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JDC and GDP agree on cooperation

GoDartsPro and JDC (Junior Darts Corporation) are now exclusive and official partners in the fascinating world of youth darts. We both share a passion to try to help youngsters to be as good as they ever can and as we all know that there aren’t shortcuts – quality practise plus the hours put in, nothing beats those.

We start with creating a platform for the JDC Challenge. The Academy Coaches enters the scores for the Academy Players which will make the scores official.

We gather all the Academy Coaches through this page where we will provide them with easy functionality for their Academies.

The Academy Players can practice on the website to get ready for the official challenge with their coach.

For more information about JDC, visit their website at

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Contact your coach to apply on this page to track your official scores for the JDC Challenge.
JDC Grading
1Sean CumminsJunior Darts Ireland6936Black5
2Callum MacDougallCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 6409Black5
3Adam DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy6298Black5
4Craig BowenCORK YOUTH DARTS5871Black5
5Mats TheobaldHannover96 Dart5549Black5
6David FlynnAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland5526Black6
7Katie SheldonJunior Darts Ireland5496Black5
8Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland5135Black5
9Apirana TaukamoTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ5039Black5
10Ben McCaffreyJunior Darts Ireland5014White5
11Jake SprouleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 4721Black5
12Craig MurtaghCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 4583Red5
13Aidan KeoghJunior Darts Ireland4540White5
14Callum SchofieldStockport Junior Darts Academy 4489White5
15Darragh MulvihillKerry Youth Darts Academy4368Black5
16Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)4242Black4
17Hunter EylesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ4234Black4
18Luke DooleyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy4231Black5
19Tom KloppmannHannover96 Dart4129Black5
20Leo DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 4119Black5
21Robbie CurranYouth Darts School Ireland 4102Black5
22Liam ConnollyKerry Youth Darts Academy4040Black5
23Noel AlbesHannover96 Dart3978Black5
24Eoin RocheYouth Darts School Ireland 3959Black5
25Nathan Dillon BurroughsCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3873Red5
26Thomas KeaneJunior Darts Ireland3689Red5
27Brayden Pokai-GiddensTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3661Red5
28Ryan FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3634Blue5
29Jonathan Ó DriscollCORK YOUTH DARTS3571White5
30Padraig O'ConnorYouth Darts School Ireland 3481Red5
31Jacob HibbertBlackburn Darts Academy3469Black4
32Tobias Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3351Red5
33Oliver AllenbyJDC TEWKESBURY 3336Black4
34Jack ButcherJDC Portsmouth3324Black6
35Davy-jay KnowlesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3321Red4
36Jamie FarrellCORK YOUTH DARTS3301Blue5
37josh DonagherYouth Darts School Ireland 3293Black5
38Amber O'TooleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3273Red5
39Daniel StapletonYouth Darts School Ireland 3219Blue5
40Lewin BunjesHannover96 Dart3191Red5
41Ethan WillsJunior Darts Ireland3167Black5
42Aaron KillaneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland3149Blue5
43Stephen TuohyYouth Darts School Ireland 3123Black5
44Lar Brennen whelanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3115Blue5
45Apanui KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3044Green5
46Travis ClarkJDC Portsmouth2986Green5
47Jack ValentineBlackburn Darts Academy2971Black4
48Thomas O riordanCORK YOUTH DARTS2866Blue5
49Riley PinhorneJDC Portsmouth2860Yellow6
50Oliver WilsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)2840White4
51Silas MüllerHannover96 Dart2840Red4
52Cayden SmithWorcester Junior Darts Academy2822Black3
53Royce Kaa-WhituTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2792Blue5
54Max StratfordJDC Portsmouth2772White6
55Thomas MurphyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2763Green5
56George SalterJDC TEWKESBURY 2747Blue5
57Leo HowardJDC Portsmouth2641Purple6
58harry ballJDC Portsmouth2597White5
59Aaliyah Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2596Green5
60Jack CourtneyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2493Green5
61Adam CashinYouth Darts School Ireland 2455Black3
62Jamie DelaneyAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2413Black2
63Liam HeffernanCORK YOUTH DARTS2387Red4
64james morrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2373Green5
65Fabian WaihapeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2357Yellow5
66Adrian SchülerHannover96 Dart2351Green5
67Chiarn WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2320Blue5
68Nathan IvorsYouth Darts School Ireland 2301Green4
69Oliwier KobylarzBlackburn Darts Academy2296Green4
70Conor MassonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2259Yellow4
71Nathan ClearyWorcester Junior Darts Academy2230Red5
72Scott DoyleJunior Darts Ireland2224Red5
73Noah MurtaghYouth Darts School Ireland 2221Blue5
74Owen Taylor-LeachJDC TEWKESBURY 2213White4
75Sergio PigaHannover96 Dart2180Yellow4
76Cian BrowneCORK YOUTH DARTS2170Black3
77Jarrod Waikawa-NepeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2109Blue4
78Jayden ColletonYouth Darts School Ireland 2101Yellow4
79Mackenzie WilsonJDC Portsmouth2098Yellow6
80Pascal SchäferHannover96 Dart2050Red3
81Sean LynchCORK YOUTH DARTS2027Green5
82Mereana MaxwellTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1996Yellow5
83Charlie ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 1995Green5
84Fionn O'ConnorYouth Darts School Ireland 1990Yellow5
85Harry HarrisJDC Portsmouth1985White5
86Matthew HolmesBlackburn Darts Academy1978White4
87cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy1975Blue3
88Wyatt KornathHannover96 Dart1969Red3
89LOUIS JONESBlackburn Darts Academy1947Black3
90Shoey AyresKnowle Junior Darts Academy1933Red2
91Ollie WalshCORK YOUTH DARTS1911Blue4
92Luis JansenDartsport Förderzentrum Augsburg Germany1905Black2
93Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1900Blue3
94Joe CorryYouth Darts School Ireland 1888Green4
95Mihimoana WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1859Yellow5
96Charlie LindsayPaignton Darts Academy1798Yellow4
97William ColcloughYouth Darts School Ireland 1752Blue4
98Dylan LaneCORK YOUTH DARTS1738Yellow4
99Irie EylesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1738Black2
100Harry BallardStockport Junior Darts Academy 1733Yellow5
101John MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1714Yellow5
102Aidan SimpsonJDC TEWKESBURY 1667Green5
103Samuel WallbankBlackburn Darts Academy1666White3
104Kyle CurranKerry Youth Darts Academy1632Yellow4
105Lian GodrichJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1611Green4
106Jacob ManganStockport Junior Darts Academy 1544Yellow2
107Steven IveyPaignton Darts Academy1533Yellow4
108Mattis WolfHannover96 Dart1528Black2
109Kaia HoukamauTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1522Yellow5
110Jessica LeahyYouth Darts School Ireland 1423Green3
111Pierre BehrensHannover96 Dart1407Black2
112Andrew HarrisonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1404Blue2
113Zachary CareBlackburn Darts Academy1387Blue2
114Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy1367Black3
115John HoruaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1366Yellow5
116Samuel AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy1316Black2
117Logan CastleJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1299Purple4
118Kyle GreeneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1278Red2
119Jack CampbellCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1278Black2
120Robin DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 1238Yellow4
121Kyle JonesJDC TEWKESBURY 1236Yellow5
122George BridgmanJDC Portsmouth1195White5
123Daniel SchmidtHannover96 Dart1190Blue2
124Uenuku AhuririTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1173Purple5
125Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1159Yellow3
126Sean TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1149Yellow3
127Ethan FrostJDC Portsmouth1131Yellow4
128Allen MooreCORK YOUTH DARTS1121Yellow5
129Hinetapora KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1118White5
130Kyan SuttonPaignton Darts Academy1095Yellow3
131Lucas DellowJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1091White2
132Zoe BurkeYouth Darts School Ireland 1074Yellow3
133Bert CroftKnowle Junior Darts Academy1064Green2
134Jack FosterStockport Junior Darts Academy 972White2
135Lincoln HolmesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)953Green2
136Conor WebsterYouth Darts School Ireland 953Green3
137James RyanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy948Red1
138Brandon BrownStaffordshire932Black1
139Reece OakesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)924Yellow3
140Zachary CutlerPaignton Darts Academy894Purple4
141Henry FishBlackburn Darts Academy891White3
142George BallardStockport Junior Darts Academy 889Purple4
143Archie BurgessJDC TEWKESBURY 886Yellow3
144Jack ThackerJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)885Green2
145Millie TravissJDC Portsmouth882White6
146Archie ClaxtonJDC Portsmouth873White6
147Oisin TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland830Purple3
148Bailey DayTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ826Red1
149Archie ChippendaleBlackburn Darts Academy820Green3
150Sam FeredayStaffordshire816Red1
151Jayduz ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ795White3
152Charlie LeonardBlackburn Darts Academy782Green3
153Max WilsonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 759Yellow2
154Leo lynchBlackburn Darts Academy733Green3
155Harrison FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 707Yellow2
156Riley PlattBlackburn Darts Academy706White2
157Hailey ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ695White2
158Ruby FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 689Yellow2
159Jadine BlackTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ673Green1
160Grayson WalshBlackburn Darts Academy656Purple2
161Aaron McGillickBlackburn Darts Academy631Yellow3
162Michael SmythAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland602Red2
163Tamati IrwinTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ582Green1
164Jack NankervisPaignton Darts Academy577Blue1
165bobby tetlowStockport Junior Darts Academy 548Purple3
166Thomas TillJDC Portsmouth541White5
167Henri SohnsHannover96 Dart538Yellow2
168Owen AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy537Green2
169Torben PelzHannover96 Dart536Green1
170William RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)515Blue1
171Oliver KinderJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)503Yellow2
172Harry PollardStockport Junior Darts Academy 450White1
173Stephen Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy431Green1
174Ben CrockerPaignton Darts Academy412White3
175Finley IrvineBlackburn Darts Academy367Purple3
176Killian KeeganAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland355Yellow1
177Jack SmithStockport Junior Darts Academy 354White4
178Summer LindsayPaignton Darts Academy348White4
179Bethany BoardmanBlackburn Darts Academy344White3
180Cole ButteryStockport Junior Darts Academy 337White4
181Asa HoughStockport Junior Darts Academy 322White2
182Jan JoppinHannover96 Dart317Green1
183Harley GloverJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)316White1
184Kalen MakingsJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)311White2
185Oliver PhilbinBlackburn Darts Academy310Purple2
186Abigail TaitJDC Portsmouth274White5
187Thomas BeckettJDC TEWKESBURY 243White1
188JJ RolandJunior Darts Ireland212White3
189Charlie SpraggStaffordshire210White1
190Lacey-mae HemmingsStaffordshire203White1
191Oliver ManganStockport Junior Darts Academy 140Purple1
192Kolby ColletonYouth Darts School Ireland 134White1
193Alyssa Lauren ThorntonPaignton Darts Academy123White1
194George MillerBlackburn Darts Academy110Purple2
195Bobby RileyBlackburn Darts Academy72White1
196Sophie Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy15White1
1Sean CumminsJunior Darts Ireland69361388Black5
2Callum MacDougallCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 64091282Black5
3Adam DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy62981260Black5
4Jamie DelaneyAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland24131207Black2
5Craig BowenCORK YOUTH DARTS58711175Black5
6Mats TheobaldHannover96 Dart55491110Black5
7Katie SheldonJunior Darts Ireland54961100Black5
8Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)42421061Black4
9Hunter EylesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ42341059Black4
10Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland51351027Black5
11Apirana TaukamoTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ50391008Black5
12Ben McCaffreyJunior Darts Ireland50141003White5
13Shoey AyresKnowle Junior Darts Academy1933967Red2
14Luis JansenDartsport Förderzentrum Augsburg Germany1905953Black2
15James RyanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy948948Red1
16Jake SprouleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 4721945Black5
17Cayden SmithWorcester Junior Darts Academy2822941Black3
18Brandon BrownStaffordshire932932Black1
19David FlynnAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland5526921Black6
20Craig MurtaghCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 4583917Red5
21Aidan KeoghJunior Darts Ireland4540908White5
22Callum SchofieldStockport Junior Darts Academy 4489898White5
23Darragh MulvihillKerry Youth Darts Academy4368874Black5
24Irie EylesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1738869Black2
25Jacob HibbertBlackburn Darts Academy3469868Black4
26Luke DooleyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy4231847Black5
27Oliver AllenbyJDC TEWKESBURY 3336834Black4
28Davy-jay KnowlesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)3321831Red4
29Bailey DayTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ826826Red1
30Tom KloppmannHannover96 Dart4129826Black5
31Leo DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 4119824Black5
32Robbie CurranYouth Darts School Ireland 4102821Black5
33Adam CashinYouth Darts School Ireland 2455819Black3
34Sam FeredayStaffordshire816816Red1
35Liam ConnollyKerry Youth Darts Academy4040808Black5
36Noel AlbesHannover96 Dart3978796Black5
37Eoin RocheYouth Darts School Ireland 3959792Black5
38Nathan Dillon BurroughsCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3873775Red5
39Jacob ManganStockport Junior Darts Academy 1544772Yellow2
40Mattis WolfHannover96 Dart1528764Black2
41Jack ValentineBlackburn Darts Academy2971743Black4
42Thomas KeaneJunior Darts Ireland3689738Red5
43Brayden Pokai-GiddensTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3661733Red5
44Ryan FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3634727Blue5
45Cian BrowneCORK YOUTH DARTS2170724Black3
46Jonathan Ó DriscollCORK YOUTH DARTS3571715White5
47Silas MüllerHannover96 Dart2840710Red4
48Oliver WilsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)2840710White4
49Pierre BehrensHannover96 Dart1407704Black2
50Andrew HarrisonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1404702Blue2
51Padraig O'ConnorYouth Darts School Ireland 3481697Red5
52Zachary CareBlackburn Darts Academy1387694Blue2
53Pascal SchäferHannover96 Dart2050684Red3
54Jadine BlackTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ673673Green1
55Tobias Campbell-RatapuTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3351671Red5
56Jamie FarrellCORK YOUTH DARTS3301661Blue5
57josh DonagherYouth Darts School Ireland 3293659Black5
58cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy1975659Blue3
59Samuel AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy1316658Black2
60Wyatt KornathHannover96 Dart1969657Red3
61Amber O'TooleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 3273655Red5
62LOUIS JONESBlackburn Darts Academy1947649Black3
63Daniel StapletonYouth Darts School Ireland 3219644Blue5
64Kyle GreeneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1278639Red2
65Jack CampbellCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1278639Black2
66Lewin BunjesHannover96 Dart3191639Red5
67Ethan WillsJunior Darts Ireland3167634Black5
68Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1900634Blue3
69Aaron KillaneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland3149630Blue5
70Stephen TuohyYouth Darts School Ireland 3123625Black5
71Lar Brennen whelanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3115623Blue5
72Apanui KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3044609Green5
73Travis ClarkJDC Portsmouth2986598Green5
74Liam HeffernanCORK YOUTH DARTS2387597Red4
75Daniel SchmidtHannover96 Dart1190595Blue2
76Tamati IrwinTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ582582Green1
77Jack NankervisPaignton Darts Academy577577Blue1
78Nathan IvorsYouth Darts School Ireland 2301576Green4
79Oliwier KobylarzBlackburn Darts Academy2296574Green4
80Thomas O riordanCORK YOUTH DARTS2866574Blue5
81Conor MassonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2259565Yellow4
82Royce Kaa-WhituTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2792559Blue5
83Samuel WallbankBlackburn Darts Academy1666556White3
84Jack ButcherJDC Portsmouth3324554Black6
85Owen Taylor-LeachJDC TEWKESBURY 2213554White4
86Thomas MurphyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2763553Green5
87George SalterJDC TEWKESBURY 2747550Blue5
88Lucas DellowJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1091546White2
89Sergio PigaHannover96 Dart2180545Yellow4
90Torben PelzHannover96 Dart536536Green1
91Bert CroftKnowle Junior Darts Academy1064532Green2
92Jarrod Waikawa-NepeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2109528Blue4
93Jayden ColletonYouth Darts School Ireland 2101526Yellow4
94harry ballJDC Portsmouth2597520White5
95Aaliyah Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2596520Green5
96William RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)515515Blue1
97Jack CourtneyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2493499Green5
98Matthew HolmesBlackburn Darts Academy1978495White4
99Jack FosterStockport Junior Darts Academy 972486White2
100Ollie WalshCORK YOUTH DARTS1911478Blue4
101Riley PinhorneJDC Portsmouth2860477Yellow6
102Lincoln HolmesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)953477Green2
103james morrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2373475Green5
104Jessica LeahyYouth Darts School Ireland 1423475Green3
105Joe CorryYouth Darts School Ireland 1888472Green4
106Fabian WaihapeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2357472Yellow5
107Adrian SchülerHannover96 Dart2351471Green5
108Chiarn WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2320464Blue5
109Max StratfordJDC Portsmouth2772462White6
110Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy1367456Black3
111Harry PollardStockport Junior Darts Academy 450450White1
112Charlie LindsayPaignton Darts Academy1798450Yellow4
113Nathan ClearyWorcester Junior Darts Academy2230446Red5
114Scott DoyleJunior Darts Ireland2224445Red5
115Noah MurtaghYouth Darts School Ireland 2221445Blue5
116Jack ThackerJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)885443Green2
117Leo HowardJDC Portsmouth2641441Purple6
118William ColcloughYouth Darts School Ireland 1752438Blue4
119Dylan LaneCORK YOUTH DARTS1738435Yellow4
120Stephen Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy431431Green1
121Kyle CurranKerry Youth Darts Academy1632408Yellow4
122Sean LynchCORK YOUTH DARTS2027406Green5
123Lian GodrichJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1611403Green4
124Mereana MaxwellTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1996400Yellow5
125Charlie ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 1995399Green5
126Fionn O'ConnorYouth Darts School Ireland 1990398Yellow5
127Harry HarrisJDC Portsmouth1985397White5
128Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1159387Yellow3
129Steven IveyPaignton Darts Academy1533384Yellow4
130Sean TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1149383Yellow3
131Max WilsonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 759380Yellow2
132Mihimoana WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1859372Yellow5
133Kyan SuttonPaignton Darts Academy1095365Yellow3
134Zoe BurkeYouth Darts School Ireland 1074358Yellow3
135Killian KeeganAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland355355Yellow1
136Harrison FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 707354Yellow2
137Riley PlattBlackburn Darts Academy706353White2
138Mackenzie WilsonJDC Portsmouth2098350Yellow6
139Hailey ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ695348White2
140Harry BallardStockport Junior Darts Academy 1733347Yellow5
141Ruby FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 689345Yellow2
142John MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1714343Yellow5
143Aidan SimpsonJDC TEWKESBURY 1667334Green5
144Grayson WalshBlackburn Darts Academy656328Purple2
145Logan CastleJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1299325Purple4
146Conor WebsterYouth Darts School Ireland 953318Green3
147Jan JoppinHannover96 Dart317317Green1
148Harley GloverJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)316316White1
149Robin DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 1238310Yellow4
150Reece OakesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)924308Yellow3
151Kaia HoukamauTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1522305Yellow5
152Michael SmythAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland602301Red2
153Henry FishBlackburn Darts Academy891297White3
154Archie BurgessJDC TEWKESBURY 886296Yellow3
155Ethan FrostJDC Portsmouth1131283Yellow4
156Oisin TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland830277Purple3
157Archie ChippendaleBlackburn Darts Academy820274Green3
158John HoruaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1366274Yellow5
159Henri SohnsHannover96 Dart538269Yellow2
160Owen AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy537269Green2
161Jayduz ReevesTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ795265White3
162Charlie LeonardBlackburn Darts Academy782261Green3
163Oliver KinderJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)503252Yellow2
164Kyle JonesJDC TEWKESBURY 1236248Yellow5
165Leo lynchBlackburn Darts Academy733245Green3
166Thomas BeckettJDC TEWKESBURY 243243White1
167George BridgmanJDC Portsmouth1195239White5
168Uenuku AhuririTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1173235Purple5
169Allen MooreCORK YOUTH DARTS1121225Yellow5
170Hinetapora KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1118224White5
171Zachary CutlerPaignton Darts Academy894224Purple4
172George BallardStockport Junior Darts Academy 889223Purple4
173Aaron McGillickBlackburn Darts Academy631211Yellow3
174Charlie SpraggStaffordshire210210White1
175Lacey-mae HemmingsStaffordshire203203White1
176bobby tetlowStockport Junior Darts Academy 548183Purple3
177Asa HoughStockport Junior Darts Academy 322161White2
178Kalen MakingsJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)311156White2
179Oliver PhilbinBlackburn Darts Academy310155Purple2
180Millie TravissJDC Portsmouth882147White6
181Archie ClaxtonJDC Portsmouth873146White6
182Oliver ManganStockport Junior Darts Academy 140140Purple1
183Ben CrockerPaignton Darts Academy412138White3
184Kolby ColletonYouth Darts School Ireland 134134White1
185Alyssa Lauren ThorntonPaignton Darts Academy123123White1
186Finley IrvineBlackburn Darts Academy367123Purple3
187Bethany BoardmanBlackburn Darts Academy344115White3
188Thomas TillJDC Portsmouth541109White5
189Jack SmithStockport Junior Darts Academy 35489White4
190Summer LindsayPaignton Darts Academy34887White4
191Cole ButteryStockport Junior Darts Academy 33785White4
192Bobby RileyBlackburn Darts Academy7272White1
193JJ RolandJunior Darts Ireland21271White3
194George MillerBlackburn Darts Academy11055Purple2
195Abigail TaitJDC Portsmouth27455White5
196Sophie Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy1515White1

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