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"The Hound's Trail"
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Game suggestion by Łukasz "The Hound" Wacławski!
Thanks for a great game!

Rules for Checkout Randomizer

The game starts with a random number from the Tier 1. If you finish it within three darts, you get one point and another random number - this time from Tier 2 etc.

Anytime the out is missed you go down one tier. If you miss a checkout at Tier 1 you will also lose one point. Select option for the duration of the game (30 points, 20 minutes etc).

Save by bull
If you are not on a double with one dart left, you can try to hit bullseye to "save" the Tier. If you hit bullseye you will continue on the same Tier and checkout for your next throw.

Tier 1 (1 point)41-60
Tier 2 (2 points)61-80
Tier 3 (3 points)81-90
Tier 4 (4 points)90-100
Tier 5 (5 points)100-130
Tier 6 (10 points)130+

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Game suggestion by Łukasz "The Hound" Wacławski!
Thanks for a great game!