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You get the status "SCOLIA ALREADY IN USE" from Scolia since you have another browser open with the Scolia device initiated. You can only have one browser/device/tab open with GoDartsPro and Scolia running.
Please close the other browsers and restart the game to be able to use your Scolia device for auto-tracking the darts.
The year is 2020 and the Corona Virus (Covid-19) is hitting the world. Millions of people are forced to stay at home in quarantine. Darts players can now use this time wisley and practice hard. Use this game to calm your frustration at this tough time. Wash your hands, stay safe and enjoy your darts!
Game Instructions
Fight the virus by hitting the fields for the red numbers (20, 18, 13 etc) where the virus has attacked. The number on each target shows how bad the grade is of the attack. If any virus attack exceeds grade 5 it is game over. For each dart you hit the attack is reduced. Hit singles, doubles and trebles. After every throw the attack increases depending on your game level. In Challenge Mode you try to keep playing as many throws as possible and try to reach the leaderboard.
This is a Premium game and as a free member you have limited number of trial games.
Use your darts setup
or play the game on these fixed levels
Thanks Klasse for inspiration and help with this game.

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