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Welcome to GoDartsPro!

Since I launched GoDartsPro in September 2017 many great darts practice games and concepts have been added to improve darts player all over the world.

During over a year, GoDartsPro also had one of the worlds leading darts coaching gurus Mikko Laiho in the team before he tragically passed away in April 2019. Mikko lived for darts and to educate for better darts training 24/7 and he created so many great practising games.

GoDartsPro will continue to create great darts practising games and concepts in the spirit of Mikkos ideology for challenging, fun and inspiring training.

GoDartsPro offers a vast amount of tools for getting your darts better.
But we can’t do it for you. So be persistent, believe, enjoy and do the work required.

Now it’s up to you!

Enjoy your darts!
/ Anders

MICO-Factor unifies all games

We have developed a fantastic and simple way to measure your skill level. It is a very clear indicator, but for the majority of the darts players, someone counting our averages is just a dream.
Compete and practice darts
Play 501!

Play 301, 501, 1001 against a friend or our computer opponent with 20 levels.
There’s even a trash-talk option to prepare you for cheating opponents (or just for fun).

What is your MICO-Factor in darts?

Play our MICO-Factor games minimum 5 times each and we present your average default level

Get ready for GoDartsPro MasterClass!
GDP MasterClass declares to be the first-ever
level hopping practice game in darts.

Read more about GDP MasterClass here »

Videos from Winmau’s Practice Zone

GoDartsPro is made by darts players for darts players.

Simple and effective darts practice games designed to use with tablet or smartphone.

Large buttons for easy marking and with a voice telling you the score.
GoDartsPro was made to fill the needs for darts practising applications to track the scoring progress. Aiming for PDC or just playing with friends? Our darts training games will make your darts practice better.

Here are 10 training games to boost your skills »

With GoDartsPro you will:
• practice with fun and competitive routines
• track your progress to gain confidence
• focus on your weak areas and getting your strong areas stronger
• compete against your own practice history
• compete against other darts players
• be guided by voice speaker throughout the applications
• connect with other players
• practice and play alone or with friends

Join this growing darts community! We’re all here for the love of darts!

darts practice routines - application area
Want to improve and get better in darts?

Use our darts training games and get skills

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Collect badges as you practice darts

Practice darts and unlock badges

Unlock achievements along the way you get better in darts and try our different applications.
A fun way to practice and track your progress in darts while trying to master this sport.

The more you practice darts and the better you score the more badges you will unlock.


Try to get them all!

Read more about the badges here »

Why practice darts in a structured way?

Knowing how to practice darts efficiently is crucial to improve your skills.

Darts is a lot about muscle memory and therefore it’s better to practice darts one hour per day than seven hours one day per week.
Did your second dart automatically follow your first dart – even if you were aiming somewhere else?
That’s muscle memory and that’s why it is so important to make your first dart count.

With this knowledge, we’ve created and added practice applications that reward the importance of groupings and scoring that first dart.
We have practice applications to improve your scoring to reach for those 180’s.
Have you ever scored a 180? We teach you how to do it!


“One of the best ways ever how to score your initial 180 is fairly simple.
Aim for treble 20 as long as you hit one. Leave that there and try with your remaining two until you hit another. Leave that there and throw your first ‘almost official’ 180! Do this few times per day – and suddenly you hit it with your straight three darts! This also teaches you to focus with your last dart very well.”

But high scoring is nothing if you can’t finish a game. We have applications to practice those important outs as well.

Make your practice sessions intense, focused and emulate a competitive environment as much as you can. But never ever forget that you need to enjoy your darts!

Game On!

Play and practice darts with friends online

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