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Rules for PowerSwitch

Your targets are treble 20, treble 19 and treble 18! If you hit a treble, you stay on that target with your next dart. If you miss a treble use your next dart for the next target. 3 points for trebles and 1 point for singles.

First dart hits T20  =  3 points   (stay on T20)
2nd dart hits S20  =  1 point   (next target is T19)
Last dart hits T19  =  3 points

First dart hits S5  =  0 points   (next target is T19)
2nd dart hits T7  =  0 points   (next target is T18)
Last dart hits T18  =  3 points

New! PowerSwitch Scoring Bundle!

In the list of options you now also got the 10 throws Scoring Bundle!
After each switching throw as explained above, you should now try to score as much as possible on the board (all fields counts). Your number of hits with your first throw will be multiplied with the score on the next throw (as in Exponential Bundle).

Example: You hit S20-S19-S18 which gives you 3 hits.
Next throw you score T20-T5-S1 (76) which gives you 3 x 76 = 228.
So 20 throws in total where every 2nd throw is about powerscoring.

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