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Godartspro and the JDC will continue its partnership in support of the JDC’s Academy system and online training support. The JDC’s academy software is exclusively supplied by godartspro founder Anders Östman.

With a huge array of games, practice routines, coaching and development programmes, GDP is the obvious choice for children developing their skills in academies world wide with GDP alongside them to interact with whenever they wish. Godartspro also offers a premium product with many areas exclusive to these members. The premium product is available to all academy coaches at no extra cost to assist them with ideas and challenges they may wish to pass on to their students. Godartspro was fundamental during the 2020 lockdown period in assisting the development of JDC Virtual and JDC Virtual Team both online platforms for players to actually qualify for a Virtual World Championship in Gibraltar last summer.

Director of Operation to the JDC Darren Barson said,

“GDP has been a fantastic addition to the journey of the academy system over the past few years. Godartspro is modern, fresh and extremely efficient in its operation. Our coaches can rely on the best technology and a secure platform to utilise the JDC scoring system all at the touch of a button. GDP provides us with stats, order of merit tables, individual academy tables and a coaches area to admin their players. If you want to improve your darts its a great addition to anyones game”.

Founder and creator of Godartspro Anders Östman said,

"I'm proud and humble to sponsor and support the work of the JDC and their academies since 2018. The work they do for the sport is fantastic and the JDC players are the future of darts. I'm really looking forward to continue to work close with the JDC and develop great tools for the academies, coaches and players."

GDP is currently working on projects like supporting the JDC Chairman with his Team 360 project with customised practice for the players.

The JDC and GDP will be working on an additional product for team play in the academy system in 2022 and will continue to provide great software solutions to the academy coaches world wide.

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Are you a junior playing in a JDC Academy?

Contact your coach to apply on this page to track your official scores for the JDC Challenge.
1Adam DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy3623Black3
2Bailey DayTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3240Black3
3Apirana TaukamoTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ3198Black3
4Luke DooleyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2724Black3
5Luk asHannover96 Dart2665White2
6Ricky SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2552Blue3
7David FlynnAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2480Black3
8Michéal SmythAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2373Red3
9Kyle GreeneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2327Red3
10Shoey AyresBristol Junior Darts Academy2242Black3
11Noel AlbesHannover96 Dart2238Black2
12Apanui KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2190Blue3
13Jamie FrenchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2180Blue3
14Craig MurtaghCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 2173Black2
15Chris EacockHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy2077Green3
16Cayden SmithWest Midlands Darts Academy2018Black2
17james morrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1991Green3
18Jake SprouleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1990Black2
19Lar Brennen whelanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1988Blue3
20Jack ButcherJDC Portsmouth1977Black3
21Jarrod Waikawa-NepeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1928Blue3
22Nathan Dillon BurroughsCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1903Red3
23Samuel AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy1881Black2
24Thomas MurphyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1877Green3
25Quinn MullenHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1842White3
26Jadine BlackTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1829Green3
27Bert CroftBristol Junior Darts Academy1804Green3
28Jayden HarperWest Midlands Darts Academy1791Black2
29harry ballJDC Portsmouth1778Green3
30Jack CourtneyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1769Blue3
31Aaron KillaneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1721Red2
32Sean TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1702Green3
33Mats TheobaldHannover96 Dart1697Black2
34Riley PinhorneJDC Portsmouth1645Green3
35Leo HowardJDC Portsmouth1547Green3
36Leo DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 1498Black2
37David LynchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1495Green3
38William ColcloughYouth Darts School Ireland 1481Red2
39Aaliyah Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1463Green3
40Joel HoruaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1459Green3
41Aidan SimpsonJDC TEWKESBURY 1443Green3
42Matthew HolmesBlackburn Darts Academy1426Red2
43Hannah MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy1423Black2
44Robbie CurranYouth Darts School Ireland 1395Black2
45George BridgmanJDC Portsmouth1385Yellow3
46Jack ValentineBlackburn Darts Academy1367Black2
47Sergio PigaHannover96 Dart1360Yellow2
48Stephen TuohyYouth Darts School Ireland 1324Black2
49Ryan FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1295Black2
50Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1276Black1
51Will SmithJDC Portsmouth1273Yellow3
52Oliver WilsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1270Red2
53Charlie ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 1270Green2
54korey brownForest of Dean1253White2
55John MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1210Green3
56Ashley MarsonWest Midlands Darts Academy1192Black2
57Conor MassonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1191Red2
58Rhys ButlerWest Midlands Darts Academy1165Green1
59Jacob HibbertBlackburn Darts Academy1148Black1
60Mihimoana WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1119Yellow3
61Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1116Blue2
62Travis ClarkJDC Portsmouth1111Green3
63Stephen Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy1105Green2
64Owen AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy1095Green2
65Joshua beanWest Midlands Darts Academy1089Black2
66Steven IveyPaignton Darts Academy1080Green2
67Amber O'TooleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1073Red2
68Archie ChippendaleBlackburn Darts Academy1060Blue2
69Ben BlowesSocial Darts Academy MK1048Yellow2
70Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1041Yellow2
71Trafford ClevettPaignton Darts Academy1038White2
72Lucas DellowJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1004Green2
73Archie MacleodBlackburn Darts Academy1003Black1
74Oisin TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland980Yellow3
75Jayden ColletonYouth Darts School Ireland 979Green2
76Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy975Black2
77Nathan IvorsYouth Darts School Ireland 957Blue2
78Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland950Black1
79Henry FishBlackburn Darts Academy939Yellow2
80Peter LynchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy937Purple3
81Leo lynchBlackburn Darts Academy932Green2
82Thomas KeaneJunior Darts Ireland913Red1
83Oliver AllenbyJDC TEWKESBURY 906Black1
84Owen Taylor-LeachJDC TEWKESBURY 879Blue2
85Chalet MckeanTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ871Yellow2
86Hinetapora KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ855Purple3
87Killian KeeganAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland845Green2
88Riley PlattBlackburn Darts Academy819Yellow2
89Bailey HarperDartsInStoke Darts Academy813Blue1
90Bailey HarperStaffordshire813Blue1
91Adrian SchülerHannover96 Dart800Green1
92Riley SmithJDC Portsmouth769White3
93Jenson MaceySouthampton Darts Academy758Blue1
94Nathaniel WilsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy754Yellow2
95Blake WalkerSouthampton Darts Academy751White1
96Joshua WhiteSouthampton Darts Academy736Blue1
97Thomas LaceySouthampton Darts Academy731Blue1
98isabelle seddonSocial Darts Academy MK726Yellow2
99Jordan PreeceWest Midlands Darts Academy718White1
100Sonny WalkdenJDC Portsmouth712White3
101Oliver KinderJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)690Green1
102James BranaganCarlow County Youth Darts Academy680Purple2
103Jack CampbellCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 674Black1
104Kirsten WrightJDC Portsmouth667Yellow3
105Lian GodrichJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)665Green2
106Jack WaldrenJDC Portsmouth664White3
107Fionn DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy648Purple2
108Ollie ArmstrongCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 644White2
109Mackenzie WilsonJDC Portsmouth641Yellow2
110Eoin RocheYouth Darts School Ireland 621Black1
111Ben HuntStaffordshire612White1
112Kyle JonesJDC TEWKESBURY 609Green2
113Reece HubballDartsInStoke Darts Academy603White1
114Pascal SchäferHannover96 Dart600Red1
115Billy WillmothHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy599White2
116Jack ThackerJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)589Green1
117Lewin BunjesHannover96 Dart585Red1
118Lincoln HolmesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)585Blue1
119Logan CastleJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)581Purple1
120Emily PrattSouthampton Darts Academy573Purple1
121Millie TravissJDC Portsmouth569Purple3
122Aidan KeoghJunior Darts Ireland564Black1
123Abigail TaitJDC Portsmouth563Purple2
124Andrew HarrisonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)535Black1
125Samuel WallbankBlackburn Darts Academy522Green1
126Liam DickinsonBlackburn Darts Academy515Blue1
127Max StratfordJDC Portsmouth510Blue3
128Bethany BoardmanBlackburn Darts Academy502Purple2
129Finley IrvineBlackburn Darts Academy498Purple2
130cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy494Blue1
131Zachary CutlerPaignton Darts Academy493Yellow2
132Ethan FrostJDC Portsmouth484Yellow2
133George BallardStockport Junior Darts Academy 476Purple1
134Enola WilsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy475White2
135Thomas TillJDC Portsmouth471Purple3
136alex mcgarrieStockport Junior Darts Academy 470White1
137Lucy PrattSouthampton Darts Academy468Purple1
138Bobby WilliamsJDC TEWKESBURY 466White3
139George SalterJDC TEWKESBURY 463Blue2
140Grace AllenSocial Darts Academy MK461Purple2
141Jacob ManganStockport Junior Darts Academy 460Green1
142Evan CopsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy456Purple2
143Jonathan HoustonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 451Blue1
144Josh CooperForest of Dean449White2
145Logan TaitJDC Portsmouth442White2
146Noah MullenJunior Darts Ireland442Yellow1
147Oliwier KobylarzBlackburn Darts Academy439Green1
148Harry PollardStockport Junior Darts Academy 432Yellow1
149Harry BallardStockport Junior Darts Academy 424Yellow1
150Alfie TwiggDartsInStoke Darts Academy424White1
151Henry ColesBristol Junior Darts Academy411White3
152Calum BeesonPaignton Darts Academy410White2
153Oscar RumseySocial Darts Academy MK406White2
154Mereana MaxwellTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ401Yellow1
155Kendall Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ401White3
156Alex MitchellSouthampton Darts Academy395Yellow1
157Charlie SpraggStaffordshire391White1
158Alfie WhitehallHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy388White3
159Brendon RobertsSouthampton Darts Academy384Yellow1
160George PartlowJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)383Yellow1
161Denby HainesJDC TEWKESBURY 383White1
162Jeanette CluttonDartsInStoke Darts Academy381White1
163Kyan SuttonPaignton Darts Academy373Yellow1
164Leighton-James MurrayBlackburn Darts Academy372Yellow1
165Oliver PhilbinBlackburn Darts Academy372Purple1
166Ellie HamletSouthampton Darts Academy365Yellow1
167Kaylub SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy358White1
168Zac BrowneCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 353Green1
169Andrew McAuleyCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 345Yellow2
170Collin KortegastHannover96 Dart344White1
171Emily SamainSouthampton Darts Academy341Purple1
172Silas MüllerHannover96 Dart334Red1
173Tamati IrwinTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ326Green1
174Louis HumphreySouthampton Darts Academy322Yellow1
175Leonardo PosteraroBlackburn Darts Academy321White1
176Reece OakesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)319Yellow1
177Khalil BrazierHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy315White3
178Eloise MaceySouthampton Darts Academy312Purple1
179Daniel WaltersHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy310White1
180Harley BarneyCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 310White1
181Alfie DeaneForest of Dean309Purple1
182william BrundettForest of Dean305White2
183Nathan MitchellSouthampton Darts Academy303Yellow1
184Jude EckleyForest of Dean302White2
185Luca MainBlackburn Darts Academy299White2
186mason foulkesStockport Junior Darts Academy 298Yellow1
187Kaia HoukamauTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ297Green2
188james palmerStockport Junior Darts Academy 297White1
189Jack RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)296Green1
190Rhys CurtisSouthampton Darts Academy277Yellow1
191Ben CrockerPaignton Darts Academy262Purple1
192Reuben KnockerCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 255Purple2
193Alfie HeinStockport Junior Darts Academy 252White1
194Cerys GillJDC Portsmouth251White2
195Andrew bryszkiewskiBlackburn Darts Academy246White2
196Freddie TaitJDC Portsmouth236Purple2
197Cameron ArmstrongCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 230White1
198Luke ChaffersSouthampton Darts Academy223White1
199Lia-Marie WoodcockDartsInStoke Darts Academy196White1
200Tommy HumphreysSouthampton Darts Academy184White1
201Charlie BreenStockport Junior Darts Academy 180White1
202Sophie Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy179White2
203Bradley O'tooleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 179White1
204Grayson WalshBlackburn Darts Academy178Yellow1
205Harley GloverJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)172Yellow1
206Aidan OliverSouthampton Darts Academy152Purple1
207Max EckleyForest of Dean147White2
208Max WilsonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 140Yellow1
209Adam DoyleJunior Darts Ireland132White1
210George MillerBlackburn Darts Academy132Purple1
211Luke BakiSouthampton Darts Academy131Purple1
212Jack AmesSouthampton Darts Academy131Purple1
213Brandon WoolgarSouthampton Darts Academy131Purple1
214Mark PouldingHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy131White2
215Reece WhiteSouthampton Darts Academy130Purple1
216Jacob BakiSouthampton Darts Academy129White1
217Finley SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy126White1
218Ashton SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy123White1
219Kalen MakingsJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)123White1
220Myles FarleyHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy122White1
221Ashton FoulkesStockport Junior Darts Academy 119Purple1
222Ryan ParsonsSocial Darts Academy MK106White2
223Ollie BleasdaleBlackburn Darts Academy104White1
224blake huntStockport Junior Darts Academy 89White1
225Lacey HibblePaignton Darts Academy88White1
226Joe PouldingHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy65White1
227Harvey GillmanSocial Darts Academy MK52White2
228Maddison PettittJDC Portsmouth38White1
229Molly BushPaignton Darts Academy29White1
230Kitty DuffinJDC Portsmouth27White2
231Amelia TongeForest of Dean0White1
1Luk asHannover96 Dart26651333White2
2Henry CoatesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)12761276Black1
3Adam DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy36231208Black3
4Rhys ButlerWest Midlands Darts Academy11651165Green1
5Jacob HibbertBlackburn Darts Academy11481148Black1
6Noel AlbesHannover96 Dart22381119Black2
7Craig MurtaghCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 21731087Black2
8Bailey DayTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ32401080Black3
9Apirana TaukamoTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ31981066Black3
10Cayden SmithWest Midlands Darts Academy20181009Black2
11Archie MacleodBlackburn Darts Academy10031003Black1
12Jake SprouleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1990995Black2
13Sean MckeonJunior Darts Ireland950950Black1
14Samuel AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy1881941Black2
15Thomas KeaneJunior Darts Ireland913913Red1
16Luke DooleyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2724908Black3
17Oliver AllenbyJDC TEWKESBURY 906906Black1
18Jayden HarperWest Midlands Darts Academy1791896Black2
19Aaron KillaneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1721861Red2
20Ricky SlatteryCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2552851Blue3
21Mats TheobaldHannover96 Dart1697849Black2
22David FlynnAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2480827Black3
23Bailey HarperStaffordshire813813Blue1
24Bailey HarperDartsInStoke Darts Academy813813Blue1
25Adrian SchülerHannover96 Dart800800Green1
26Michéal SmythAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2373791Red3
27Kyle GreeneAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland2327776Red3
28Jenson MaceySouthampton Darts Academy758758Blue1
29Blake WalkerSouthampton Darts Academy751751White1
30Leo DowneyYouth Darts School Ireland 1498749Black2
31Shoey AyresBristol Junior Darts Academy2242748Black3
32William ColcloughYouth Darts School Ireland 1481741Red2
33Joshua WhiteSouthampton Darts Academy736736Blue1
34Thomas LaceySouthampton Darts Academy731731Blue1
35Apanui KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ2190730Blue3
36Jamie FrenchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy2180727Blue3
37Jordan PreeceWest Midlands Darts Academy718718White1
38Matthew HolmesBlackburn Darts Academy1426713Red2
39Hannah MeekWest Midlands Darts Academy1423712Black2
40Robbie CurranYouth Darts School Ireland 1395698Black2
41Chris EacockHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy2077693Green3
42Oliver KinderJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)690690Green1
43Jack ValentineBlackburn Darts Academy1367684Black2
44Sergio PigaHannover96 Dart1360680Yellow2
45Jack CampbellCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 674674Black1
46james morrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1991664Green3
47Lar Brennen whelanCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1988663Blue3
48Stephen TuohyYouth Darts School Ireland 1324662Black2
49Jack ButcherJDC Portsmouth1977659Black3
50Ryan FowlesCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1295648Black2
51Jarrod Waikawa-NepeTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1928643Blue3
52Oliver WilsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1270635Red2
53Charlie ClarkJDC TEWKESBURY 1270635Green2
54Nathan Dillon BurroughsCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1903635Red3
55korey brownForest of Dean1253627White2
56Thomas MurphyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1877626Green3
57Eoin RocheYouth Darts School Ireland 621621Black1
58Quinn MullenHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy1842614White3
59Ben HuntStaffordshire612612White1
60Jadine BlackTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1829610Green3
61Reece HubballDartsInStoke Darts Academy603603White1
62Bert CroftBristol Junior Darts Academy1804602Green3
63Pascal SchäferHannover96 Dart600600Red1
64Ashley MarsonWest Midlands Darts Academy1192596Black2
65Conor MassonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1191596Red2
66harry ballJDC Portsmouth1778593Green3
67Jack CourtneyCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1769590Blue3
68Jack ThackerJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)589589Green1
69Lewin BunjesHannover96 Dart585585Red1
70Lincoln HolmesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)585585Blue1
71Logan CastleJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)581581Purple1
72Emily PrattSouthampton Darts Academy573573Purple1
73Sean TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1702568Green3
74Aidan KeoghJunior Darts Ireland564564Black1
75Jake NicklessJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1116558Blue2
76Stephen Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy1105553Green2
77Riley PinhorneJDC Portsmouth1645549Green3
78Owen AndersonBlackburn Darts Academy1095548Green2
79Joshua beanWest Midlands Darts Academy1089545Black2
80Steven IveyPaignton Darts Academy1080540Green2
81Amber O'TooleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 1073537Red2
82Andrew HarrisonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)535535Black1
83Archie ChippendaleBlackburn Darts Academy1060530Blue2
84Ben BlowesSocial Darts Academy MK1048524Yellow2
85Samuel WallbankBlackburn Darts Academy522522Green1
86Harry RawsonJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1041521Yellow2
87Trafford ClevettPaignton Darts Academy1038519White2
88Leo HowardJDC Portsmouth1547516Green3
89Liam DickinsonBlackburn Darts Academy515515Blue1
90Lucas DellowJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)1004502Green2
91David LynchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy1495499Green3
92cain cumberlandBlackburn Darts Academy494494Blue1
93Jayden ColletonYouth Darts School Ireland 979490Green2
94Aaliyah Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1463488Green3
95Dylan HadfieldBlackburn Darts Academy975488Black2
96Joel HoruaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1459487Green3
97Aidan SimpsonJDC TEWKESBURY 1443481Green3
98Nathan IvorsYouth Darts School Ireland 957479Blue2
99George BallardStockport Junior Darts Academy 476476Purple1
100alex mcgarrieStockport Junior Darts Academy 470470White1
101Henry FishBlackburn Darts Academy939470Yellow2
102Lucy PrattSouthampton Darts Academy468468Purple1
103Leo lynchBlackburn Darts Academy932466Green2
104George BridgmanJDC Portsmouth1385462Yellow3
105Jacob ManganStockport Junior Darts Academy 460460Green1
106Jonathan HoustonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 451451Blue1
107Noah MullenJunior Darts Ireland442442Yellow1
108Owen Taylor-LeachJDC TEWKESBURY 879440Blue2
109Oliwier KobylarzBlackburn Darts Academy439439Green1
110Chalet MckeanTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ871436Yellow2
111Harry PollardStockport Junior Darts Academy 432432Yellow1
112Will SmithJDC Portsmouth1273425Yellow3
113Alfie TwiggDartsInStoke Darts Academy424424White1
114Harry BallardStockport Junior Darts Academy 424424Yellow1
115Killian KeeganAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland845423Green2
116Riley PlattBlackburn Darts Academy819410Yellow2
117John MorrisAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland1210404Green3
118Mereana MaxwellTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ401401Yellow1
119Alex MitchellSouthampton Darts Academy395395Yellow1
120Charlie SpraggStaffordshire391391White1
121Brendon RobertsSouthampton Darts Academy384384Yellow1
122George PartlowJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)383383Yellow1
123Denby HainesJDC TEWKESBURY 383383White1
124Jeanette CluttonDartsInStoke Darts Academy381381White1
125Nathaniel WilsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy754377Yellow2
126Kyan SuttonPaignton Darts Academy373373Yellow1
127Mihimoana WaikawaTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ1119373Yellow3
128Leighton-James MurrayBlackburn Darts Academy372372Yellow1
129Oliver PhilbinBlackburn Darts Academy372372Purple1
130Travis ClarkJDC Portsmouth1111371Green3
131Ellie HamletSouthampton Darts Academy365365Yellow1
132isabelle seddonSocial Darts Academy MK726363Yellow2
133Kaylub SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy358358White1
134Zac BrowneCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 353353Green1
135Collin KortegastHannover96 Dart344344White1
136Emily SamainSouthampton Darts Academy341341Purple1
137James BranaganCarlow County Youth Darts Academy680340Purple2
138Silas MüllerHannover96 Dart334334Red1
139Lian GodrichJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)665333Green2
140Oisin TiernanAthlone Youth Darts Academy Ireland980327Yellow3
141Tamati IrwinTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ326326Green1
142Fionn DeeCarlow County Youth Darts Academy648324Purple2
143Louis HumphreySouthampton Darts Academy322322Yellow1
144Ollie ArmstrongCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 644322White2
145Leonardo PosteraroBlackburn Darts Academy321321White1
146Mackenzie WilsonJDC Portsmouth641321Yellow2
147Reece OakesJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)319319Yellow1
148Peter LynchCarlow County Youth Darts Academy937313Purple3
149Eloise MaceySouthampton Darts Academy312312Purple1
150Daniel WaltersHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy310310White1
151Harley BarneyCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 310310White1
152Alfie DeaneForest of Dean309309Purple1
153Kyle JonesJDC TEWKESBURY 609305Green2
154Nathan MitchellSouthampton Darts Academy303303Yellow1
155Billy WillmothHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy599300White2
156mason foulkesStockport Junior Darts Academy 298298Yellow1
157james palmerStockport Junior Darts Academy 297297White1
158Jack RatcliffeJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)296296Green1
159Hinetapora KaiwaiTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ855285Purple3
160Abigail TaitJDC Portsmouth563282Purple2
161Rhys CurtisSouthampton Darts Academy277277Yellow1
162Ben CrockerPaignton Darts Academy262262Purple1
163Riley SmithJDC Portsmouth769257White3
164Alfie HeinStockport Junior Darts Academy 252252White1
165Bethany BoardmanBlackburn Darts Academy502251Purple2
166Finley IrvineBlackburn Darts Academy498249Purple2
167Zachary CutlerPaignton Darts Academy493247Yellow2
168Ethan FrostJDC Portsmouth484242Yellow2
169Enola WilsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy475238White2
170Sonny WalkdenJDC Portsmouth712238White3
171George SalterJDC TEWKESBURY 463232Blue2
172Grace AllenSocial Darts Academy MK461231Purple2
173Cameron ArmstrongCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 230230White1
174Evan CopsonHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy456228Purple2
175Josh CooperForest of Dean449225White2
176Luke ChaffersSouthampton Darts Academy223223White1
177Kirsten WrightJDC Portsmouth667223Yellow3
178Jack WaldrenJDC Portsmouth664222White3
179Logan TaitJDC Portsmouth442221White2
180Calum BeesonPaignton Darts Academy410205White2
181Oscar RumseySocial Darts Academy MK406203White2
182Lia-Marie WoodcockDartsInStoke Darts Academy196196White1
183Millie TravissJDC Portsmouth569190Purple3
184Tommy HumphreysSouthampton Darts Academy184184White1
185Charlie BreenStockport Junior Darts Academy 180180White1
186Bradley O'tooleCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 179179White1
187Grayson WalshBlackburn Darts Academy178178Yellow1
188Andrew McAuleyCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 345173Yellow2
189Harley GloverJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)172172Yellow1
190Max StratfordJDC Portsmouth510170Blue3
191Thomas TillJDC Portsmouth471157Purple3
192Bobby WilliamsJDC TEWKESBURY 466156White3
193william BrundettForest of Dean305153White2
194Aidan OliverSouthampton Darts Academy152152Purple1
195Jude EckleyForest of Dean302151White2
196Luca MainBlackburn Darts Academy299150White2
197Kaia HoukamauTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ297149Green2
198Max WilsonCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 140140Yellow1
199Henry ColesBristol Junior Darts Academy411137White3
200Kendall Taukamo-PohioTao Matarau Junior Darts Academy NZ401134White3
201George MillerBlackburn Darts Academy132132Purple1
202Adam DoyleJunior Darts Ireland132132White1
203Jack AmesSouthampton Darts Academy131131Purple1
204Luke BakiSouthampton Darts Academy131131Purple1
205Brandon WoolgarSouthampton Darts Academy131131Purple1
206Reece WhiteSouthampton Darts Academy130130Purple1
207Alfie WhitehallHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy388130White3
208Jacob BakiSouthampton Darts Academy129129White1
209Reuben KnockerCarrickfergus Junior Darts Academy 255128Purple2
210Finley SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy126126White1
211Cerys GillJDC Portsmouth251126White2
212Ashton SlackDartsInStoke Darts Academy123123White1
213Andrew bryszkiewskiBlackburn Darts Academy246123White2
214Kalen MakingsJamie Caven Darts Academy (Derby)123123White1
215Myles FarleyHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy122122White1
216Ashton FoulkesStockport Junior Darts Academy 119119Purple1
217Freddie TaitJDC Portsmouth236118Purple2
218Khalil BrazierHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy315105White3
219Ollie BleasdaleBlackburn Darts Academy104104White1
220Sophie Podmore-NappinBlackburn Darts Academy17990White2
221blake huntStockport Junior Darts Academy 8989White1
222Lacey HibblePaignton Darts Academy8888White1
223Max EckleyForest of Dean14774White2
224Mark PouldingHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy13166White2
225Joe PouldingHalesowen In The Zone Darts Academy6565White1
226Ryan ParsonsSocial Darts Academy MK10653White2
227Maddison PettittJDC Portsmouth3838White1
228Molly BushPaignton Darts Academy2929White1
229Harvey GillmanSocial Darts Academy MK5226White2
230Kitty DuffinJDC Portsmouth2714White2
231Amelia TongeForest of Dean00White1

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