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You get the status "SCOLIA ALREADY IN USE" from Scolia since you have another browser open with the Scolia device initiated. You can only have one browser/device/tab open with GoDartsPro and Scolia running.
Please close the other browsers and restart the game to be able to use your Scolia device for auto-tracking the darts.

Feel the pressure with this practicing routine!
Select a number and the duration of the session and track each hit.
As the number of hits in a row increase the pressure to not miss with three darts grows.
When you are getting close to the end of the session and your score is high there's no room for missing with three darts.
Can you handle the pressure?

Practice darts under pressure is really important and an effective way to improve your skills.
If you’ve never felt the pressure during your practice, what will it feel like when your up for a real game?


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Click on buttons above to track your hits or use keypad numbers 1-9 to track your hits and the Spacebar key or Enter key to report score.

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