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JDC and GDP agree on cooperation

GoDartsPro and JDC (Junior Darts Corporation) are now exclusive and official partners in the fascinating world of youth darts. We both share a passion to try to help youngsters to be as good as they ever can and as we all know that there aren’t shortcuts – quality practise plus the hours put in, nothing beats those.

We start with creating a platform for the JDC Challenge. The Academy Coaches enters the scores for the Academy Players which will make the scores official.

We gather all the Academy Coaches through this page where we will provide them with easy functionality for their Academies.

The Academy Players can practice on the website to get ready for the official challenge with their coach.

For more information about JDC, visit their website at

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Contact your coach to apply on this page to track your official scores for the JDC Challenge.
Super16 OOM
1Keane BarryJunior Darts Ireland24102Black17
2Sean CumminsJunior Darts Ireland19374Black17
3Katie SheldonJunior Darts Ireland19195Black19
4Dylan DowlingJunior Darts Ireland18391Black19
5Jack SheppardTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ17680Black18
6Ronnie WoodmanStaffordshire17666Black16
7benjamin CarrNeath Junior Darts Academy17388Black18
8Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)17330Black16
9Killian HeffernanJunior Darts Ireland16978Black17
10Pearse MackleJunior Darts Ireland16255Black19
11Mitchell LeemingWorcester Junior Darts Academy15320Black18
12Joe Pitchford-MorrisBedworth15306Black18
13Brynmor ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam15160Black19
14Ashley MarsonWest Midlands Darts Academy15074Black18
15Jack ButcherJDC Portsmouth14849Black19
16Finlay EarnshawDNEYA Blyth14684Black17
17Jason MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy14105Black18
18Jayden HarperWest Midlands Darts Academy13995Black18
19Reece ChambersWorcester Junior Darts Academy13238Black17
20Andrew DoddsDNEYA Blyth13060Black18
21Alfie GallowayWest Midlands Darts Academy12820Red18
22Jake TabbenorJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)12806Black16
23Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy12421Red18
24Ethan WillsJunior Darts Ireland12335Red19
25Ryan RickwoodStaffordshire12280Black14
26Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland12278Red19
27Connor PickettWest Midlands Darts Academy12095Black14
28Tobias Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ11878Red19
29Oliver ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam11791Red15
30Cody AbelBlackburn Darts Academy11657Black13
31Lewis MayesDNEYA Blyth11559Red17
32Harry EarpBedworth11029Red18
33Leighton DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam10953Blue19
34Steven CoronerJunior Darts Ireland10864Blue17
35Archie AnsonWest Midlands Darts Academy10684Red17
36Mikey GuinnessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)10655Red15
37Jake LindsayDNEYA Blyth10535Red16
38Sean CraigStaffordshire10420Black12
39Shoey AyresWhitchurch Darts Academy10340Red16
40George WingJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)10180Red15
41Brayden Pokai-GiddensTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ10141Green19
42Nathan RocheYate Darts Academy9669Black16
43Ben SearsNeath Junior Darts Academy9657Red13
44klaan StoreyNeath Junior Darts Academy9560Red15
45Samuel McManusBedworth9503Blue17
46Ryan DowlingJunior Darts Ireland9469Green19
47Frankie MurrieBedworth9428Blue17
48Callum TaylorWest Midlands Darts Academy9333Blue17
49Jacob MastersPlymouth Youth Darts Academy9024Green18
50Jonleigh Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ8944Green18
51dale wingraveNeath Junior Darts Academy8930Blue15
52Joshua WhiteSouthampton Darts Academy8863Blue16
53natasha kennedyDNEYA Blyth8772Blue18
54Andrew HarrisonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)8553Blue16
55cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy8291Blue15
56Samuel AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy8286Blue16
57William RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)8129Blue16
58Sam CromptonWorcester Junior Darts Academy8058Green18
59Cameron MihakaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ7855Green19
60James WillisSouthampton Darts Academy7849Red15
61Zachary CareBlackburn Darts Academy7843Blue17
62Luca HillBlackburn Darts Academy7832Red11
63Amelia Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ7831Green19
64Nathan ClearyWorcester Junior Darts Academy7815Green17
65Conner DoddsDNEYA Blyth7799Green18
66Matthew EmettBlackburn Darts Academy7777Red14
67Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)7733Green17
68Mitchell McCarthyYate Darts Academy7688Black8
69Tommy NelsonYate Darts Academy7684Black12
70Shivarna LewisTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ7630Green17
71Luke williamsNeath Junior Darts Academy7629Green16
72Davy-jay KnowlesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)7414Blue14
73Levi StoreyNeath Junior Darts Academy7243Green16
74Leo lynchBlackburn Darts Academy7125Green18
75Kaui NamanaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ7056Green18
76LOUIS JONESBlackburn Darts Academy6983Green16
77Tamati IrwinTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ6895Yellow17
78Llinos ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam6860Yellow18
79Lian GodrichJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)6792Green17
80Ciaran PriceNeath Junior Darts Academy6720Red10
81Luke MajorStaffordshire6597Blue10
82Owen AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy6543Green16
83Jack RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)6474Green16
84Hannah MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy6415Green18
85Dan JonesStaffordshire6411Red9
86Archie ChippendaleBlackburn Darts Academy6363Yellow18
87Mereana MaxwellTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ6164Yellow19
88Stuart RanceYate Darts Academy6111Green15
89Jack ThackerJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)6078Green14
90Chalet MckeanTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ5912Yellow17
91Brandon McDonnellPlymouth Youth Darts Academy5860Red8
92Charlie MaynardBlackburn Darts Academy5860Green17
93Harrison KirbyBlackburn Darts Academy5762Blue14
94Adam HodgkinsonBlackburn Darts Academy5570Green11
95George GoldingPaignton Darts Academy5467Yellow17
96Calida GormleyWorcester Junior Darts Academy5464Yellow15
97Bert CroftWhitchurch Darts Academy5421Yellow15
98Mackenzie WilsonJDC Portsmouth5417Yellow19
99Harry EvansBedworth5412Green12
100Petra Waihi-AspalterTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ5399Yellow17
101Nathan HillJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)5388Yellow15
102Leo CampbellWorcester Junior Darts Academy5380Yellow17
103Jiale DongIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 5357White6
104isabelle seddonShenley Sharks Darts Academy 5347Yellow17
105Taylor McGuckianBedworth5320Yellow15
106Connor BoveySouthampton Darts Academy5309Yellow14
107Courtney VinallYate Darts Academy5309Yellow18
108Lewis HooperBedworth5303Green11
109Lewis WhitleyPlymouth Youth Darts Academy5175Yellow14
110LLoyd SterioNeath Junior Darts Academy5033Green13
111Ieaun AllenNeath Junior Darts Academy4990Blue9
112Ryan JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam4873Yellow17
113Owen MasonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)4872Red9
114Tyler GeorgeJDC Portsmouth4858Yellow18
115Ryan ClowesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)4839Green11
116Owen HillWest Midlands Darts Academy4810Green12
117Eirwen EvansLampeter Bishop of Bedlam4759Yellow19
118Ben VesteStaffordshire4739Black6
119Jenaya LewisTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ4670Yellow19
120Lacey HughesWest Midlands Darts Academy4642Yellow14
121Theo WrightBlackburn Darts Academy4603Yellow17
122Xunxu KuangIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 4589White7
123Pacey LargePaignton Darts Academy4502Black6
124Ben BlowesShenley Sharks Darts Academy 4460Yellow17
125Yile LiuIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 4409White5
126John GreenwoodBlackburn Darts Academy4383Green11
127Elonwy ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam4349Yellow17
128Marley SheldonDNEYA Blyth4343Yellow14
129Sion DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam4341Purple17
130Abbie Clark-EvansNeath Junior Darts Academy4318Yellow15
131Reid TaylorStaffordshire4297Green8
132Isobel GashBedworth4287Yellow11
133Sam HarmanTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ4188Green7
134Harry SparkDNEYA Blyth4169Yellow16
135Jack NankervisPaignton Darts Academy4165Blue7
136Emrys EvansLampeter Bishop of Bedlam4162Yellow19
137Charlie LeonardBlackburn Darts Academy4088Green17
138Luke WilkinsWest Midlands Darts Academy4035Blue7
139Emma LeverettPaignton Darts Academy3955Red7
140Michael YilmazSouthampton Darts Academy3952Yellow13
141Sheyuan XueIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 3938White7
142Lincoln HolmesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3931Yellow11
143Aidan SimpsonJDC TEWKESBURY 3926Purple16
144kieran hillJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3924Purple16
145Tao JiangIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 3868White6
146Arlo SaadLampeter Bishop of Bedlam3867Purple18
147Kirsty GilchristJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3867Purple16
148Louis HumphreySouthampton Darts Academy3848Purple16
149Iestyn StephensLampeter Bishop of Bedlam3769Yellow15
150Yanxu ShiIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 3737White7
151Joshua BeanShenley Sharks Darts Academy 3644Yellow10
152TJ WhippyShenley Sharks Darts Academy 3641Purple16
153Rhys CurtisSouthampton Darts Academy3581Purple15
154Shijie TaoIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 3568White6
155Harley LangfordPaignton Darts Academy3468Purple15
156Oliver ForsythWest Midlands Darts Academy3464Green8
157Adam DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3456White3
158samuel lester-smithNeath Junior Darts Academy3413Yellow10
159Reece OakesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3347Purple16
160Zachary MastersPlymouth Youth Darts Academy3342Purple16
161Jacob NashJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3270Yellow9
162Zachary BrighouseJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3192Purple14
163Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3160Yellow13
164Zimeng BaiIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 3052White6
165Callum PriceNeath Junior Darts Academy3039Yellow9
166Dylan SaadLampeter Bishop of Bedlam3007Purple18
167Leo HowardJDC Portsmouth3002Purple13
168Harry SmithWorcester Junior Darts Academy2945Green6
169Leah HughesNeath Junior Darts Academy2940Yellow10
170Charlie MckenziePaignton Darts Academy2914Yellow10
171Alfie ScammellJDC Portsmouth2904Purple11
172Finley IrvineBlackburn Darts Academy2865Purple18
173Josh HarrisWhitchurch Darts Academy2855Yellow9
174Maxwell SkatesJDC Portsmouth2845Purple16
175Jack A CaulkettLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2839Purple17
176Phoebe SheppardPlymouth Youth Darts Academy2835Purple18
177Steven IveyPaignton Darts Academy2824Yellow13
178Andrew DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2822Purple16
179Owen ImrieDNEYA Blyth2818Purple17
180Steffan RiversLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2802Purple14
181Jack MiltonJDC Portsmouth2802Purple19
182Ben StoddardJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)2794Green8
183Ethan FrostJDC Portsmouth2794Yellow11
184Jayden earlesNeath Junior Darts Academy2756Purple14
185Christian WilsonWorcester Junior Darts Academy2756Yellow9
186Ashton RayJDC Portsmouth2753Purple17
187Charlie ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 2710Purple18
188Mark YoungBlackburn Darts Academy2674Purple15
189Kellie GillmanShenley Sharks Darts Academy 2661Purple16
190Kamaia GrayndlerTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2632Purple15
191Renata LeachTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2624White3
192Mohiraia AbrahamTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2616Purple14
193Dion DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2613Purple13
194Oliver PhilbinBlackburn Darts Academy2609Purple15
195Reece WhiteSouthampton Darts Academy2589Purple12
196George AlfredIlkeston Darts Academy2545Purple14
197Te Rangi HaukamauTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2533Purple13
198Jamie FisherIlkeston Darts Academy2531Yellow12
199Brandon ShaughnessyWest Midlands Darts Academy2525Green6
200Ryan JordanJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)2524White4
201Jake TaggSouthampton Darts Academy2514Yellow7
202Harry PooleWorcester Junior Darts Academy2507White10
203Finlay DonelanIlkeston Darts Academy2494Purple16
204Cam ElliottBar501 Academy2473Blue5
205Declan DennehyJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)2357Purple12
206Tia SterioNeath Junior Darts Academy2326Purple13
207Justin Ross-LeachTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2307Purple11
208Kaelib GormleyWorcester Junior Darts Academy2289Blue6
209Charlie earlesNeath Junior Darts Academy2238Yellow8
210Archie BurgessJDC TEWKESBURY 2207Purple18
211Naiomi SingletonNeath Junior Darts Academy2201Yellow8
212Reece MiltonJDC Portsmouth2195Purple19
213Tia PughNeath Junior Darts Academy2145Purple14
214Ben HallLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2107Purple15
215Rubie ArchibaldPlymouth Youth Darts Academy2098Purple15
216Jack StoddardJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)2052Yellow8
217Iyla LeightleyDNEYA Blyth2051Yellow6
218Mark KellsIlkeston Darts Academy2036Purple13
219Kyan SuttonPaignton Darts Academy2021Yellow7
220Zachary CutlerPaignton Darts Academy2019Purple14
221George SalterJDC TEWKESBURY 2002Purple8
222Kyle JonesJDC TEWKESBURY 1988Purple10
223Oliver ReadwinLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1978Purple15
224Paul GildeaJunior Darts Ireland1954White2
225Sophie singletonNeath Junior Darts Academy1905Purple8
226Mythias ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1879White3
227Cerys JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1878Purple15
228Lewis WilliamsJDC Portsmouth1859Purple15
229Lloydd WilliamsNeath Junior Darts Academy1833Purple12
230Bobby TaylorBedworth1831White7
231Michael SmythAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1754White3
232Kiana HopeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1739Purple10
233Harley GloverJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1737Purple16
234Sage HollinsheadSouthampton Darts Academy1720Purple6
235Kian BolandNeath Junior Darts Academy1696Yellow6
236Rosie O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy1692Red3
237Terry FrenchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1680White3
238Logan CastleJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1653White10
239Charlie LargeSouthampton Darts Academy1642White2
240Billy BryantPaignton Darts Academy1623White8
241Kai LewisBar501 Academy1578Green5
242Maraea HardingTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1574Purple12
243Ben ManningAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1564White3
244Kyle GreeneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1561White3
245Aaron McGillickBlackburn Darts Academy1558Purple7
246Dylan WhelanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1549White3
247Ashton StoreyNeath Junior Darts Academy1524Purple8
248Poppy CaulkettLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1523White17
249Elliott PalmerPlymouth Youth Darts Academy1520White16
250Billy Wright-PhillipsLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1493Purple10
251Bray ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1486White3
252Nathan Dillon BurroughsCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1463White3
253James RyanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1462White3
254Shayne McauliffePlymouth Youth Darts Academy1462White17
255Siencyn JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1440Purple10
256Te Raipine RangiuaiaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1438White12
257Freddie GoffBedworth1433White17
258Scott DoyleJunior Darts Ireland1415Yellow3
259Billy OgilvieJDC Portsmouth1411Purple5
260Harry Fraser-JacobsonShenley Sharks Darts Academy 1372Purple11
261Teddy GeorgeJDC Portsmouth1318Yellow8
262Riley PinhorneJDC Portsmouth1304White6
263Molly OwenNeath Junior Darts Academy1296Purple6
264Jamie FrenchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1289White3
265Kaia HoukamauTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1268White13
266Robert ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 1249White9
267Thomas MurphyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1224White3
268Jiacheng SongIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 1195White1
269Grady TaylorDNEYA Blyth1181Purple6
270Tristan ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1175White2
271Bailey DayTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1173White2
272Dylan CullenCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1158White3
273Tomos GreenLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1119White11
274Douglas HollinsheadSouthampton Darts Academy1114Purple6
275Ricky SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1108White3
276Zhengan GuIDCDARTS Shanghai Academy 1103White1
277Te Manawa Whati-HaapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1094White12
278Alice DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1085White10
279josh grinsteadForest of Dean1050Yellow2
280Jamie FoggIlkeston Darts Academy1009White14
281Harry LlewellynStaffordshire960Purple4
282Christopher ReadwinLampeter Bishop of Bedlam929White5
283Abbie GreenLampeter Bishop of Bedlam881White10
284Alis JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam849White15
285Jack BendallForest of Dean819Red1
286Lewis BirtJDC Portsmouth792White13
287Killian KeeganAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland776White3
288Summer MckenziePaignton Darts Academy769White10
289Jack CourtneyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy740White2
290Dylan RICHARDSONIlkeston Darts Academy704White11
291Bradlee AllenJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)697Green3
292Joey SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy690White3
293Dylan CurranCarlow County Youth Darts Academy659White2
294Fionn HarbourneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland629White2
295John MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland601White2
296Jason YatesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam588Purple4
297Jacinda ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ584White3
298korey brownForest of Dean582White1
299james morrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland566White2
300Krystal O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy546Yellow3
301Tomos jamesNeath Junior Darts Academy503White6
302Caine TopleyIlkeston Darts Academy489White16
303Chiarn WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ486White1
304Charlie MoretonBedworth482White2
305Vince ParkerBar501 Academy461Purple2
306Adam ManningAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland457White3
307Joeseph BarbarichTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ436White5
308Luke DooleyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy431White1
309Dylan HalliganCarlow County Youth Darts Academy413White1
310Isaiyah DevonishBedworth395White5
311Elle BinghamForest of Dean381Purple1
312Jasmine RyanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy380White3
313Tomas CurranCarlow County Youth Darts Academy365White2
314Fionn DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy349White3
315Liam MorganBar501 Academy337Purple2
316Owen DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam335Yellow1
317Danny DoneganCarlow County Youth Darts Academy332White3
318Dylan BerryAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland296White3
319Lachlan ObyrneCarlow County Youth Darts Academy289White1
320Hunter ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ288White2
321Keira-Mai GeorgeForest of Dean280Purple1
322Kacie O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy242Purple1
323Oisin TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland207White2
324Ruby MasonTamworth Darts Academy204White3
325Roan TaylorStaffordshire155Yellow1
326Alfie MasonTamworth Darts Academy155White3
327Calum GeorgeForest of Dean134White1
328katie ferrisYate Darts Academy128White2
329Emmie O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy123Purple1
330Jude BeazleyShenley Sharks Darts Academy 115Purple1
331Joshua TibbattsBar501 Academy66White3
332Gabriel ColbournePaignton Darts Academy55White1
1Keane BarryJunior Darts Ireland29561478Black2
2Sean CumminsJunior Darts Ireland12581258Black1
3Adam DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy34561152White3
4benjamin CarrNeath Junior Darts Academy23031152Black2
5Katie SheldonJunior Darts Ireland34501150Black3
6Ronnie WoodmanStaffordshire22621131Black2
7Dylan DowlingJunior Darts Ireland32571086Black3
8Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)31671056Black3
9Ashley MarsonWest Midlands Darts Academy1963982Black2
10Paul GildeaJunior Darts Ireland1954977White2
11Renata LeachTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1917959White2
12Jayden HarperWest Midlands Darts Academy1840920Black2
13Brynmor ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2756919Black3
14Cody AbelBlackburn Darts Academy1820910Black2
15Oliver ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2681894Red3
16Jack ButcherJDC Portsmouth2667889Black3
17Reid TaylorStaffordshire888888Green1
18Killian HeffernanJunior Darts Ireland852852Black1
19Connor PickettWest Midlands Darts Academy834834Black1
20Jake TabbenorJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)2463821Black3
21Alfie GallowayWest Midlands Darts Academy1636818Red2
22Brandon McDonnellPlymouth Youth Darts Academy1586793Red2
23Andrew DoddsDNEYA Blyth2340780Black3
24Mitchell LeemingWorcester Junior Darts Academy1554777Black2
25Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland2235745Red3
26Pearse MackleJunior Darts Ireland2214738Black3
27Davy-jay KnowlesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)2209737Blue3
28Finlay EarnshawDNEYA Blyth2197733Black3
29Joe Pitchford-MorrisBedworth1402701Black2
30Steven CoronerJunior Darts Ireland1383692Blue2
31Tristan ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ683683White1
32Adam HodgkinsonBlackburn Darts Academy674674Green1
33Joshua WhiteSouthampton Darts Academy674674Blue1
34Mikey GuinnessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1345673Red2
35Reece ChambersWorcester Junior Darts Academy662662Black1
36Shoey AyresWhitchurch Darts Academy1968656Red3
37Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy1305653Red2
38Brandon ShaughnessyWest Midlands Darts Academy652652Green1
39Jason MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy1304652Black2
40Brayden Pokai-GiddensTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1943648Green3
41Jack SheppardTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1293647Black2
42Luca HillBlackburn Darts Academy645645Red1
43Jake LindsayDNEYA Blyth1284642Red2
44Tommy NelsonYate Darts Academy637637Black1
45Sam HarmanTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ637637Green1
46Samuel McManusBedworth1269635Blue2
47Nathan ClearyWorcester Junior Darts Academy1259630Green2
48Archie AnsonWest Midlands Darts Academy1232616Red2
49Jonleigh Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1837613Green3
50Jacob MastersPlymouth Youth Darts Academy1223612Green2
51Harry EarpBedworth1217609Red2
52George WingJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1800600Red3
53Zachary CareBlackburn Darts Academy588588Blue1
54Bailey DayTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1173587White2
55Michael SmythAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1754585White3
56Ryan DowlingJunior Darts Ireland1753585Green3
57Terry FrenchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1680560White3
58Lewis WhitleyPlymouth Youth Darts Academy1109555Yellow2
59Tobias Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1663555Red3
60Ethan WillsJunior Darts Ireland1657553Red3
61Matthew EmettBlackburn Darts Academy1092546Red2
62Mythias ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1088544White2
63Conner DoddsDNEYA Blyth1627543Green3
64John GreenwoodBlackburn Darts Academy1081541Green2
65LOUIS JONESBlackburn Darts Academy1061531Green2
66Lewis MayesDNEYA Blyth1058529Red2
67Sam CromptonWorcester Junior Darts Academy1049525Green2
68Ben ManningAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1564522White3
69Kyle GreeneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1561521White3
70Dylan WhelanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1549517White3
71natasha kennedyDNEYA Blyth1003502Blue2
72Ryan ClowesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1001501Green2
73Frankie MurrieBedworth992496Blue2
74Shivarna LewisTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ991496Green2
75Nathan RocheYate Darts Academy980490Black2
76Nathan Dillon BurroughsCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1463488White3
77James RyanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1462488White3
78Chiarn WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ486486White1
79Scott DoyleJunior Darts Ireland1415472Yellow3
80Bray ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ927464White2
81Jack NankervisPaignton Darts Academy461461Blue1
82James WillisSouthampton Darts Academy917459Red2
83Amelia Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1372458Green3
84Taylor McGuckianBedworth910455Yellow2
85Harry EvansBedworth450450Green1
86cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy895448Blue2
87Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)892446Green2
88Harrison KirbyBlackburn Darts Academy878439Blue2
89Owen MasonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)438438Red1
90Lacey HughesWest Midlands Darts Academy875438Yellow2
91Petra Waihi-AspalterTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ868434Yellow2
92Leo CampbellWorcester Junior Darts Academy865433Yellow2
93Luke DooleyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy431431White1
94Jamie FrenchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1289430White3
95Tamati IrwinTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1286429Yellow3
96Leo lynchBlackburn Darts Academy847424Green2
97Samuel AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy831416Blue2
98Dylan HalliganCarlow County Youth Darts Academy413413White1
99Andrew HarrisonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)824412Blue2
100Hannah MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy820410Green2
101Thomas MurphyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1224408White3
102Bert CroftWhitchurch Darts Academy1216406Yellow3
103William RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)803402Blue2
104Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)797399Yellow2
105Callum TaylorWest Midlands Darts Academy393393Blue1
106Leighton DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1178393Blue3
107Dylan CullenCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1158386White3
108Cameron MihakaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1155385Green3
109George GoldingPaignton Darts Academy765383Yellow2
110Lian GodrichJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1142381Green3
111Kaui NamanaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1137379Green3
112Jack CourtneyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy740370White2
113Ricky SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1108370White3
114Owen HillWest Midlands Darts Academy723362Green2
115Calida GormleyWorcester Junior Darts Academy713357Yellow2
116Llinos ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1051351Yellow3
117Joshua BeanShenley Sharks Darts Academy 1050350Yellow3
118Nathan HillJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)349349Yellow1
119Owen AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy688344Green2
120isabelle seddonShenley Sharks Darts Academy 1031344Yellow3
121Chalet MckeanTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1021341Yellow3
122Kirsty GilchristJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)672336Purple2
123Mereana MaxwellTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1003335Yellow3
124Josh HarrisWhitchurch Darts Academy333333Yellow1
125Charlie MaynardBlackburn Darts Academy663332Green2
126Dylan CurranCarlow County Youth Darts Academy659330White2
127Connor BoveySouthampton Darts Academy653327Yellow2
128Alfie ScammellJDC Portsmouth979327Purple3
129Jenaya LewisTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ963321Yellow3
130kieran hillJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)642321Purple2
131Isobel GashBedworth640320Yellow2
132Louis HumphreySouthampton Darts Academy638319Purple2
133Charlie MckenziePaignton Darts Academy316316Yellow1
134Lewis HooperBedworth630315Green2
135Fionn HarbourneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland629315White2
136Archie ChippendaleBlackburn Darts Academy629315Yellow2
137Sion DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam930310Purple3
138Michael YilmazSouthampton Darts Academy304304Yellow1
139Billy OgilvieJDC Portsmouth607304Purple2
140Stuart RanceYate Darts Academy303303Green1
141Courtney VinallYate Darts Academy604302Yellow2
142Jack StoddardJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)301301Yellow1
143Kaelib GormleyWorcester Junior Darts Academy301301Blue1
144John MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland601301White2
145George AlfredIlkeston Darts Academy600300Purple2
146Marley SheldonDNEYA Blyth600300Yellow2
147Declan DennehyJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)897299Purple3
148Jack RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)882294Green3
149Zachary BrighouseJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)581291Purple2
150Lachlan ObyrneCarlow County Youth Darts Academy289289White1
151Ryan JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam572286Yellow2
152james morrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland566283White2
153Jacob NashJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)280280Yellow1
154Mackenzie WilsonJDC Portsmouth835279Yellow3
155Emrys EvansLampeter Bishop of Bedlam831277Yellow3
156Aaron McGillickBlackburn Darts Academy275275Purple1
157Aidan SimpsonJDC TEWKESBURY 542271Purple2
158Dion DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam541271Purple2
159Billy BryantPaignton Darts Academy800267White3
160TJ WhippyShenley Sharks Darts Academy 798266Purple3
161Ben BlowesShenley Sharks Darts Academy 781261Yellow3
162Killian KeeganAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland776259White3
163Harley LangfordPaignton Darts Academy258258Purple1
164Bobby TaylorBedworth500250White2
165Ben StoddardJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)248248Green1
166Charlie MoretonBedworth482241White2
167Reece WhiteSouthampton Darts Academy241241Purple1
168Leo HowardJDC Portsmouth722241Purple3
169Eirwen EvansLampeter Bishop of Bedlam696232Yellow3
170Harry PooleWorcester Junior Darts Academy231231White1
171Joey SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy690230White3
172Jacinda ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ458229White2
173Rhys CurtisSouthampton Darts Academy456228Purple2
174Harry SparkDNEYA Blyth454227Yellow2
175Siencyn JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam450225Purple2
176Arlo SaadLampeter Bishop of Bedlam440220Purple2
177Oliver PhilbinBlackburn Darts Academy438219Purple2
178Theo WrightBlackburn Darts Academy438219Yellow2
179Iestyn StephensLampeter Bishop of Bedlam431216Yellow2
180Kellie GillmanShenley Sharks Darts Academy 428214Purple2
181Riley PinhorneJDC Portsmouth640214White3
182Andrew DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam423212Purple2
183Jamie FisherIlkeston Darts Academy422211Yellow2
184Rubie ArchibaldPlymouth Youth Darts Academy417209Purple2
185Elonwy ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam613205Yellow3
186Ethan FrostJDC Portsmouth599200Yellow3
187Reece OakesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)395198Purple2
188Cerys JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam388194Purple2
189Phoebe SheppardPlymouth Youth Darts Academy384192Purple2
190Christopher ReadwinLampeter Bishop of Bedlam558186White3
191Te Rangi HaukamauTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ183183Purple1
192Tomas CurranCarlow County Youth Darts Academy365183White2
193Tyler GeorgeJDC Portsmouth547183Yellow3
194George SalterJDC TEWKESBURY 363182Purple2
195Charlie ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 363182Purple2
196Kamaia GrayndlerTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ179179Purple1
197Charlie LeonardBlackburn Darts Academy357179Green2
198Mark KellsIlkeston Darts Academy353177Purple2
199Logan CastleJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)176176White1
200Elliott PalmerPlymouth Youth Darts Academy351176White2
201Ben HallLampeter Bishop of Bedlam343172Purple2
202Ashton RayJDC Portsmouth514172Purple3
203Steffan RiversLampeter Bishop of Bedlam337169Purple2
204Mohiraia AbrahamTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ167167Purple1
205Kaia HoukamauTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ165165White1
206Finley IrvineBlackburn Darts Academy330165Purple2
207Hunter ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ165165White1
208Maxwell SkatesJDC Portsmouth483161Purple3
209Mark YoungBlackburn Darts Academy316158Purple2
210Zachary MastersPlymouth Youth Darts Academy311156Purple2
211Robert ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 309155White2
212Adam ManningAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland457153White3
213Dylan SaadLampeter Bishop of Bedlam304152Purple2
214Kyle JonesJDC TEWKESBURY 304152Purple2
215Owen ImrieDNEYA Blyth456152Purple3
216Tomos GreenLampeter Bishop of Bedlam440147White3
217Christian WilsonWorcester Junior Darts Academy146146Yellow1
218Jack MiltonJDC Portsmouth430144Purple3
219Finlay DonelanIlkeston Darts Academy284142Purple2
220Shayne McauliffePlymouth Youth Darts Academy273137White2
221Billy Wright-PhillipsLampeter Bishop of Bedlam396132Purple3
222Jack A CaulkettLampeter Bishop of Bedlam396132Purple3
223Oliver ReadwinLampeter Bishop of Bedlam395132Purple3
224Alice DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam388130White3
225Jasmine RyanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy380127White3
226Alis JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam253127White2
227Reece MiltonJDC Portsmouth350117Purple3
228Fionn DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy349117White3
229Danny DoneganCarlow County Youth Darts Academy332111White3
230Lewis BirtJDC Portsmouth218109White2
231Freddie GoffBedworth217109White2
232Oisin TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland207104White2
233Summer MckenziePaignton Darts Academy102102White1
234Dylan BerryAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland29699White3
235Maraea HardingTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ9696Purple1
236Harley GloverJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)18894Purple2
237Archie BurgessJDC TEWKESBURY 16784Purple2
238Te Raipine RangiuaiaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ8383White1
239Lewis WilliamsJDC Portsmouth24281Purple3
240Poppy CaulkettLampeter Bishop of Bedlam21973White3
241Te Manawa Whati-HaapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ7070White1
242Abbie GreenLampeter Bishop of Bedlam12663White2
243Joeseph BarbarichTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ4646White1
244Jamie FoggIlkeston Darts Academy4242White1
245Dylan RICHARDSONIlkeston Darts Academy2929White1
246Caine TopleyIlkeston Darts Academy168White2

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