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Stars & Stripes - Rules

Finish the doubles D20, D18, D16 and D12 in normal -01 style, 5 times each. That is, if the current double is D20 and you hit S20, you have the score 20 (D10) left to finish with the remaining darts. If you finish the score and have remaining darts, try to hit the double again. Therefore you could collect three doubles in one throw (3 darts - D20, D20 and D20).

Also try to unlock the stars in the game by:

2 finishes in 1 throw (3 darts)
3 finishes in 1 throw (3 darts)
6 finishes in 2 throws (6 darts)

On missed out option

The option "One step back but lock finished double" can be used with Consecutive doubles option. If you for example finished all the D20's, this row is locked and you continue at D18 even if you fail to finish the first one.

The Winmau player Jules Van Dongen use this game regularly for his training. Read more about Jules Van Dongen »