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We want to be the best in a world of darts practise. We want you to succeed to your upmost level. We don't care about your current level, because it's all up to whatever YOU want to be in the future. Rarely we remember that darts should be pretty much all about fun. Therefore our games are not only pushing you upwards but also they are interesting and entertaining to play, some of them are even addictive, which we're proud of.
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Hit & Run Game

Mikko's Megatrain

Two hits with one throw in the games chart/numbers.

Burn-Dart rule applies, so if you hit the target only once and with your last dart, but also your next throws FIRST dart you are considered to be done with this target.

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What is a Hit & Run Game?

A typical Hit & Run Game is a practice routine easy enough to keep in mind, doesn't demand marking any score - but naturally to make those more interesting we've added a timer which you might want to use!

Perfect for warming up or preparing for a darts match.

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