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JDC and GDP agree on cooperation

GoDartsPro and JDC (Junior Darts Corporation) are now exclusive and official partners in the fascinating world of youth darts. We both share a passion to try to help youngsters to be as good as they ever can and as we all know that there aren’t shortcuts – quality practise plus the hours put in, nothing beats those.

We start with creating a platform for the JDC Challenge. The Academy Coaches enters the scores for the Academy Players which will make the scores official.

We gather all the Academy Coaches through this page where we will provide them with easy functionality for their Academies.

The Academy Players can practice on the website to get ready for the official challenge with their coach.

For more information about JDC, visit their website at

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Are you a junior playing in a JDC Academy?

Contact your coach to apply on this page to track your official scores for the JDC Challenge.


1Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)4294White4
2Keane BarryJunior Darts Ireland4096White3
3Tom BrindleyStaffordshire3717White3
4Callum SteeleJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3057White3
5Joe Pitchford-MorrisBedworth3003White3
6Shan ReevesWhitchurch Darts Academy2907White3
7Sean CraigStaffordshire2686White3
8Pacey LargePaignton Darts Academy2595White3
9Katie SheldonJunior Darts Ireland2540White3
10Mitchell McCarthyYate Darts Academy2524White3
11Zach ThorneYate Darts Academy2504White3
12Thomas BentleyStaffordshire2477White3
13Nathan RocheYate Darts Academy2477White3
14Rosie O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy2397White4
15Ryan RickwoodStaffordshire2322White3
16Kyle CooperStaffordshire2228White3
17Emma LeverettPaignton Darts Academy2165White3
18Lian GodrichJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)2115White4
19Mackenzie NixonBedworth2006White3
20Ashley MarsonWest Midlands Darts Academy1977White3
21Ben VesteStaffordshire1920White3
22Davy-jay KnowlesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1897White4
23Matthew EmettBlackburn Darts Academy1811White3
24Nathan CareBlackburn Darts Academy1790White2
25Luke MajorStaffordshire1773White3
26Mason LakeyJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1718White4
27Lewis HooperBedworth1694White3
28Reid TaylorStaffordshire1691White3
29Harrison KirbyBlackburn Darts Academy1675White3
30Jayden HarperWest Midlands Darts Academy1643White3
31Joseph BrindleyStaffordshire1636White3
32Callum TaylorWest Midlands Darts Academy1629White3
33Steven CoronerJunior Darts Ireland1602White3
34Harry EarpBedworth1589White3
35Owen MasonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1574White3
36Kieran FordWest Midlands Darts Academy1561White3
37Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy1559White3
38Connor PickettWest Midlands Darts Academy1558White2
39Edward HardyTamworth Darts Academy1547White3
40Ryan JordanJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1534White3
41Cam ElliottBar501 Academy1530White3
42Krystal O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy1512White4
43Kai LewisBar501 Academy1471White3
44Andrew HarrisonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1437White2
45Bradlee AllenJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1398White4
46Jordon MooreBlackburn Darts Academy1387White3
47Kaelib GormleyWorcester Junior Darts Academy1384White2
48Jackson KingJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1382White3
49Liam-Luc JohnsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1351White3
50Ben StoddardJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1275White3
51Zachary CareBlackburn Darts Academy1275White2
52Jack CousinsPaignton Darts Academy1204White3
53Oliver ForsythWest Midlands Darts Academy1155White3
54Mitchell LeemingWorcester Junior Darts Academy1145White2
55Charlie LargeSouthampton Darts Academy1133White1
56Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1128White3
57cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy1122White3
58Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland1070White3
59Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1061White4
60Ryan ClowesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1053White3
61Emmie O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy1050White4
62Harry EvansBedworth1044White3
63Jason MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy1018White2
64Mason EvansJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1016White2
65Brandon ShaughnessyWest Midlands Darts Academy1015White2
66Harvey KingJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1009White3
67Charlie MaynardBlackburn Darts Academy1007White3
68Reece Taylor-LockWorcester Junior Darts Academy981White2
69Alfie GrimeBlackburn Darts Academy974White3
70Harry SmithWorcester Junior Darts Academy958White2
71William RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)955White3
72Kiedis LeeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)939White3
73Lincoln HolmesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)926White3
74Harry ScottWest Midlands Darts Academy921White3
75Owen HillWest Midlands Darts Academy837White3
76Hannah MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy814White2
77Christian TaylorWhitchurch Darts Academy809White1
78Zak KnapmanBar501 Academy807White1
79Isobel GashBedworth799White2
80George GoldingPaignton Darts Academy784White3
81Steven IveyPaignton Darts Academy783White3
82Morgan ChaterTamworth Darts Academy771White3
83Stuart RanceYate Darts Academy765White2
84Charlie LeonardBlackburn Darts Academy745White3
85Charley KingJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)744White3
86Courtney VinallYate Darts Academy741White3
87Jasper WrightJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)723White2
88Roan TaylorStaffordshire720White3
89Calida GormleyWorcester Junior Darts Academy718White2
90Aiden DixStaffordshire700White1
91Charlie MckenziePaignton Darts Academy669White3
92Reece ToddBedworth667White2
93Nathan ClearyWorcester Junior Darts Academy660White2
94Taylor McGuckianBedworth654White3
95Frankie MurrieBedworth617White2
96Lucy DennyTamworth Darts Academy616White3
97James WillisSouthampton Darts Academy601White2
98LOUIS JONESBlackburn Darts Academy589White3
99Jack BendallForest of Dean584White1
100Mason ChaterTamworth Darts Academy561White2
101Kacie O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy538White4
102David RushtonBlackburn Darts Academy536White2
103Patrick HoranBlackburn Darts Academy519White2
104Joe LangstonWest Midlands Darts Academy509White3
105Mackenzie EvansJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)503White2
106Kyle BavesterPaignton Darts Academy480White3
107Ross CordisBar501 Academy474White2
108Jack StoddardJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)457White3
109Harry MartinWorcester Junior Darts Academy455White1
110Ethan WillsJunior Darts Ireland449White1
111Jack HassanJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)424White2
112Harley MullanWhitchurch Darts Academy410White3
113Scott DoyleJunior Darts Ireland402White1
114Matthew WatkinsWest Midlands Darts Academy398White2
115Vince ParkerBar501 Academy391White2
116Tommy NelsonYate Darts Academy370White1
117Theo WrightBlackburn Darts Academy365White3
118Liam FergusonTamworth Darts Academy347White2
119korey brownForest of Dean342White1
120Henry-Joe MarriottJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)331White3
121Emily DennyTamworth Darts Academy329White3
122Kirsty GilchristJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)315White3
123Reece OakesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)295White2
124Jacob NashJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)289White1
125katie ferrisYate Darts Academy288White2
126Lacey HughesWest Midlands Darts Academy270White2
127josh grinsteadForest of Dean269White1
128rylee gwynneForest of Dean255White1
129Elle BinghamForest of Dean241White1
130Josh HarrisWhitchurch Darts Academy240White1
131toby daviesForest of Dean221White1
132Christian WilsonWorcester Junior Darts Academy211White1
133Jaiden CattonForest of Dean199White1
134Louis HumphreySouthampton Darts Academy195White2
135Liam GettySouthampton Darts Academy180White1
136Ruby BavesterPaignton Darts Academy179White3
137Cody DarkeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)167White2
138Alfie DeaneForest of Dean147White1
139Calum GeorgeForest of Dean131White1
140Bobby TaylorBedworth124White1
141Sage HollinsheadSouthampton Darts Academy111White1
142Jack WoodBlackburn Darts Academy107White3
143Ellie-Mae CattonForest of Dean97White1
144Evelyn DennyTamworth Darts Academy92White2
145Mark YoungBlackburn Darts Academy86White2
146Summer MckenziePaignton Darts Academy73White3
147ieuan coxForest of Dean65White1
148Keira-Mai GeorgeForest of Dean33White1
149Joshua TibbattsBar501 Academy17White2


1Keane BarryJunior Darts Ireland1366White3
2Tom BrindleyStaffordshire1239White3
3Charlie LargeSouthampton Darts Academy1133White1
4Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1074White4
5Callum SteeleJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1019White3
6Joe Pitchford-MorrisBedworth1001White3
7Shan ReevesWhitchurch Darts Academy969White3
8Sean CraigStaffordshire896White3
9Nathan CareBlackburn Darts Academy895White2
10Pacey LargePaignton Darts Academy865White3
11Katie SheldonJunior Darts Ireland847White3
12Mitchell McCarthyYate Darts Academy842White3
13Zach ThorneYate Darts Academy835White3
14Nathan RocheYate Darts Academy826White3
15Thomas BentleyStaffordshire826White3
16Christian TaylorWhitchurch Darts Academy809White1
17Zak KnapmanBar501 Academy807White1
18Connor PickettWest Midlands Darts Academy779White2
19Ryan RickwoodStaffordshire774White3
20Kyle CooperStaffordshire743White3
21Emma LeverettPaignton Darts Academy722White3
22Andrew HarrisonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)719White2
23Aiden DixStaffordshire700White1
24Kaelib GormleyWorcester Junior Darts Academy692White2
25Mackenzie NixonBedworth669White3
26Ashley MarsonWest Midlands Darts Academy659White3
27Ben VesteStaffordshire640White3
28Zachary CareBlackburn Darts Academy638White2
29Matthew EmettBlackburn Darts Academy604White3
30Rosie O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy600White4
31Luke MajorStaffordshire591White3
32Jack BendallForest of Dean584White1
33Mitchell LeemingWorcester Junior Darts Academy573White2
34Lewis HooperBedworth565White3
35Reid TaylorStaffordshire564White3
36Harrison KirbyBlackburn Darts Academy559White3
37Jayden HarperWest Midlands Darts Academy548White3
38Joseph BrindleyStaffordshire546White3
39Callum TaylorWest Midlands Darts Academy543White3
40Steven CoronerJunior Darts Ireland534White3
41Harry EarpBedworth530White3
42Lian GodrichJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)529White4
43Owen MasonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)525White3
44Kieran FordWest Midlands Darts Academy521White3
45Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy520White3
46Edward HardyTamworth Darts Academy516White3
47Ryan JordanJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)512White3
48Cam ElliottBar501 Academy510White3
49Jason MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy509White2
50Mason EvansJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)508White2
51Brandon ShaughnessyWest Midlands Darts Academy508White2
52Reece Taylor-LockWorcester Junior Darts Academy491White2
53Kai LewisBar501 Academy491White3
54Harry SmithWorcester Junior Darts Academy479White2
55Davy-jay KnowlesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)475White4
56Jordon MooreBlackburn Darts Academy463White3
57Jackson KingJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)461White3
58Harry MartinWorcester Junior Darts Academy455White1
59Liam-Luc JohnsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)451White3
60Ethan WillsJunior Darts Ireland449White1
61Mason LakeyJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)430White4
62Ben StoddardJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)425White3
63Hannah MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy407White2
64Scott DoyleJunior Darts Ireland402White1
65Jack CousinsPaignton Darts Academy402White3
66Isobel GashBedworth400White2
67Oliver ForsythWest Midlands Darts Academy385White3
68Stuart RanceYate Darts Academy383White2
69Krystal O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy378White4
70Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)376White3
71cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy374White3
72Tommy NelsonYate Darts Academy370White1
73Jasper WrightJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)362White2
74Calida GormleyWorcester Junior Darts Academy359White2
75Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland357White3
76Ryan ClowesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)351White3
77Bradlee AllenJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)350White4
78Harry EvansBedworth348White3
79korey brownForest of Dean342White1
80Harvey KingJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)337White3
81Charlie MaynardBlackburn Darts Academy336White3
82Reece ToddBedworth334White2
83Nathan ClearyWorcester Junior Darts Academy330White2
84Alfie GrimeBlackburn Darts Academy325White3
85William RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)319White3
86Kiedis LeeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)313White3
87Lincoln HolmesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)309White3
88Frankie MurrieBedworth309White2
89Harry ScottWest Midlands Darts Academy307White3
90James WillisSouthampton Darts Academy301White2
91Jacob NashJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)289White1
92Mason ChaterTamworth Darts Academy281White2
93Owen HillWest Midlands Darts Academy279White3
94josh grinsteadForest of Dean269White1
95David RushtonBlackburn Darts Academy268White2
96Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)266White4
97Emmie O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy263White4
98George GoldingPaignton Darts Academy262White3
99Steven IveyPaignton Darts Academy261White3
100Patrick HoranBlackburn Darts Academy260White2
101Morgan ChaterTamworth Darts Academy257White3
102rylee gwynneForest of Dean255White1
103Mackenzie EvansJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)252White2
104Charlie LeonardBlackburn Darts Academy249White3
105Charley KingJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)248White3
106Courtney VinallYate Darts Academy247White3
107Elle BinghamForest of Dean241White1
108Roan TaylorStaffordshire240White3
109Josh HarrisWhitchurch Darts Academy240White1
110Ross CordisBar501 Academy237White2
111Charlie MckenziePaignton Darts Academy223White3
112toby daviesForest of Dean221White1
113Taylor McGuckianBedworth218White3
114Jack HassanJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)212White2
115Christian WilsonWorcester Junior Darts Academy211White1
116Lucy DennyTamworth Darts Academy206White3
117Jaiden CattonForest of Dean199White1
118Matthew WatkinsWest Midlands Darts Academy199White2
119LOUIS JONESBlackburn Darts Academy197White3
120Vince ParkerBar501 Academy196White2
121Liam GettySouthampton Darts Academy180White1
122Liam FergusonTamworth Darts Academy174White2
123Joe LangstonWest Midlands Darts Academy170White3
124Kyle BavesterPaignton Darts Academy160White3
125Jack StoddardJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)153White3
126Reece OakesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)148White2
127Alfie DeaneForest of Dean147White1
128katie ferrisYate Darts Academy144White2
129Harley MullanWhitchurch Darts Academy137White3
130Lacey HughesWest Midlands Darts Academy135White2
131Kacie O'ConnorTamworth Darts Academy135White4
132Calum GeorgeForest of Dean131White1
133Bobby TaylorBedworth124White1
134Theo WrightBlackburn Darts Academy122White3
135Sage HollinsheadSouthampton Darts Academy111White1
136Henry-Joe MarriottJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)111White3
137Emily DennyTamworth Darts Academy110White3
138Kirsty GilchristJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)105White3
139Louis HumphreySouthampton Darts Academy98White2
140Ellie-Mae CattonForest of Dean97White1
141Cody DarkeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)84White2
142ieuan coxForest of Dean65White1
143Ruby BavesterPaignton Darts Academy60White3
144Evelyn DennyTamworth Darts Academy46White2
145Mark YoungBlackburn Darts Academy43White2
146Jack WoodBlackburn Darts Academy36White3
147Keira-Mai GeorgeForest of Dean33White1
148Summer MckenziePaignton Darts Academy25White3
149Joshua TibbattsBar501 Academy9White2

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