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You get the status "SCOLIA ALREADY IN USE" from Scolia since you have another browser open with the Scolia device initiated. You can only have one browser/device/tab open with GoDartsPro and Scolia running.
Please close the other browsers and restart the game to be able to use your Scolia device for auto-tracking the darts.
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Five Checkouts

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Rules for Five Checkouts

You've got five random checkouts to unlock and finish within three darts each. If you choose to play professional mode and fail to finish a checkout, you're back at the first again. With the other options you have 3 or 5 lives and lose a life for each missed checkout. When lives are down to zero you're back at the first checkout again.
The game continues until you finished all 5 checkouts or press the X top right to end the game.
If you just leave the game, it will be treated as unfinished and cancelled.

NEW - Easy mode! Continue on each checkout until you finish it.