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Good games to practice if you're new to darts

Many of the darts practice games out there are too hard to use for darts players in the beginning of their darts careers.
If the games are too hard it is easy to lose interest and quit. It is also very important for all players to play training games suitable for their level.
Also, an intermediate or advanced player having a slump can gain confidence by playing slightly easier games for a few days.
So, here’s a list with a few games beginners can enjoy and improve with when they want to take their darts training a bit more seriously. Use these games on a regular basis to play better darts!
Playing training games designed to challenge and improve the player is the best way to kickstart the darts career.

Section 5

In this game, you need to close all the 5 sections with at least 5 points on each. Section 1 to 4 all have three number fields. You get 3 points if you hit the center field and 1 point if you hit either of the adjacent fields.
Play Section 5 »


You need to hit three throws (nine darts) inside of the treble ring to get to the next level.If any of them hits the treble or gets further away from the middle, you lose one life and need to restart the level.
Play Insider »


21 is a fun darts practice game for beginners to get training all over the board. In the game 21, you use three darts to get to the number 21. Your randomly suggested combination shows in red on the two first cards. Hit the first suggest number gives you 1 extra point.

Play 21 »

Lockdown Challenge

The virus attacks the red numbers of the board (20, 18, 13, etc) and you need to fight it by hitting the attacked fields. The number on each target shows how bad the grade is of the attack. If any virus attack exceeds grade 5 it is game over.

Play The Lockdown Challenge »

Points Around The World (PAW)

Throw 3 darts on each number and track your hits.1 point per single hit, 2 for double and 3 for treble. Maximum 9 points per number.
End with bull where 25 gives you 1 point and bulls eye 2.
Play The PAW Game »

Also, check out Winmau Practice Zone for more games to play!

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