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Are you a COACH or are you playing in a TEAM?
Monitor your team players practice sessions with this easy-to-use web based portal.

Online tools to supercharge your darts coaching

The new Team/Coach platform on GoDartsPro will make your team more organised and your darts training more structured, fun and challenging. As a coach you will have full control over your players. Who’s online. What they practice. How they perform. Current form and over time.

This tool is also perfect for a group of darting friends wanting to practice together.

Individual player tasks

Assign individual coaching with different practice games and tasks to meet the varying player levels and needs in your team. Assign goals to each practice task or let the players set the goals themselves.
Individualize your coaching assignments with different periods, games and goals and track their progress.

Private Team Challenges and leaderboards

The teams have their own private Challenges to inspire the members to practice harder in a fun and inspired way.
This makes it easy for the coach to award players that are going that extra mile.

Communication Coach < > Players

Communicate to the team or individually to each player to give them the coaching they need.
Save notes about each player and save practice files about each player.
Perfect for the player who’s practicing from home and can ask the coach for advice.

Monitor players form and progress

Coaches have many ways to track and monitor each players form and progress. You can easily dig in to the stats for the players 501 games played on GoDartsPro to see their peak performance.

Contact GoDartsPro for more information

Members and Coaches will have full Premium access on GoDartsPro to utilize all the games and functionality on the website and in the iOS/Android apps.

Team License for 10 or more players. License billed annually.

Contact GoDartsPro for more information.