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In the 90's I played a lot of darts and used to track my practice on pre-printed paper sheets. I needed a way to see that I progressed after days of practice, otherwise I would get weary not knowing If I got any better.

Now in 2017 I started playing again and got all nutz about getting better.
I searched for modern ways to track my progress but all websites and apps I tried didn't match my needs.

So I ended up coding my own ways to track my practice.
So basically this is a site to suit my needs but if you agree and find it useful as well that would be awesome.

Feel free to let me know how to improve the site or if you have great practice routines that you think I should add.

For the moment we're having ads on pages to cover the costs for the site. There's also a VIP membership with more practice routines, extended stats, extra functionality and a site without the ads when logged in.

Keep practicing and keep tracking!

/ GoDartsPro Founder - Anders

Send feedback

Do you have any other great practice routines that you'd like to track? Describe the routine as detailed as possible.
The rules, the scoring and why it is a great practice routine.
If I also think it's a good idea I might add it to the site.

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