The Virtual Coach will improve your darts game!

Follow the guidance from the Virtual Coach and focus on your darts practice.

The Virtual Coach will analyse your training sessions on GoDartsPro, find the weak areas that needs extra focus, refine your personalized training plan and challenge you to perform better than your current average and reach for your peak performance.

Practice with a purpose and improve

The Virtual Coach monitors your training sessions and runs them with your player profile to suggest a practice plan for you to follow. Different games to practice finishing, power scoring, groupings and much more will be suggested based on the weak areas shown in your stats. The games will also have different goals and limits for you to complete each task. If you for example have a lower hit rate on D16 from multiple game stats combined, it will be alerted and put under focus for a period of time.

Coach dashboard with important indicators

Based on the player profile you provide (current level, goals, amount of time for practice, etc.), and your current form and training stats, the Virtual Coach will highlight what you need to practice and focus on. The practice plan and all the recommendations are customized and personalized for you, and will be adjusted over time as you progress. Your stats will also be measured against other players at your level to refine the suggested training sessions.

Practice efficient and improve faster

Many players tend to play too many 501 games calling it practice or just like to bang the treble 20, day in and day out, for intense power scoring training. The Virtual Coach will visualize the different categories you spend your training hours on and suggest games in your lost categories to sharpen other skills. The games and tasks will be adjusted for your level and will to improve to better suit all player levels.

A good coach will inspire and challenge you

The Virtual Coach will reward your progress with experience points (XP) and task trophies after completing your tasks. Games played, darts tracked and tasks completed will increase your XP. The more you practice and the more you respond to the coach tasks and suggestions, the better the coach will find your ultimate practice plan. There will also be competitions and challenges based on XP's and trophies earned to further inspire you to practice.

This is just the beginning. More features and games will continuously be added to keep you busy at the board for a long time.
How about letting a real darts coach take over the monitoring during a period of time, give you feedback and adjust the model for your training sessions...

Watch this space!

Virtual Coach integrated in the games

The Virtual Coach will inform you about the task and check your mood (optional) before the game as well as after the game. All the data the Virtual Coach gathers will be used in the model to refine the planning of your training.

Darts is as much a game of the mind as it is physical (or even more) and your mood during the practice sessions can be useful when combining it with the statistics.

The Virtual Coach will fine-tune the training tasks over time and adjust whats needed to optimize your improvement.

Want to get a kick-start with the Virtual Coach?!

The Virtual Coach will soon be launched on for the Premium members!
Take your training up a notch and make sure that the coach gets enough statistics to work on at launch!

Get Premium membership and start to play
several sessions of the following games:

JDC, The Sigma Test, SwitchBlade, High-Score, 501, 100 darts @ 20, and all the MICO-factor games.
More games are monitored by the Virtual Coach but these are initial central games for the coaching analysis.

Also, make sure you've played the Crown Judgement recently to show the Virtual Coach what you are capable of.
When upgrading to premium you will get the Virtual Coach when it is launched in November, and unlock +60 games, Master Class, Premium League and much more!

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