Professional darts coaching

We also offer high quality on person-to-person darts coaching

Mikko Laiho is widely regarded as a Worlds number one practise guru and he can point out anything to improve in your throw, game as general and particularly in your practise routines.

1-to-1 coaching

If you’re really serious about your game, need a bit of push-up, are struggling a little or require advice take this offer and you will get sorted!
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Video coaching

Our video coaching project will point out every possible improvement we can think of for making your throw better.
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Kick Flick – Video Assessment

Kick-Flick is a video-based assessment of your throw. It’s the personal evaluation by a professional Darts-Whisperer, Mikko Laiho. You certainly get more than you pay for.
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Practise like a Pro – Bespoke 12 weeks practice program

Do you really know how to practise darts so that you can measurably improve? Because most of the players don’t know, even they might think so. This program run by Red Dragon Darts is designed to help you.

Mikko Laiho has given almost 3.000 players new games, sparkling motivation and programmed practice sessions. Average improvement percentage is whopping 15%, and that can be seen by yourself! If you put your mind and soul into it, we’ll guarantee that you come out of this course better player than you were before it.
Week by week you don’t need to think, you just follow orders and get better in darts, simple as!

What are your weaknesses? Strengths? Do you need help making your practice so interesting that you hardly can wait to get back on the oche?


Fresh Fling course – Renew your throw!

Do you have a problem with your throw? Do you feel a bit shaggy with your action?
Are you starting to feel that the ominous Dartitis is taking place? Lacking consistency or too weak throw?
Now we have an answer to that! You can have your throwing action renewed by us!
Short course takes 4 weeks and the longer course (which includes Video Assessment) more thorough lasts 10 weeks and we guarantee that you will have a new, fresh action with stronger throw.
Now as introductory offer we include Video Assessment for the shorter course as well!

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Mikko's Video Diaries

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Red Dragon Darts – Mikko’s design

“Behind the design is to get extra room on the tip of the barrel, my darts normally fly quite straight on the board so if I had like square tip in my barrels that would take some room out. I also use long 45mm points for the same reason. Otherwise any kind of “stacking” would be hard – now I can squeeze 2-3 darts in the area of millimeter… if I only throw them there!
I like sliding and super-smooth surface, except exactly on the gripping point (which I have far back, almost on the stem), so if you ever see me hit 180 it’s good luck for you and good design for me! These darts just glide in where ever you throw them. And form the tightest bunch anybody can ever see!”
– Mikko Laiho

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