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Crown Judgement

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Game time ≈ 1 hour - Only 1 game per month!
Average time for this game is approximately one hour, that includes short break somewhere in the middle of the game. All five games are exactly same length, they all take 108 darts.
New! Game now got resume-functionality!
Read more about Crown Judgement here or watch Mikko talk about the game here.

Game instructions

This game consists of 5 parts:

Major doubles
Mark the number of doubles you hit to each cell.

Big Trebles
Mark the number of trebles you hit to each cell.

You get different amount of points depending on how quickly you’ve finished. If you bust with your first three darts, you still got three darts to go.

36 best
Power scoring. Use 6 darts and sum your score.

First of all you need to hit three different targets with your six darts per turn. Single, double and treble, all of them only ONCE. You get a point from correct single, correct double and correct treble. With a chance to get extra points on 25/50.

This game is an assessment game and can only be played once / month and it's a Premium game but can be played once by free members.

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