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JDC Academy Routines with Chris Mason

Godartspro and the JDC will continue its partnership in support of the JDC’s Academy system and online training support. The JDC’s academy software is exclusively supplied by godartspro founder Anders Östman.

With a huge array of games, practice routines, coaching and development programmes, GDP is the obvious choice for children developing their skills in academies world wide with GDP alongside them to interact with whenever they wish. Godartspro also offers a premium product with many areas exclusive to these members. The premium product is available to all academy coaches at no extra cost to assist them with ideas and challenges they may wish to pass on to their students. Godartspro was fundamental during the 2020 lockdown period in assisting the development of JDC Virtual and JDC Virtual Team both online platforms for players to actually qualify for a Virtual World Championship in Gibraltar last summer.

Director of Operation to the JDC Darren Barson said,

“GDP has been a fantastic addition to the journey of the academy system over the past few years. Godartspro is modern, fresh and extremely efficient in its operation. Our coaches can rely on the best technology and a secure platform to utilise the JDC scoring system all at the touch of a button. GDP provides us with stats, order of merit tables, individual academy tables and a coaches area to admin their players. If you want to improve your darts its a great addition to anyones game”.

Founder and creator of Godartspro Anders Östman said,

"I'm proud and humble to sponsor and support the work of the JDC and their academies since 2018. The work they do for the sport is fantastic and the JDC players are the future of darts. I'm really looking forward to continue to work close with the JDC and develop great tools for the academies, coaches and players."

GDP is currently working on projects like supporting the JDC Chairman with his Team 360 project with customised practice for the players.

The JDC and GDP will be working on an additional product for team play in the academy system in 2022 and will continue to provide great software solutions to the academy coaches world wide.

Are you a junior playing in a JDC Academy?

Contact your coach to apply on this page to track your official scores for the JDC Challenge.
1Adam DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy17450Black13
2Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby16745Black13
3Daniel StephensonDarts Academy North East Blyth16405Black13
4Jenson WalkerCoventry Junior Darts Academy 15795Black13
5Apirana TaukamoTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ14520Black11
6James MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland14469Black12
7Ryan BranleyDarts Academy North East Blyth14379Black13
8Blake WalkerSouthampton Darts Academy13549Black12
9Luke MorrisCoventry Junior Darts Academy 13189Black13
10james tateDarts Academy North East Blyth12833Black13
11Aaron KillaneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland12097Black12
12Oliver HaughanDarts Academy North East Blyth11799Black13
13Ben GambleCoventry Junior Darts Academy 11522Black13
14Shoey AyresBristol Junior Darts Academy11508Black11
15Michéal SmythAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland11389Black13
16Callum CoadeCORK YOUTH DARTS11293Black13
17Jamie FrenchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy11289Black13
18Shane LongCORK YOUTH DARTS11280Black13
19Luke DooleyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy11075Black13
20Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland10958Black12
21Leo DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 10840Black13
22Jack CourtneyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy10643Black13
23Apanui KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ10556Black13
24Hunter EylesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ10537Black10
25Jack KellyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy10348Black13
26Jenson MaceySouthampton Darts Academy10330Black12
27Cayden SmithWest Midlands Darts Academy10271Black12
28Harley BennettCoventry Junior Darts Academy 10253Black13
29Hannah MeekCoventry Junior Darts Academy 10154Black13
30Mitchell RichardsonCoventry Junior Darts Academy 10112Black11
31Thomas KeaneJunior Darts Ireland10047Black13
32Greg WaughDarts Academy North East Blyth9904Black13
33Jamie FarrellCORK YOUTH DARTS9878Red13
34Jadine BlackTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ9832Black12
35Paul RyanJunior Darts Ireland9585Red13
36Joseph WestbyBlackburn Darts Academy9564Black11
37thomas O riordanCORK YOUTH DARTS9529Red13
38Jayden HarperWest Midlands Darts Academy9488Black12
39Scott DoyleJunior Darts Ireland9391Red13
40Ollie ArmstrongCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 9336Black12
41Kyle GreeneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland9335Red13
42Rhys ButlerWest Midlands Darts Academy9294Black11
43Thomas MurphyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy9284Red13
44Kyle JonesJDC TEWKESBURY 9265Red12
45Craig MurtaghCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 9152Black12
46Jack PritchardWest Midlands Darts Academy9110Red12
47Evan MetcalfDarts Academy North East Blyth9002Red13
48Robin DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 8930Red12
49Callum O SullivanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy8831Black13
50Jake RobinsonWest Midlands Darts Academy8800Red12
51Mackenzie WilsonJDC Portsmouth8782Black12
52Rebecca AllenCarlow County Youth Darts Academy8764Blue13
53Thomas LaceySouthampton Darts Academy8752Red11
54Kian PoynerCoventry Junior Darts Academy 8723Red11
55Leo HowardJDC Portsmouth8677Red12
56Nathan IvorsYouth Darts School Ireland 8670Red13
57Owen QuinnCoventry Junior Darts Academy 8621Black12
58Nathan Dillon BurroughsCarlow County Youth Darts Academy8562Black13
59Ricky SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy8558Black12
60Stephen TuohyYouth Darts School Ireland 8530Black13
61Blake MartinJunior Darts Ireland8495Red11
62Aidan SimpsonJDC TEWKESBURY 8476Black12
63Lar Brennen whelanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy8454Red13
64Jayden ColletonYouth Darts School Ireland 8440Red13
65Jack McSpaddenSkegness Junior Darts Academy8405Red11
66elliot bradshawStockport Junior Darts Academy 8346Black12
67Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy8318Black12
68Riley PinhorneJDC Portsmouth8286Black11
69Sion DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam8266Blue13
70Samuel AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy8209Black9
71Denby HainesJDC TEWKESBURY 8191Red12
72Mason EvansJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby8068Red12
73Jack ButcherJDC Portsmouth8026Black11
74Ryan FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 8019Black12
75Sean TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland7994Red12
76Jayden FitzgeraldCORK YOUTH DARTS7840Blue13
77William RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby7832Red11
78Mason BoothBlackburn Darts Academy7831Blue11
79Charlie BreenStockport Junior Darts Academy 7750Red12
80Ben ReddingtonJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby7666Blue12
81Adam VincentJDC Portsmouth7635Red12
82Allen MooreCORK YOUTH DARTS7613Green13
83George BoothBlackburn Darts Academy7597Red11
84Harry FairhurstJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby7550Blue13
85Riley DaviesSouthampton Darts Academy7428Red12
86Tom HakinDarts Academy North East Blyth7350Red10
87John MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland7319Blue12
88Leo KuchmetzkiErsewolfe7302Green12
89Archie MacleodBlackburn Darts Academy7237Black7
90Travis ClarkJDC Portsmouth7226Blue12
91William ColcloughYouth Darts School Ireland 7210Red12
92Jarrod Waikawa-NepeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ7126Red12
93Marcus McCammonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 7066Black12
94William FitzpatrickCORK YOUTH DARTS7066Green13
95Cori WiltshireBristol Junior Darts Academy7026Green13
96Cillian ColemanCORK YOUTH DARTS6940Green13
97Fionn O'ConnorYouth Darts School Ireland 6878Green13
98harris eaglestoneSouthport Youth Darts Academy6841Red8
99Jake LindsayDarts Academy North East Blyth6830Red11
100Zac GeorgeDarts Academy North East Blyth6825Red10
101Travis ConnellDarts Academy North East Blyth6814Green12
102Zoe BurkeYouth Darts School Ireland 6756Blue13
103David LynchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy6749Green10
104Chris EacockWest Midlands Darts Academy6739Red9
105Leighton DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam6739Blue13
106Rachel IversYouth Darts School Ireland 6729Green11
107Patrick O DriscollCORK YOUTH DARTS6644Green12
108Amber O'TooleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 6620Black9
109Charlie MoretonCoventry Junior Darts Academy 6614Blue11
110Lincoln HolmesJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby6507Blue11
111Ryan OwnSouthport Youth Darts Academy6488Blue11
112Luke HunterBlackburn Darts Academy6474Blue12
113Jackson KingJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby6444Green8
114Jamie CoiaDartsInStoke Darts Academy6428Green10
115Dominik HechtErsewolfe6411Green12
116Kyle DavisSkegness Junior Darts Academy6387Black9
117Per-Ole DedaErsewolfe6369Green12
118alex mcgarrieStockport Junior Darts Academy 6365Blue11
119Jonathan O DriscollCORK YOUTH DARTS6360Green13
120Steven IveyPaignton Darts Academy6354Blue11
121Elonwy ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam6327Blue12
122Zachary CutlerPaignton Darts Academy6309Green11
123Dylan DarlingDarts Academy North East Blyth6212Green12
124Lee BradshawSkegness Junior Darts Academy6199White10
125Thomas FallonAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland6196Green12
126George EdwardsHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy6150Red9
127Alfie DeaneForest of Dean6097Green11
128Tobias Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ6086Red10
129Graham ReillyAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland6065Green12
130Joel HoruaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ6044Blue12
131Fabian WaihapeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ6014Blue10
132jack edgertonStockport Junior Darts Academy 5989Green12
133Eoin RocheYouth Darts School Ireland 5932Black10
134Aaron JudgeJunior Darts Ireland5869Green12
135Hinetapora KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ5805Green13
136cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy5785Blue11
137Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby5736Black10
138Stephen Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy5736Red7
139Dylan JonesDartsInStoke Darts Academy5568Green11
140Ben TimmisStaffordshire5549Blue9
141Bailey HarperDartsInStoke Darts Academy5487Red8
142Kaylub SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy5483Green11
143Brooke WalkerSouthampton Darts Academy5481Green11
144Archie ChippendaleBlackburn Darts Academy5451Red9
145Zachary CareBlackburn Darts Academy5422Red8
146Jack WaldrenJDC Portsmouth5416Green12
147Harry PollardStockport Junior Darts Academy 5410Green11
148Samuel WallbankBlackburn Darts Academy5390Blue8
149Harley TheinSkegness Junior Darts Academy5362Green10
150Goncalo SequeiraMK Sharks Jnrs5356Green11
151Kiedis LeeJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby5288Green10
152Paisios PapadopoulosGame on Darts Club 5251Green9
153Adam SmithJDC Portsmouth5248Yellow12
154George PartlowJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby5233Green12
155Charlie LeonardBlackburn Darts Academy5216Green11
156Harry TaylorDartsInStoke Darts Academy5208Green11
157George CollinsStockport Junior Darts Academy 5200Yellow12
158Tyler SweeneyPaignton Darts Academy5122Green11
159Jack CluttonDartsInStoke Darts Academy5096Green11
160Liam O’DonovanMK Sharks Jnrs5062Green10
161mason foulkesStockport Junior Darts Academy 5044Green12
162Luke BakiSouthampton Darts Academy5042Green11
163David McDonaghJunior Darts Ireland5034Red7
164Ryan MoulderJDC TEWKESBURY 5004Green11
165Logan HainesJDC TEWKESBURY 4983Green12
166Tom MackieLampeter Bishop of Bedlam4980Green13
167Harvey CollumBlackburn Darts Academy4957Green12
168Sam DurhamBlackburn Darts Academy4946Green9
169Harvey LairdSouthport Youth Darts Academy4908Green11
170Harley WiggansBlackburn Darts Academy4864Yellow11
171Rhys BoultonForest of Dean4856Green10
172Noah ShineAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland4848Yellow12
173Ellis HarveyPaignton Darts Academy4834Green12
174Joel PachtErsewolfe4814Green10
175Ethan FrostJDC Portsmouth4791Yellow12
176Noel AlbesHannover96 Dart4740Black4
177Brandon WoolgarSouthampton Darts Academy4698Green10
178Kobi FitzpatrickJunior Darts Ireland4697Green10
179Billy ReveleyStockport Junior Darts Academy 4673Green9
180Harvey SchofieldBlackburn Darts Academy4649Green10
181Max GallagherJunior Darts Ireland4647Yellow12
182Alex O sullivanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy4598Yellow13
183George BridgmanJDC Portsmouth4588Green10
184Kirsten WrightJDC Portsmouth4588Green12
185Cain McSpaddenSkegness Junior Darts Academy4584Yellow11
186Lucas RobertsonAngus Darts Academy4569White5
187Joey SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy4549Yellow12
188Oliver RoseCoventry Junior Darts Academy 4544Green9
189Noah MurtaghYouth Darts School Ireland 4528Blue8
190Dylan MossBlackburn Darts Academy4514Green8
191Damian TurnerCoventry Junior Darts Academy 4505Yellow11
192Ashton SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy4493Yellow10
193Mihimoana WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ4482Green11
194Luke ThomasBlackburn Darts Academy4463Yellow11
195Evan CopsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy4457Yellow11
196Ryan BarkeyAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland4441Green8
197Quinn MullenHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy4434Green11
198Oliver KinderJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby4433Blue9
199Aidan KeoghJunior Darts Ireland4414Black8
200Josh KingJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby4407Yellow10
201Cian CorcaranJunior Darts Ireland4402White8
202Joe CorryYouth Darts School Ireland 4400Green10
203evan williamsonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy4366White5
204Robert SutherlandJDC Fife4314White5
205Luk asHannover96 Dart4312Black4
206Jordan PreeceWest Midlands Darts Academy4281White7
207Riley ThorneBristol Junior Darts Academy4267Yellow10
208Harry MiddletonStockport Junior Darts Academy 4265Green10
209Riley SmithJDC Portsmouth4260Yellow12
210Joshua PattenStockport Junior Darts Academy 4203Yellow11
211Ashton FoulkesStockport Junior Darts Academy 4176Yellow12
212Cole BeightonWillenhall Junior Darts Academy4169Yellow10
213Adrian SchülerHannover96 Dart4162Green4
214Lia-Marie WoodcockDartsInStoke Darts Academy4157Yellow11
215Jake ChaffersSouthampton Darts Academy4151Yellow12
216James BranaganCarlow County Youth Darts Academy4147Yellow12
217Andrew NielsenMELTON JDC ACADEMY 4124Red5
218Alexander HughesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 4114Yellow11
219Aiden JohnstonForest of Dean4080Yellow10
220Owen AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy4066Blue10
221Kyle DavidsonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy4058White5
222Lucas WarrenJDC Portsmouth4043Yellow10
223Junior McleanBlackburn Darts Academy4031White8
224Tyler BallSouthport Youth Darts Academy4005Yellow11
225Zach BolgerJunior Darts Ireland3988White8
226Peter LynchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3986Yellow9
227Owen BrycelandNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3985White4
228Barry WatsonJDC Fife3985White5
229Matthew RushCoventry Junior Darts Academy 3974White6
230Ben ChinneryJDC Portsmouth3974Yellow9
231Freddie JohnsJDC Portsmouth3926Yellow11
232Sean McDermottJunior Darts Ireland3924Yellow12
233Thomas McgrathJunior Darts Ireland3914Green9
234Παπαδόπουλος ΓεώργιοςGame on Darts Club 3909Yellow10
235Jake McSpaddenSkegness Junior Darts Academy3899White10
236Mathias Myrvang IsaksenFollo Dart Akademi3866White5
237Noah MullenJunior Darts Ireland3828Blue11
238Shay BrennanSkegness Junior Darts Academy3821White10
239Evie StrongBlackburn Darts Academy3812Yellow12
240Bobby WhyteCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3783Yellow9
241Giorgos MalliarosGame on Darts Club 3774Yellow9
242Ralph PettittJDC Portsmouth3772Yellow11
243Nathan ClearyWest Midlands Darts Academy3764Red7
244Lucas HookForest of Dean3719Green10
245Andrew DalyCORK YOUTH DARTS3664Yellow12
246Jack KennedyNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3636White5
247Aaliyah Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3617Blue7
248Ευγένιος ΚυπριανόςGame on Darts Club 3607Yellow10
249Taylor SharpJDC Fife3606White5
250Mason HeatherJDC Portsmouth3568Yellow10
251David FlynnJunior Darts Ireland3560Black5
252Jack TurnbullJDC Portsmouth3559Yellow12
253brayden mccorkellStockport Junior Darts Academy 3559Green7
254Samuel RobertsonAngus Darts Academy3549White5
255Jack WilliamsSouthampton Darts Academy3524Yellow11
256Ayrton RenderBlackburn Darts Academy3521Yellow11
257nathan grahamStockport Junior Darts Academy 3502White9
258Charlie MaynardBlackburn Darts Academy3494Green10
259LOUIS JONESBlackburn Darts Academy3490Black6
260Charley KingJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby3478Green8
261Bailey BoultonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3475White5
262Jake BradshawSkegness Junior Darts Academy3418White10
263Jack ShortallSouthport Youth Darts Academy3394Yellow11
264Ethan Fellows-AdderleyWest Midlands Darts Academy3371Yellow9
266Amyleigh TolleyWest Midlands Darts Academy3362White7
267Declan FryerJDC Portsmouth3341Purple12
268Jake SprouleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3333Black5
269Luke ChaffersSouthampton Darts Academy3329Yellow11
270Jake shipleyHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy3327White8
271Oisin GartlandLampeter Bishop of Bedlam3325Purple11
272Dawson WhiteJDC Portsmouth3320Yellow10
273Zachary StrongBlackburn Darts Academy3320Purple12
274Jenson JeffersBlackburn Darts Academy3315Yellow12
275kieran hillBlackburn Darts Academy3309Yellow9
276Ryan PearsonStockport Junior Darts Academy 3307Yellow11
277Alfie BurnsideJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby3267Purple12
278Cameron ThompsonSouthampton Darts Academy3252Yellow9
279Matthew ReesonSkegness Junior Darts Academy3235Yellow11
280Alfie WhitehallHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy3209Yellow9
281Osian ReesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam3192Purple11
282Riley CameronGeelong Darts Club3156White5
283Lucas CooperNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3154White5
284Bradley DixonJDC Portsmouth3135Purple10
285Bethany BoardmanBlackburn Darts Academy3130Yellow11
286Jaxon PooleStaffordshire3120Yellow9
287owen pearcePaignton Darts Academy3120Yellow11
288Joel YouleJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby3117White10
289Max WilsonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3096Yellow10
290Charlie ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 3086Red6
291Aedan AndersonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3083White5
292Robbie WrightPaignton Darts Academy3059Yellow7
293Luca MainBlackburn Darts Academy3030Yellow11
294Caylan CaseyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3025Purple10
295Cameron FlanaganCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3014Yellow9
296Harley GloverJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby3013Yellow11
297Logan BelshawCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3007Yellow7
298Andrew McAuleyCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2996Yellow9
299Greg HodgensAngus Darts Academy2973White5
300Ben BlowesMK Sharks Jnrs2971Green7
301Ellie HamletSouthampton Darts Academy2944Yellow7
302Riannah GaynorBlackburn Darts Academy2934Purple12
303Issac BradshawJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby2929Yellow9
304Koi MartinJunior Darts Ireland2923White7
305James WillisSouthampton Darts Academy2921Red5
306Jake BranleyDarts Academy North East Blyth2917Purple13
307Riley RavenscroftDartsInStoke Darts Academy2915Yellow10
308Edward WrightForest of Dean2910Purple10
309Jack CorrStrathearn Youth Darts Academy2901White5
310Jason MorrisCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2899Yellow9
311Ayla WestonJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby2889Yellow12
312Amy BRANLEYDarts Academy North East Blyth2889Purple13
313Logan cheneyBristol Junior Darts Academy2886White5
314Taylor DonleyCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2877Yellow9
315Harry CharmanJDC Portsmouth2868Purple10
316Aiden MacleodNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2861White5
317Kody LaneWillowbrook Darts Club 2859White5
318Adam KellyNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2848White5
319Lyall SnookJDC Portsmouth2839Purple12
320lydia pearcePaignton Darts Academy2836Purple12
321Kain MckennaJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby2828White6
322Zac TabbGeelong Darts Club2818White5
323Finley Holmes-harkerSkegness Junior Darts Academy2815Purple11
324Charlie LindsayPaignton Darts Academy2800Green6
325Eloise MaceySouthampton Darts Academy2796Yellow10
326Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby2794Green7
327Toby MarshSouthampton Darts Academy2776White7
328Dylan SaadLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2772Yellow10
329Harley JonesNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2765White4
330Joshua AdamsonSouthport Youth Darts Academy2755Purple10
331Maxwell GreenhalghSouthport Youth Darts Academy2739Yellow7
332Kyan SuttonPaignton Darts Academy2730Green9
333william BrundettForest of Dean2697Yellow9
334Riley PlattBlackburn Darts Academy2675Green9
335Aiden LawrieNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2655White4
336IRAKLIS ILIADISGame on Darts Club 2653Purple10
337Enola WilsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy2639Green8
338Finley SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy2634Purple10
339Freddi WillisWillenhall Junior Darts Academy2627Purple11
340Ruby FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2621Yellow8
341ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ ΚΥΠΡΙΑΝΟΣGame on Darts Club 2613Purple11
342Joshua Thomson-JolyJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby2598Purple11
343Riley WebberSkegness Junior Darts Academy2597Purple11
344Laine BanasiakSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 2595White5
345Charlotte ThorpeSouthport Youth Darts Academy2573Yellow11
346Aiden McCormackNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2560White5
347Ivy Bradford-ShawJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby2554Purple11
348Logan GrinsellStaffordshire2545Yellow8
349Ryan JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2536Yellow10
350Charlie MadgwickJDC Portsmouth2519Yellow7
351Leonardo PosteraroBlackburn Darts Academy2511Yellow9
352Harry BevisSouthampton Darts Academy2499Purple8
353Aeron MoranAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2488Purple9
354Emma-Rose Delaney RyanJunior Darts Ireland2482Yellow12
355David KerrJDC Fife2480White5
356Dexter GavinDarts Academy North East Blyth2474White4
357Logan ButlerForest of Dean2474Purple10
358Michael CrancherNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2463White4
359Rene MeredithMK Sharks Jnrs2449Green5
360Joshua-James BartonSouthport Youth Darts Academy2439Purple10
361Harry LlewellynStaffordshire2435Yellow8
362Zach GodberBristol Junior Darts Academy2432White4
363William ButlerForest of Dean2432Yellow10
364George HoldenBlackburn Darts Academy2427Purple10
365Joseph WoodBlackburn Darts Academy2420White6
366Cerys WardleDarts Academy North East Blyth2419Purple12
367Adam DoyleJunior Darts Ireland2400Purple12
368Rhys CurtisSouthampton Darts Academy2386Yellow9
369Dylan SandhamBlackburn Darts Academy2364Purple8
370Ellie-Mai MerrixJDC Portsmouth2322Purple10
371Teddy StathamStockport Junior Darts Academy 2315White9
372Michael TaitMK Sharks Jnrs2306Yellow6
373Stewie UnderhillSouthampton Darts Academy2297White8
374Elliot RobertsStockport Junior Darts Academy 2292Purple11
375Chloe MilesForest of Dean2288White4
376Gabriel RenderBlackburn Darts Academy2277Purple11
377Jacob ToddCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2277White6
378Nate SpindlerPaignton Darts Academy2272Yellow11
379Lewis WoolgarSouthampton Darts Academy2269Purple9
380Joshua GartonSkegness Junior Darts Academy2267Purple11
381Troy WilesSkegness Junior Darts Academy2262Green9
382Nathan MitchellSouthampton Darts Academy2251Green6
383Daniel SpencerStockport Junior Darts Academy 2239Purple10
384Lewie SpaffordSouthport Youth Darts Academy2237Purple9
385Caitlin MoranAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2233Purple8
386Luke StaffordBlackburn Darts Academy2229Purple10
387Robbie EastonDarts Academy North East Blyth2227White5
388Max CookJDC Portsmouth2205Purple12
389Liam RedmondJunior Darts Ireland2199Purple11
390Kian MiltonMK Sharks Jnrs2195Yellow7
391Macie QuinnDarts Academy North East Blyth2176Purple12
392Nathan WatsonAngus Darts Academy2163White3
393Elliott SharpeForest of Dean2163Yellow8
394Billy TisdaleShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 2157Yellow6
395Bert CroftBristol Junior Darts Academy2148Red3
396Thomas TillJDC Portsmouth2136Purple10
397Ryan CottrillStaffordshire2127White6
398Maia BlackTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2110Yellow7
399Asa HoughStockport Junior Darts Academy 2103Purple9
400Connor DicksonJDC Fife2092White5
401Josh DolanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2076Purple9
402Philipp WewetzerHannover96 Dart2065White3
403Bobby WilliamsShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 2048Yellow9
404Jay HoodStaffordshire2005Purple8
405David BrothertonBlackburn Darts Academy1957White8
406Holly FrewNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1940White5
407Jamie EnglishShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 1931Green3
408Harry DelamaineJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1922White7
409Freddy HalseBlackburn Darts Academy1916Purple10
410Liam WarrenJDC Portsmouth1906Purple10
411Kobi mcfarlaneStockport Junior Darts Academy 1905White7
412Lennox SutherlandJDC Fife1902White5
413Collin KortegastHannover96 Dart1890White3
414Conor LyleJDC Fife1881White5
415Cerys JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1866Purple9
416Lincoln HoggDarts Academy North East Blyth1858White5
417Mackenzie HaggartStrathearn Youth Darts Academy1857White5
418Andrew bryszkiewskiBlackburn Darts Academy1849Yellow7
419Henry ColesBristol Junior Darts Academy1846Purple10
420Oliver HecelDarts Academy North East Blyth1831White4
421Isabella KinderJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1828White6
422Jack RedfordSouthport Youth Darts Academy1824Purple10
423Poppy BevisSouthampton Darts Academy1821Purple8
424Maddison LoweryDarts Academy North East Blyth1814White5
425Ashton GloverDarts Academy North East Blyth1804White5
426Calum MccarthyCORK YOUTH DARTS1803Purple13
427Charlie GrearsonSouthampton Darts Academy1797Purple10
428Evie PooleStaffordshire1785Purple9
429Ethan WildSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 1782White5
430Jack PeetSouthport Youth Darts Academy1771Black2
431Riley BShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 1771Yellow8
432steven foxStockport Junior Darts Academy 1768Yellow4
433Caleb HurdsShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 1758Purple9
434Friedrich LangPaignton Darts Academy1756White4
435Drake HartDarts Academy North East Blyth1750Purple12
436Lachlan MccawMELTON JDC ACADEMY 1745White3
437Lucas RichardsonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1734White6
438Amelia TongeForest of Dean1726Purple8
439Kaci FieldJDC Portsmouth1718White12
440Jack ThackerJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1713Green4
441Keagean HartAngus Darts Academy1699White4
442Alex MitchellSouthampton Darts Academy1682Green4
443Dylan MoultonWest Midlands Darts Academy1680White4
444Agapi PapadopoulouGame on Darts Club 1668Purple9
445Max YoungNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1667White4
446George EastwoodSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 1651White5
447Jack WebbJDC Portsmouth1614White10
448Kyle McmanusNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1609White5
449Niall ForresterHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1596Yellow5
450Rok BašičKlasični pikado klub Ljubljana1595White4
451Jack AkersMK Sharks Jnrs1573Yellow5
452Caelan TitreSkegness Junior Darts Academy1562White11
453Kendall Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1556Purple9
454Joseph Brocksom- ThompsonSkegness Junior Darts Academy1513White12
455Layla SpaffordSouthport Youth Darts Academy1486White9
456alex halliwellStockport Junior Darts Academy 1485White5
457poppy auldDarts Academy North East Blyth1473Purple11
458Josh HodgkinsWest Midlands Darts Academy1471White2
459Pierre BehrensHannover96 Dart1461Black2
460Keaton BellNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1451White5
461Ryan ParsonsMK Sharks Jnrs1422Purple8
462Lewes HeadJDC Fife1414White3
463Morgan DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1393Purple11
464Cillian GartlandLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1389Purple11
465Evie KendallMK Sharks Jnrs1381White7
466Sophie BoonDartsInStoke Darts Academy1373White9
467Jack AmesSouthampton Darts Academy1355Green5
468Liam TrevenaSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 1343White5
469Kieran SeatonStrathearn Youth Darts Academy1337White5
470Liam BridgeGeelong Darts Club1332White5
471Llyr JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1327White7
472Arran CathcartStrathearn Youth Darts Academy1312White5
473Noah BarrowcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1311Purple7
474Lewis ThomsonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1305White5
475Luis KingMK Sharks Jnrs1289White4
476Aston-jai VenablesShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 1277White8
477Archie AlpinSouthampton Darts Academy1272Purple7
478Lily Holmes - HarkerSkegness Junior Darts Academy1269White5
479Danny FlynnJunior Darts Ireland1260White6
480Trent HartDarts Academy North East Blyth1255Purple12
481Evie dee LeightleyDarts Academy North East Blyth1241Purple4
482Ruth WilesSkegness Junior Darts Academy1241Purple11
483Sophie Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy1232White6
484Noah KendallMK Sharks Jnrs1226White3
485Bella-Rose SmithJDC Portsmouth1218White10
486Oscar RumseyMK Sharks Jnrs1210Purple6
487Fletcher ForsythNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1207White5
488Alis JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1203Purple9
489Jacob BakiSouthampton Darts Academy1184Purple6
490Aston GrinsellStaffordshire1180Purple8
491Sion DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1177Purple9
492Kyle McmeekinNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1149White4
493Kaleb WilliamsHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1135White10
494Kaycie SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy1111White11
495Owen ThomasStaffordshire1109Purple6
496Charlie Robert ParsonsForest of Dean1101Purple6
497George HolmesStockport Junior Darts Academy 1099White5
498Maddison PettittJDC Portsmouth1085Purple5
499Aaron salesStockport Junior Darts Academy 1076White7
500Te Kotahi KaioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1068Black1
501Leo JonesStaffordshire1065Purple6
502Charlie PowerCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1053White3
503Sam MatthewsCoventry Junior Darts Academy 1053Black2
504Abi WilesSkegness Junior Darts Academy1048Purple11
505Charlie BarryCORK YOUTH DARTS1046White4
506Jack CheethamSkegness Junior Darts Academy1045White11
507Amelia ButlerForest of Dean1038Purple7
508Fionn DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1037Green3
509Alfie shipleyHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1030White8
510Theo AkhtarBlackburn Darts Academy1021White6
511Dominic HollandForest of Dean1017Purple6
512Jake MooresLampeter Bishop of Bedlam995White5
513Tomas SequeiraMK Sharks Jnrs987White7
514Eleonora BougaGame on Darts Club 985White7
515Ruby BridgeGeelong Darts Club981White5
516Trafford ClevettVictory Inn Darts Academy Plymouth960Green2
517Jaymes IrvineNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy959White4
518Jackson WaddellNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy958White4
519jessica pollardStockport Junior Darts Academy 958Purple9
520Jake CurranRoom 180 Academy - JDC Nottingham 958White5
521Blaine McfarlaneStockport Junior Darts Academy 943White10
522Jamie-lee Swan DucoteJunior Darts Ireland940White8
523Jessica ReynoldsShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 939Purple7
524Honey FoxHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy937White8
525Denny SeatonStrathearn Youth Darts Academy934White5
526Jeremy HensgenSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 912White5
527Jae Thomas StewartNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy912White5
528Archie BowersSouthampton Darts Academy904White7
529Brendan BoardmanBlackburn Darts Academy894White12
530Duarte FerreiraMK Sharks Jnrs884Purple7
531Kellie GillmanMK Sharks Jnrs884Yellow4
532Grayson RichardsBristol Junior Darts Academy879White5
533Riley LeechForest of Dean871White5
534Finlay GrahamNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy851White5
535Daniel NoakJDC Fife845White5
536Ethan CoatesRoom 180 Academy - JDC Nottingham 844White4
537Mason RogersJDC Portsmouth840White7
538Kyle PatersonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy840White4
539ayaz biniciStockport Junior Darts Academy 838White7
540Mollie EdwardsWillenhall Junior Darts Academy838White10
541Reuben KnockerCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 818Purple8
542Kaiden McNamaraSkegness Junior Darts Academy792White7
543Juno FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 784Purple8
544Emma MuirheadNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy778White4
545Alexander Myrvang IsaksenFollo Dart Akademi761White3
546Will MorleyShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 749White4
547Daniel WaltersHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy747White2
548Mick SievertErsewolfe742White2
549EDIE PhillipsBlackburn Darts Academy733White6
550Harrison TeraudHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy721White4
551Cj HarrisonBlackburn Darts Academy707White2
552Harry CottrillStaffordshire685White6
553Leanna ThompsonSouthampton Darts Academy675White3
554Ethan Baker NewshamBlackburn Darts Academy662White11
555Cole McphersonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy657White3
556Alisha DolanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland633White2
557Amelia McSeveneyStaffordshire605White6
558Nullah PayneSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 601White3
559Chloe CarrollJDC Portsmouth585White12
560Lukas MartinJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby578Purple2
561Jenson WalshBlackburn Darts Academy578White3
562Morgan FryerSouthampton Darts Academy577White2
563Aaron NicholsSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 552White4
564Marley WilsonStaffordshire550White3
565Corrie McphailStrathearn Youth Darts Academy537White4
566Sofilia BougaGame on Darts Club 534White7
567Reuben PescottSouthport Youth Darts Academy530Purple2
568Henry AngellShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 515White8
569Luca HendyStockport Junior Darts Academy 510White3
570Harley CouchGeelong Darts Club506White5
571Katelynne McNamaraSkegness Junior Darts Academy502White8
572NDB Test Player 2NDB Academy467White1
573Arran MurphyNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy461White2
574Emily LynchSouthampton Darts Academy449White3
575Harley SherfieldSouthampton Darts Academy445White2
576Logan GlendinningSouthampton Darts Academy444Purple1
577Lily-may VenablesShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 442Purple5
578Adam fillinghamStockport Junior Darts Academy 438White2
579Logan FieldJDC Portsmouth437White9
580Sam WilsonStockport Junior Darts Academy 436White4
581Annalise Goncalves-woodSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 433White5
582John FlemingNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy423White3
583Charlie-Rose Wharehinga-HaweaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ421White2
584isaac salesStockport Junior Darts Academy 416White5
585Layton BoothStockport Junior Darts Academy 405White1
586Billy WillmothHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy404Green1
587Riley HarrisSouthampton Darts Academy401White1
588Osian JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam395White2
589NDB Test player 3NDB Academy377White1
590Archie CaveCoventry Junior Darts Academy 369White2
591Ayden CarrollNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy365White1
592Mahanga ClappertonTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ361White1
593Archie CameronJDC Fife356White3
594Lucy ShepherdCoventry Junior Darts Academy 355White1
595Charlie BennettShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 333White4
596Gavin HigginsAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland330White1
597Patrick KeoghDarts Academy North East Blyth324White3
598Max JollyBlackburn Darts Academy288Purple1
599Ashton PalmerHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy252White2
600Jack SurgenorNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy238White2
601Carter TurnerBlackburn Darts Academy232White2
602Kai CameronJDC Fife231White3
603Janayah JarryGeelong Darts Club227White5
604Jacob MILLWARDHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy218White3
605Harrison WalkerShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 208White4
606Xander EvansMELTON JDC ACADEMY 197White4
607Rosealee McCawMELTON JDC ACADEMY 189White3
608Harry ThorneJDC TEWKESBURY 166White3
609Finley RyanCoventry Junior Darts Academy 158White1
610NDB Test Player 1NDB Academy133White1
611Savannah ScanlonGeelong Darts Club126White3
612Ollie DaviesHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy124White3
613Samuel LaceySouthampton Darts Academy117White1
614Jack EdlinSouthampton Darts Academy107White1
615Charlotte DaviesShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 92White6
616Clayton HillSkegness Junior Darts Academy88White1
617Payton HawkinsMELTON JDC ACADEMY 82White2
618Hylda PhillipsBlackburn Darts Academy66White5
619Lylah StoverGeelong Darts Club43White2
620Amelia HawkinsMELTON JDC ACADEMY 26White2
621Riley PalmerHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy19White1
622Oscar LymanHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy15White1
1Adam DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy68441369Black5
2Daniel StephensonDarts Academy North East Blyth67201344Black5
3Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby66071322Black5
4Apirana TaukamoTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ64891298Black5
5James MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland51331284Black4
6Blake WalkerSouthampton Darts Academy49801245Black4
7Jenson WalkerCoventry Junior Darts Academy 60251205Black5
8Ryan BranleyDarts Academy North East Blyth59151183Black5
9Aaron KillaneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland44571115Black4
10Luke MorrisCoventry Junior Darts Academy 55351107Black5
11james tateDarts Academy North East Blyth54261086Black5
12Te Kotahi KaioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ10681068Black1
13Hunter EylesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ42091053Black4
14Shoey AyresBristol Junior Darts Academy40461012Black4
15Archie MacleodBlackburn Darts Academy30321011Black3
16Owen BrycelandNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3985997White4
17Ben GambleCoventry Junior Darts Academy 4935987Black5
18Jamie FrenchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy4909982Black5
19Kian PoynerCoventry Junior Darts Academy 3831958Red4
20Rhys ButlerWest Midlands Darts Academy3818955Black4
21Mitchell RichardsonCoventry Junior Darts Academy 3807952Black4
22Luke DooleyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy4708942Black5
23Apanui KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ4666934Black5
24Lucas RobertsonAngus Darts Academy4569914White5
25Oliver HaughanDarts Academy North East Blyth4535907Black5
26Joseph WestbyBlackburn Darts Academy3625907Black4
27Thomas LaceySouthampton Darts Academy3589898Red4
28harris eaglestoneSouthport Youth Darts Academy2664888Red3
29Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland4432887Black5
30Jake RobinsonWest Midlands Darts Academy3534884Red4
31Craig MurtaghCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3515879Black4
32evan williamsonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy4366874White5
33Callum CoadeCORK YOUTH DARTS4361873Black5
34Jenson MaceySouthampton Darts Academy3472868Black4
35Shane LongCORK YOUTH DARTS4318864Black5
36Robert SutherlandJDC Fife4314863White5
37Blake MartinJunior Darts Ireland4292859Red5
38William RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby4267854Red5
39Jack McSpaddenSkegness Junior Darts Academy4232847Red5
40Owen QuinnCoventry Junior Darts Academy 3374844Black4
41Jack CourtneyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy4213843Black5
42Chris EacockWest Midlands Darts Academy1680840Red2
43Cayden SmithWest Midlands Darts Academy3349838Black4
44Mason BoothBlackburn Darts Academy3316829Blue4
45Samuel AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy2480827Black3
46Andrew NielsenMELTON JDC ACADEMY 4124825Red5
47Jackson KingJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby4086818Green5
48Ollie ArmstrongCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3266817Black4
49thomas O riordanCORK YOUTH DARTS4076816Red5
50Hannah MeekCoventry Junior Darts Academy 4076816Black5
51Zachary CareBlackburn Darts Academy813813Red1
52Kyle DavidsonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy4058812White5
53Jamie FarrellCORK YOUTH DARTS4040808Red5
54Riley PinhorneJDC Portsmouth3232808Black4
55Thomas MurphyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy4037808Red5
56Leo DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 4022805Black5
57Jadine BlackTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3217805Black4
58Barry WatsonJDC Fife3985797White5
59Robin DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 3955791Red5
60David LynchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3151788Green4
61Scott DoyleJunior Darts Ireland3919784Red5
62George BoothBlackburn Darts Academy3134784Red4
63Michéal SmythAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland3909782Black5
64Kyle JonesJDC TEWKESBURY 3101776Red4
65Mathias Myrvang IsaksenFollo Dart Akademi3866774White5
66Stephen Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy1544772Red2
67Kyle GreeneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland3842769Red5
68Greg WaughDarts Academy North East Blyth3815763Black5
69Samuel WallbankBlackburn Darts Academy2285762Blue3
70David FlynnJunior Darts Ireland760760Black1
71Bailey HarperDartsInStoke Darts Academy2247749Red3
72Ryan FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2991748Black4
73Jordan PreeceWest Midlands Darts Academy1484742White2
74Jake SprouleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2225742Black3
75Jack KellyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3699740Black5
76Rachel IversYouth Darts School Ireland 3679736Green5
77Josh HodgkinsWest Midlands Darts Academy1471736White2
78Harley BennettCoventry Junior Darts Academy 3664733Black5
79Nathan IvorsYouth Darts School Ireland 3639728Red5
80Jack KennedyNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3636728White5
81Lar Brennen whelanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3627726Red5
82Thomas KeaneJunior Darts Ireland3618724Black5
83Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy2885722Black4
84Taylor SharpJDC Fife3606722White5
85Matthew RushCoventry Junior Darts Academy 721721White1
86Nathan WatsonAngus Darts Academy2163721White3
87Jayden HarperWest Midlands Darts Academy2883721Black4
88Evan MetcalfDarts Academy North East Blyth3603721Red5
89Jack PritchardWest Midlands Darts Academy2881721Red4
90Jamie CoiaDartsInStoke Darts Academy2875719Green4
91Paul RyanJunior Darts Ireland3558712Red5
92Leo KuchmetzkiErsewolfe2843711Green4
93Samuel RobertsonAngus Darts Academy3549710White5
94John MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2807702Blue4
95Rebecca AllenCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3492699Blue5
96Bailey BoultonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3475695White5
97Leo HowardJDC Portsmouth3468694Red5
98Harley JonesNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2765692White4
99Jayden FitzgeraldCORK YOUTH DARTS3450690Blue5
100George EdwardsHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy3434687Red5
101Callum O SullivanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3417684Black5
102Jake LindsayDarts Academy North East Blyth2705677Red4
103Denby HainesJDC TEWKESBURY 2696674Red4
104Jarrod Waikawa-NepeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3365673Red5
106Ben ReddingtonJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby3342669Blue5
107Zac GeorgeDarts Academy North East Blyth2671668Red4
108Sion DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam3338668Blue5
109Aiden LawrieNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2655664White4
110Charlie BreenStockport Junior Darts Academy 2645662Red4
111Tom HakinDarts Academy North East Blyth2638660Red4
112William ColcloughYouth Darts School Ireland 3292659Red5
113David McDonaghJunior Darts Ireland656656Red1
114Fabian WaihapeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1966656Blue3
115Jack ButcherJDC Portsmouth3261653Black5
116Cillian ColemanCORK YOUTH DARTS3237648Green5
117Zachary CutlerPaignton Darts Academy2587647Green4
118Mackenzie WilsonJDC Portsmouth3227646Black5
119Allen MooreCORK YOUTH DARTS3223645Green5
120Jamie EnglishShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 1931644Green3
121Ellie HamletSouthampton Darts Academy640640Yellow1
122Ricky SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3198640Black5
123Ryan BarkeyAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland639639Green1
124cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy2552638Blue4
125Sean TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2552638Red4
126Nathan ClearyWest Midlands Darts Academy637637Red1
127Lincoln HolmesJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby3166634Blue5
128Kyle DavisSkegness Junior Darts Academy2532633Black4
129Paisios PapadopoulosGame on Darts Club 1899633Green3
130Riley CameronGeelong Darts Club3156632White5
131Lucas CooperNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3154631White5
132Aidan SimpsonJDC TEWKESBURY 2514629Black4
133Ben TimmisStaffordshire1876626Blue3
134Marcus McCammonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2494624Black4
135Per-Ole DedaErsewolfe2490623Green4
136Dexter GavinDarts Academy North East Blyth2474619White4
137Aedan AndersonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy3083617White5
138Patrick O DriscollCORK YOUTH DARTS3082617Green5
139Michael CrancherNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2463616White4
140Mason EvansJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby3072615Red5
141Luke HunterBlackburn Darts Academy2447612Blue4
142Charlie MoretonCoventry Junior Darts Academy 1829610Blue3
143Aidan KeoghJunior Darts Ireland609609Black1
144Zach GodberBristol Junior Darts Academy2432608White4
145Nathan Dillon BurroughsCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2989598Black5
146Bobby WhyteCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1792598Yellow3
147Cian CorcaranJunior Darts Ireland2387597White4
148Greg HodgensAngus Darts Academy2973595White5
149LOUIS JONESBlackburn Darts Academy2372593Black4
150James WillisSouthampton Darts Academy1182591Red2
151Dylan MossBlackburn Darts Academy2360590Green4
152Ryan OwnSouthport Youth Darts Academy2338585Blue4
153Lee BradshawSkegness Junior Darts Academy2917584White5
154Riley DaviesSouthampton Darts Academy2332583Red4
155Adam VincentJDC Portsmouth2912583Red5
156Lachlan MccawMELTON JDC ACADEMY 1745582White3
157Logan BelshawCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 581581Yellow1
158Aaron JudgeJunior Darts Ireland2903581Green5
159Jack CorrStrathearn Youth Darts Academy2901581White5
160Aaliyah Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1738580Blue3
161Kaylub SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy2315579Green4
162Logan cheneyBristol Junior Darts Academy2886578White5
163elliot bradshawStockport Junior Darts Academy 2308577Black4
164Stephen TuohyYouth Darts School Ireland 2881577Black5
165Harley TheinSkegness Junior Darts Academy2304576Green4
166Travis ConnellDarts Academy North East Blyth2871575Green5
167Thomas FallonAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2291573Green4
168Aiden MacleodNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2861573White5
169Chloe MilesForest of Dean2288572White4
170Kody LaneWillowbrook Darts Club 2859572White5
171Brooke WalkerSouthampton Darts Academy2284571Green4
172Joel HoruaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2850570Blue5
173Adam KellyNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2848570White5
174Tobias Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1706569Red3
175Jayden ColletonYouth Darts School Ireland 2818564Red5
176Zac TabbGeelong Darts Club2818564White5
177Amber O'TooleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1125563Black2
178Travis ClarkJDC Portsmouth2811563Blue5
179Archie ChippendaleBlackburn Darts Academy1681561Red3
180Rhys BoultonForest of Dean1679560Green3
181Harry FairhurstJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby2794559Blue5
182Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1675559Black3
183William FitzpatrickCORK YOUTH DARTS2781557Green5
184Alfie DeaneForest of Dean2185547Green4
185Dominik HechtErsewolfe2180545Green4
186Cori WiltshireBristol Junior Darts Academy2720544Green5
187Sam DurhamBlackburn Darts Academy1631544Green3
188Fionn O'ConnorYouth Darts School Ireland 2692539Green5
189Oliver RoseCoventry Junior Darts Academy 1613538Green3
190Rene MeredithMK Sharks Jnrs1607536Green3
191Eoin RocheYouth Darts School Ireland 2129533Black4
192Luke BakiSouthampton Darts Academy2124531Green4
193alex mcgarrieStockport Junior Darts Academy 1579527Blue3
194Steven IveyPaignton Darts Academy2099525Blue4
195Peter LynchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2098525Yellow4
196Jonathan O DriscollCORK YOUTH DARTS2606522Green5
197Charlie ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 1558520Red3
198Laine BanasiakSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 2595519White5
199Harvey SchofieldBlackburn Darts Academy1556519Green3
200George CollinsStockport Junior Darts Academy 2069518Yellow4
201Ashton SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy1549517Yellow3
202Harley WiggansBlackburn Darts Academy2049513Yellow4
203Aiden McCormackNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy2560512White5
204Alexander HughesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2029508Yellow4
205Harry TaylorDartsInStoke Darts Academy2015504Green4
206Kain MckennaJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1006503White2
207Giorgos MalliarosGame on Darts Club 1497499Yellow3
208Luke ThomasBlackburn Darts Academy1987497Yellow4
209Junior McleanBlackburn Darts Academy1986497White4
210David KerrJDC Fife2480496White5
211Logan HainesJDC TEWKESBURY 1980495Green4
212Dylan JonesDartsInStoke Darts Academy1978495Green4
213Liam O’DonovanMK Sharks Jnrs1977495Green4
214Kiedis LeeJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1969493Green4
215Noah MurtaghYouth Darts School Ireland 983492Blue2
216jack edgertonStockport Junior Darts Academy 1959490Green4
217George PartlowJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby2444489Green5
218Amyleigh TolleyWest Midlands Darts Academy975488White2
219Adam SmithJDC Portsmouth2428486Yellow5
220Leighton DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam2421485Blue5
221Brandon WoolgarSouthampton Darts Academy1450484Green3
222Joel PachtErsewolfe1932483Green4
223Dylan DarlingDarts Academy North East Blyth2405481Green5
224Graham ReillyAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2400480Green5
225Zoe BurkeYouth Darts School Ireland 2398480Blue5
226Joe CorryYouth Darts School Ireland 2364473Green5
227Billy ReveleyStockport Junior Darts Academy 1416472Green3
228Lewes HeadJDC Fife1414472White3
229Cain McSpaddenSkegness Junior Darts Academy2347470Yellow5
230Zach BolgerJunior Darts Ireland2343469White5
231NDB Test Player 2NDB Academy467467White1
232Hinetapora KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2328466Green5
233Damian TurnerCoventry Junior Darts Academy 1861466Yellow4
234Noah ShineAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1858465Yellow4
235Oliver KinderJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1856464Blue4
236Ashton FoulkesStockport Junior Darts Academy 1834459Yellow4
237Oliver HecelDarts Academy North East Blyth1831458White4
238Ben ChinneryJDC Portsmouth2283457Yellow5
239Owen AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy1350450Blue3
240Robbie EastonDarts Academy North East Blyth2227446White5
241Ben BlowesMK Sharks Jnrs1333445Green3
242Josh KingJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1769443Yellow4
243George BridgmanJDC Portsmouth2208442Green5
244Goncalo SequeiraMK Sharks Jnrs1763441Green4
245Friedrich LangPaignton Darts Academy1756439White4
246James BranaganCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2189438Yellow5
247Michael TaitMK Sharks Jnrs1312438Yellow3
248Quinn MullenHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy2181437Green5
249Cole BeightonWillenhall Junior Darts Academy1743436Yellow4
250Charlie LeonardBlackburn Darts Academy1303435Green3
251Riley SmithJDC Portsmouth2153431Yellow5
252Nathan MitchellSouthampton Darts Academy861431Green2
253Aiden JohnstonForest of Dean1719430Yellow4
254steven foxStockport Junior Darts Academy 1287429Yellow3
255Elonwy ThomasLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1707427Blue4
256Harry PollardStockport Junior Darts Academy 1703426Green4
257Jack WaldrenJDC Portsmouth2124425Green5
258Keagean HartAngus Darts Academy1699425White4
259Kirsten WrightJDC Portsmouth2104421Green5
260Jack ThackerJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby841421Green2
261Tyler SweeneyPaignton Darts Academy1678420Green4
262Connor DicksonJDC Fife2092419White5
263Mason HeatherJDC Portsmouth1672418Yellow4
264Max GallagherJunior Darts Ireland2089418Yellow5
265Joey SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2086418Yellow5
266Max YoungNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1667417White4
267Ryan MoulderJDC TEWKESBURY 1665417Green4
268nathan grahamStockport Junior Darts Academy 1657415White4
269Evan CopsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy2053411Yellow5
270Noah KendallMK Sharks Jnrs1226409White3
271Jaxon PooleStaffordshire1223408Yellow3
272Charlie LindsayPaignton Darts Academy815408Green2
273Joseph WoodBlackburn Darts Academy1623406White4
274Harvey CollumBlackburn Darts Academy1622406Green4
275Layton BoothStockport Junior Darts Academy 405405White1
276Thomas McgrathJunior Darts Ireland1617405Green4
277Billy WillmothHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy404404Green1
278Kobi FitzpatrickJunior Darts Ireland1607402Green4
279Παπαδόπουλος ΓεώργιοςGame on Darts Club 1593399Yellow4
280Ryan CottrillStaffordshire1194398White3
281Charley KingJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1987398Green5
282Jake BradshawSkegness Junior Darts Academy1986398White5
283Jake shipleyHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1984397White5
284Shay BrennanSkegness Junior Darts Academy1979396White5
285Mihimoana WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1582396Green4
286Harry BevisSouthampton Darts Academy790395Purple2
287Ralph PettittJDC Portsmouth1579395Yellow4
288Harvey LairdSouthport Youth Darts Academy1577395Green4
289Lia-Marie WoodcockDartsInStoke Darts Academy1567392Yellow4
290Lucas WarrenJDC Portsmouth1559390Yellow4
291Holly FrewNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1940388White5
292Billy TisdaleShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 1162388Yellow3
293Tom MackieLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1932387Green5
294Riley ThorneBristol Junior Darts Academy1157386Yellow3
295kieran hillBlackburn Darts Academy1542386Yellow4
296Ethan FrostJDC Portsmouth1924385Yellow5
297Toby MarshSouthampton Darts Academy1536384White4
298mason foulkesStockport Junior Darts Academy 1534384Green4
299Jacob ToddCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1533384White4
300Rok BašičKlasični pikado klub Ljubljana383383White1
301Dylan SandhamBlackburn Darts Academy765383Purple2
302Evie StrongBlackburn Darts Academy1523381Yellow4
303Lennox SutherlandJDC Fife1902381White5
304Declan FryerJDC Portsmouth1887378Purple5
305NDB Test player 3NDB Academy377377White1
306Robbie WrightPaignton Darts Academy754377Yellow2
307Conor LyleJDC Fife1881377White5
308Tyler BallSouthport Youth Darts Academy1503376Yellow4
309Issac BradshawJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1125375Yellow3
310Harry MiddletonStockport Junior Darts Academy 1117373Green3
311Lincoln HoggDarts Academy North East Blyth1858372White5
312Mackenzie HaggartStrathearn Youth Darts Academy1857372White5
313Ευγένιος ΚυπριανόςGame on Darts Club 1114372Yellow3
314Mick SievertErsewolfe742371White2
315Jack WilliamsSouthampton Darts Academy1475369Yellow4
316Bethany BoardmanBlackburn Darts Academy1470368Yellow4
317Joshua PattenStockport Junior Darts Academy 1466367Yellow4
318Jake ChaffersSouthampton Darts Academy1466367Yellow4
319Jason MorrisCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1099367Yellow3
320Ayden CarrollNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy365365White1
321Maddison LoweryDarts Academy North East Blyth1814363White5
322Ashton GloverDarts Academy North East Blyth1804361White5
323Alfie WhitehallHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1430358Yellow4
324Koi MartinJunior Darts Ireland715358White2
325Oisin GartlandLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1426357Purple4
326Ethan WildSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 1782357White5
327Rhys CurtisSouthampton Darts Academy712356Yellow2
328Cj HarrisonBlackburn Darts Academy707354White2
329Charlie PowerCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1053351White3
330Enola WilsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1044348Green3
331Jack AkersMK Sharks Jnrs1042348Yellow3
332Jack CluttonDartsInStoke Darts Academy1385347Green4
333Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1033345Green3
334Kian MiltonMK Sharks Jnrs1366342Yellow4
335Alex O sullivanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1699340Yellow5
336Logan GrinsellStaffordshire677339Yellow2
337Bradley DixonJDC Portsmouth1350338Purple4
338Edward WrightForest of Dean1349338Purple4
339Cameron ThompsonSouthampton Darts Academy674337Yellow2
340Freddie JohnsJDC Portsmouth1683337Yellow5
341Harry CharmanJDC Portsmouth1346337Purple4
342Jay HoodStaffordshire1006336Purple3
343Zachary StrongBlackburn Darts Academy1337335Purple4
344Matthew ReesonSkegness Junior Darts Academy1670334Yellow5
345Joel YouleJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1669334White5
346Luke ChaffersSouthampton Darts Academy1335334Yellow4
347Ellis HarveyPaignton Darts Academy1327332Green4
348Caylan CaseyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1322331Purple4
349George EastwoodSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 1651331White5
350Gavin HigginsAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland330330White1
351Jake McSpaddenSkegness Junior Darts Academy1647330White5
352Freddi WillisWillenhall Junior Darts Academy1317330Purple4
353Jack ShortallSouthport Youth Darts Academy1316329Yellow4
354Aeron MoranAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland658329Purple2
355Andrew bryszkiewskiBlackburn Darts Academy646323Yellow2
356Luis KingMK Sharks Jnrs1289323White4
357Kyle McmanusNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1609322White5
358Charlie MadgwickJDC Portsmouth954318Yellow3
359Alisha DolanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland633317White2
360Evie dee LeightleyDarts Academy North East Blyth1241311Purple4
361David BrothertonBlackburn Darts Academy1238310White4
362Lucas HookForest of Dean1237310Green4
363Poppy BevisSouthampton Darts Academy617309Purple2
364Ryan PearsonStockport Junior Darts Academy 1234309Yellow4
365Riley RavenscroftDartsInStoke Darts Academy924308Yellow3
366Harry LlewellynStaffordshire914305Yellow3
367Riley PlattBlackburn Darts Academy1216304Green4
368Daniel SpencerStockport Junior Darts Academy 1210303Purple4
369Noah MullenJunior Darts Ireland1509302Blue5
370Joshua AdamsonSouthport Youth Darts Academy1205302Purple4
371Harry DelamaineJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby901301White3
372Andrew McAuleyCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 898300Yellow3
373Elliott SharpeForest of Dean887296Yellow3
374Asa HoughStockport Junior Darts Academy 883295Purple3
375Jenson JeffersBlackburn Darts Academy1174294Yellow4
376Osian ReesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1467294Purple5
377Charlie MaynardBlackburn Darts Academy1170293Green4
378Caitlin MoranAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland583292Purple2
379Niall ForresterHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy583292Yellow2
380Ayrton RenderBlackburn Darts Academy1163291Yellow4
381Keaton BellNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1451291White5
382Jack AmesSouthampton Darts Academy869290Green3
383Morgan FryerSouthampton Darts Academy577289White2
384Dawson WhiteJDC Portsmouth1152288Yellow4
385Kyle McmeekinNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1149288White4
386Lucas RichardsonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 569285White2
387Sean McDermottJunior Darts Ireland1417284Yellow5
388Logan ButlerForest of Dean1131283Purple4
389Eloise MaceySouthampton Darts Academy828276Yellow3
390Andrew DalyCORK YOUTH DARTS1084271Yellow4
391Ruby FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1079270Yellow4
392Finley Holmes-harkerSkegness Junior Darts Academy1348270Purple5
393Liam TrevenaSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 1343269White5
394Joshua GartonSkegness Junior Darts Academy1340268Purple5
395IRAKLIS ILIADISGame on Darts Club 1071268Purple4
396Kieran SeatonStrathearn Youth Darts Academy1337268White5
397Alfie BurnsideJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1334267Purple5
398Liam BridgeGeelong Darts Club1332267White5
399william BrundettForest of Dean1065267Yellow4
400Charlie Robert ParsonsForest of Dean264264Purple1
401Cameron FlanaganCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 789263Yellow3
402owen pearcePaignton Darts Academy788263Yellow3
403Arran CathcartStrathearn Youth Darts Academy1312263White5
404Freddy HalseBlackburn Darts Academy787263Purple3
405Charlie BarryCORK YOUTH DARTS1046262White4
406Lewis ThomsonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1305261White5
407Finley SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy1038260Purple4
408Max WilsonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1019255Yellow4
409Lily Holmes - HarkerSkegness Junior Darts Academy1269254White5
410Alexander Myrvang IsaksenFollo Dart Akademi761254White3
411Lewis WoolgarSouthampton Darts Academy1013254Purple4
412Stewie UnderhillSouthampton Darts Academy1013254White4
413Cerys WardleDarts Academy North East Blyth1256252Purple5
414Evie KendallMK Sharks Jnrs749250White3
415Kobi mcfarlaneStockport Junior Darts Academy 748250White3
416Lewie SpaffordSouthport Youth Darts Academy747249Purple3
417Gabriel RenderBlackburn Darts Academy990248Purple4
418alex halliwellStockport Junior Darts Academy 742248White3
419Llyr JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam740247White3
420ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ ΚΥΠΡΙΑΝΟΣGame on Darts Club 981246Purple4
421Joshua Thomson-JolyJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1214243Purple5
422Fletcher ForsythNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy1207242White5
423Jaymes IrvineNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy959240White4
424Jackson WaddellNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy958240White4
425Josh DolanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland477239Purple2
426Isabella KinderJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby953239White4
427Amy BRANLEYDarts Academy North East Blyth1188238Purple5
428Riley WebberSkegness Junior Darts Academy1186238Purple5
429Oscar RumseyMK Sharks Jnrs471236Purple2
430Jake MooresLampeter Bishop of Bedlam706236White3
431William ButlerForest of Dean941236Yellow4
432Thomas TillJDC Portsmouth934234Purple4
433Ellie-Mai MerrixJDC Portsmouth696232Purple3
434Arran MurphyNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy461231White2
435Luca MainBlackburn Darts Academy922231Yellow4
436Teddy StathamStockport Junior Darts Academy 916229White4
437Maddison PettittJDC Portsmouth682228Purple3
438Leonardo PosteraroBlackburn Darts Academy681227Yellow3
439Harley GloverJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1131227Yellow5
440Amelia TongeForest of Dean452226Purple2
441Riannah GaynorBlackburn Darts Academy900225Purple4
442Leanna ThompsonSouthampton Darts Academy675225White3
443Henry ColesBristol Junior Darts Academy897225Purple4
444Taylor DonleyCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 448224Yellow2
445Ivy Bradford-ShawJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby1107222Purple5
446Dylan SaadLampeter Bishop of Bedlam1106222Yellow5
447Cerys JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam658220Purple3
448George HoldenBlackburn Darts Academy657219Purple3
449Cole McphersonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy657219White3
450Adam fillinghamStockport Junior Darts Academy 438219White2
451Troy WilesSkegness Junior Darts Academy872218Green4
452Max CookJDC Portsmouth1090218Purple5
453Jack TurnbullJDC Portsmouth1088218Yellow5
454Adam DoyleJunior Darts Ireland1084217Purple5
455Elliot RobertsStockport Junior Darts Academy 646216Purple3
456Kendall Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1065213Purple5
457Jake BranleyDarts Academy North East Blyth1063213Purple5
458Ethan CoatesRoom 180 Academy - JDC Nottingham 844211White4
459Kyle PatersonNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy840210White4
460Lyall SnookJDC Portsmouth1049210Purple5
461Emma-Rose Delaney RyanJunior Darts Ireland1049210Yellow5
462Layla SpaffordSouthport Youth Darts Academy623208White3
463Charlie GrearsonSouthampton Darts Academy623208Purple3
464lydia pearcePaignton Darts Academy827207Purple4
465Caleb HurdsShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 821206Purple4
466Tomas SequeiraMK Sharks Jnrs605202White3
467Jack RedfordSouthport Youth Darts Academy803201Purple4
468Nullah PayneSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 601201White3
469Archie AlpinSouthampton Darts Academy600200Purple3
470Luke StaffordBlackburn Darts Academy599200Purple3
471Ruby BridgeGeelong Darts Club981197White5
472Liam RedmondJunior Darts Ireland981197Purple5
473Emma MuirheadNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy778195White4
474Evie PooleStaffordshire581194Purple3
475Jenson WalshBlackburn Darts Academy578193White3
476Jake CurranRoom 180 Academy - JDC Nottingham 958192White5
477Sophie Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy383192White2
478Ayla WestonJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby957192Yellow5
479Jack WebbJDC Portsmouth956192White5
480Aaron salesStockport Junior Darts Academy 573191White3
481Riley BShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 573191Yellow3
482Eleonora BougaGame on Darts Club 753189White4
483Noah BarrowcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy - Derby376188Purple2
484Dominic HollandForest of Dean188188Purple1
485Ethan Fellows-AdderleyWest Midlands Darts Academy188188Yellow1
486Will MorleyShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 749188White4
487Denny SeatonStrathearn Youth Darts Academy934187White5
488Bobby WilliamsShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 742186Yellow4
489Ryan JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam550184Yellow3
490Aston-jai VenablesShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 731183White4
491Jae Thomas StewartNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy912183White5
492Jeremy HensgenSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 912183White5
493Kaci FieldJDC Portsmouth912183White5
494Nate SpindlerPaignton Darts Academy726182Yellow4
495Liam WarrenJDC Portsmouth726182Purple4
496Joshua-James BartonSouthport Youth Darts Academy544182Purple3
497Kellie GillmanMK Sharks Jnrs179179Yellow1
498Riley LeechForest of Dean709178White4
499Grayson RichardsBristol Junior Darts Academy879176White5
500Harrison TeraudHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy523175White3
501Agapi PapadopoulouGame on Darts Club 511171Purple3
502Finlay GrahamNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy851171White5
503Daniel NoakJDC Fife845169White5
504Sophie BoonDartsInStoke Darts Academy663166White4
505Ryan ParsonsMK Sharks Jnrs646162Purple4
506Archie BowersSouthampton Darts Academy160160White1
507Theo AkhtarBlackburn Darts Academy631158White4
508Mason RogersJDC Portsmouth628157White4
509Juno FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 466156Purple3
510Alfie shipleyHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy775155White5
511Leo JonesStaffordshire150150Purple1
512Owen ThomasStaffordshire150150Purple1
513jessica pollardStockport Junior Darts Academy 443148Purple3
514Macie QuinnDarts Academy North East Blyth737148Purple5
515Charlotte ThorpeSouthport Youth Darts Academy580145Yellow4
516Bella-Rose SmithJDC Portsmouth570143White4
517John FlemingNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy423141White3
518Kyan SuttonPaignton Darts Academy139139Green1
519Caelan TitreSkegness Junior Darts Academy692139White5
520Aaron NicholsSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 552138White4
521Danny FlynnJunior Darts Ireland413138White3
522Ruth WilesSkegness Junior Darts Academy686138Purple5
523Alis JonesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam407136Purple3
524Kaiden McNamaraSkegness Junior Darts Academy270135White2
525Corrie McphailStrathearn Youth Darts Academy537135White4
526NDB Test Player 1NDB Academy133133White1
527Joseph Brocksom- ThompsonSkegness Junior Darts Academy638128White5
528Calum MccarthyCORK YOUTH DARTS634127Purple5
529Kaleb WilliamsHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy507127White4
530Drake HartDarts Academy North East Blyth632127Purple5
531Ashton PalmerHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy252126White2
532Sion DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam371124Purple3
533Jamie-lee Swan DucoteJunior Darts Ireland615123White5
534Reuben KnockerCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 365122Purple3
535ayaz biniciStockport Junior Darts Academy 121121White1
536Harry CottrillStaffordshire361121White3
537Jack SurgenorNorth Ayrshire Darts Academy238119White2
538Archie CameronJDC Fife356119White3
539Cillian GartlandLampeter Bishop of Bedlam472118Purple4
540Samuel LaceySouthampton Darts Academy117117White1
541Jack CheethamSkegness Junior Darts Academy582117White5
542Honey FoxHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy344115White3
543Kaycie SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy443111White4
544Amelia ButlerForest of Dean332111Purple3
545Jessica ReynoldsShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 330110Purple3
546poppy auldDarts Academy North East Blyth545109Purple5
547Patrick KeoghDarts Academy North East Blyth324108White3
548Amelia McSeveneyStaffordshire318106White3
549Duarte FerreiraMK Sharks Jnrs313105Purple3
550Harley CouchGeelong Darts Club506102White5
551Morgan DaviesLampeter Bishop of Bedlam39599Purple4
552Trent HartDarts Academy North East Blyth48096Purple5
553Abi WilesSkegness Junior Darts Academy45591Purple5
554EDIE PhillipsBlackburn Darts Academy8888White1
555Clayton HillSkegness Junior Darts Academy8888White1
556Annalise Goncalves-woodSunraysia JDC Darts Academy 43387White5
557Katelynne McNamaraSkegness Junior Darts Academy34687White4
558isaac salesStockport Junior Darts Academy 25585White3
559Blaine McfarlaneStockport Junior Darts Academy 33885White4
560Charlie BennettShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 33384White4
561Mollie EdwardsWillenhall Junior Darts Academy32381White4
562Kai CameronJDC Fife23177White3
563Jacob MILLWARDHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy21873White3
564Brendan BoardmanBlackburn Darts Academy27970White4
565Harrison WalkerShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 6464White1
566Logan FieldJDC Portsmouth25564White4
567Rosealee McCawMELTON JDC ACADEMY 18963White3
568Sofilia BougaGame on Darts Club 24562White4
569Henry AngellShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 18161White3
570Aston GrinsellStaffordshire11457Purple2
571Harry ThorneJDC TEWKESBURY 16656White3
572Hylda PhillipsBlackburn Darts Academy5151White1
573Xander EvansMELTON JDC ACADEMY 19750White4
574Janayah JarryGeelong Darts Club22746White5
575Chloe CarrollJDC Portsmouth21443White5
576Savannah ScanlonGeelong Darts Club12642White3
577Ollie DaviesHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy12442White3
578Payton HawkinsMELTON JDC ACADEMY 8241White2
579Ethan Baker NewshamBlackburn Darts Academy16040White4
580Lylah StoverGeelong Darts Club4322White2
581Riley PalmerHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1919White1
582Oscar LymanHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1515White1
583Amelia HawkinsMELTON JDC ACADEMY 2613White2
584Charlotte DaviesShooters Leominster Junior Darts Academy 00White2

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