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Practice competition-oriented

With your practice stats from our apps you will compete against your own average from previous sessions to make your training competition oriented.
Play 501!

Play 301, 501, 1001 against a friend or our computer opponent with 20 levels.
There’s even a trash-talk option to prepare you for cheating opponents (or just for fun).

GoDartsPro is made by a darts player for darts players.

Simple and effective darts practice games designed to use with tablet or smartphone.

Large buttons for easy scoring and with a voice telling you the score.
GoDartsPro was made to fill the needs for darts practicing applications to track the scoring progress. Aiming for PDC or just playing with friends? Our darts training apps will make you practice darts better.

With GoDartsPro you will:
practice with fun and competitive routines
track your progress to gain confidence
focus on your weak parts
compete against your own practice history
compete against other darts players
be guided by voice speaker throughout the applications
connect with other players
practice and play alone or with friends

Join this growing darts community! We’re all here for the love of darts!

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Collect badges as you practice darts
Practice darts and unlock badges

Unlock achievements along the way you get better in darts and try our different applications.
A fun way to practice and track your progress in darts while trying to master this sport.

The more you practice darts and the better you score the more badges you will unlock.


Try to get them all!

Read more about the badges here »
Three main factors to become a great darts player and to master this sport.


– To be able to consistently throw the dart the same way to aim and hit the desired target

– To be able to focus, control your nerves and being able to stay positive during the whole game

– Understanding the fundamental tactics for the game you are playing to handle different scenarios during the game

Make sure to include all these three factors during each of your practicing hours.
Follow our practice routines, stay patient and your progress will follow.

Bob’s 27

Hit doubles around the board.
Invented by Bob Anderson.
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Catch 40

Practice important outs between 61 and 100.
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Priestley Trebles

Hit the trebles 10 to 20 to sharpen your treble hits in darts. Invented by Dennis Priestley.
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Why practice darts in a structured way?

Knowing how to practice darts efficiently is crucial to improve your skills.

Darts is a lot about muscle memory and therefor it’s better to practice darts one hour per day than seven hours one day per week.
Did your second dart automatically followed your first dart – even if you were aiming somewhere else?
That’s muscle memory and that’s why it is so important to make your first dart count.

With this knowledge we’ve created and added practice applications that rewards the importance of groupings and scoring that first dart.
We have practice applications to improve your scoring to reach for those 180’s.
But high scoring is nothing if you can’t finish a game. We have applications to practice those important outs as well.

Make your practice sessions intense, focused and emulate a competitive environment. By tracking your progress you will build confidence knowing your practice sessions improve your playing.

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