contract we have with you (for example when you have purchased a subscription on GoDartsPro);
  • when you consent to it (for example, when subscribing to our newsletter or opening a GoDartsPro Account); or
  • when it is in our legitimate interest (for example, to enforce our policies, manage our everyday business, to use in an anonymized and aggregated way in order to perform statistical analysis, for direct marketing purposes, to ensure information security, to prevent fraud or to transfer the data to different part of the organisation when necessary).

When do we collect data from you

We will collect data about you when you use our Services, including in the following situations:

  • When you register a GoDartsPro account
  • When you subscribe to our newsletters
  • When you purchase a subscription or any other products
  • When you play our darts games and practice routines
  • When you contact us or our support services, via emails or social media
  • When you use our website
  • When you enrol in, or participate in, one of our events
  • In customer surveys
  • If you participate in user research initiatives
  • If you participate in a pre-release test such as alpha/beta/etc. test releases
  • If you take part in our competitions or promotions
  • When you send us an idea to improve the website or a game idea
  • When you click on one of our ads or in our newsletters

What data we collect

We use data that you have explicitly provided to us in different situations. We also use personal information that is generated by your device or when you use our Services. These categories are further explained below. Data that you explicitly provide us with:

  • email address
  • username
  • name
  • password(s) created to access parts of the Services

Other data you actively provide us with when:

  • you contact support or seek help from GoDartsPro
  • you fill in our surveys or join our beta tests
  • you save information about your different darts setups (use of darts, stems and flights)
  • you enter a contest. If you win, we might need additional information about you depending on the specific contest. We will, however, only collect such information with your consent

Data we collect when you use our Services or games:

  • Statistics from all played darts games and practice routines
  • Profile and usage data. This includes the profile you create to identify yourself when you connect to our Services and internet protocol (IP) address and cookies that may uniquely identify your browser. It also includes other data about how you use our Services and games. We gather this data from devices you use to connect to those Services, such as computers and mobile phones, using cookies and other internet tracking software.
  • Payment and transaction data
  • Location data
  • Device platform (PC, Android, iOS) and browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc)
  • In-game activity including but not limited to what games you play, own, how you play, how often and for how long
  • Friend relations added to the Friends List

How do we use your data

We use the information we collect from you and from your use of our Services, to provide, maintain, protect and improve the Services and to develop new ones. We will not use your data for any other purpose than the purpose for which the data is originally collected.

  • To operate our business and to enhance your practice experience
  • To operate, improve, develop and provide you with our games, apps and Services
  • To provide you with recommendations, games and practice routines that you may like
  • To respond to inquiries or comments from you
  • To verify your identity in order to prevent unauthorized access
  • To understand trends in usage
  • To customize your user experience
  • To maintain the integrity and security of the Services
  • To process transactions and communicate with you regarding these transactions
  • To send you newsletters and promotional notices and offers you have previously agreed to

How long will we keep your data

For premium members

We will keep your statistics and information for as long as you are a PREMIUM member of GoDartsPro. We may keep your information for longer, for research or statistical purposes. If we do, we will make sure your information is anonymised and non-traceable to you as a person. We will also keep it for longer if we cannot delete it for legal or regulatory reasons. We will also delete data upon request. Contact us for more information about deleting your data. We will do our bests to answer your request in a timely manner but please note that it may take a couple of days. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For non-premium members

Due to a growing number of members we now need to limit the time the free members (that is, not a premium member) statistics will be stored on GoDartsPro to optimize the speed and experience for our premium members. If you are a free member on GoDartsPro, we will keep your information and statistics 12 months back.
This new policy will be activated on the 1st of November 2022!

Active members of a JDC Academy will not be affected by this new policy!

To make sure we continue to store your statistics and information you need to upgrade to premium.
If you have been a premium member we will wait 12 months after your premium membership has ended before we remove any of your statistics.
So you will still be able to take a pause from your premium membership without having any statistics being removed.

Please contact GoDartsPro if you have any questions about this.

How to end your membership on GoDartsPro

For security reasons, you can no longer login and delete your account.
If you want your account to be deleted, please send a request for this by email to info (a) containing your username from the email address you used when signing up as a member on GoDartsPro and we will delete it for you.

Monthly Premium Subscriptions

When cancelling a monthly subscription, all future charges associated with future months of your premium subscription will be cancelled.
You may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time; your cancellation will become effective at the end of your current monthly billing period.
You will not receive a refund; however your subscription access and/or delivery and accompanying premium benefits will continue for the remainder of the current monthly billing period. You will not receive a refund if you have not used the premium services during your prepaid period for the premium membership.

Annual Premium Subscriptions

When cancelling an annual subscription, all future charges associated with future years of your premium subscription will be cancelled.
You may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time; your cancellation will become effective at the end of your current annual billing period.
You will not receive a refund, prorated or otherwise, for the remainder of the annual term.
However, your subscription access and/or delivery and accompanying premium benefits will continue for the remainder of the current annual billing period.
You will not receive a refund if you have not used the premium services during your prepaid period for the premium membership.

You can unsubscribe to newsletters at any times by following the instructions in the newsletter you receive. Our newsletters contain mechanisms which allow you to opt-out from receiving further newsletters from us. You can also unsubscribe to newsletters directly on the settings page of your Profile page on GoDartsPro.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

This Policy may change from time to time. Any changes to this Policy will be posted on this page and if the changes are significant, we will provide you with a more noticeable notice, like for example by email or with a pop-up on your account page. If you are asked to accept material changes to this Policy and decline to do so, you might not be able to continue using the Services with all functionality preserved.