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Double Doubles - a darts training game for Champions

I asked my partner Winmau what kind of games their pro’s are playing when they’re training, and for Simon Whitlock it is Double Doubles around the board. This is a darts training game for more advanced players so if you’re relatively new to darts there are other more suitable games for you here.

The Double Doubles game

There are many ways to practise doubles in darts. Either as part of a finishing score or pure doubles games where you only focus on hitting the current double one or several times. It is always good to vary your training and play both types a lot to both get the finishing training where you learn all the common checkouts and to build confidence and muscle memory aiming for the same double several times. The Double Doubles game has been on Winmau’s Practice zone (click here to watch) for quite a while and to make it fun and useful for more players I felt I needed to add some options for it:

3 darts – 2 doubles
6 darts – 2×2 doubles (finished in pairs)
9 darts – 2×2 doubles (finished in pairs)
12 darts – 2×2 doubles (finished in pairs)

So therefore, in the Double Doubles game on GoDartsPro, you can choose if you want to use 3, 6, 9 or 12 darts to play this game.
With the 3 darts option you close the current double by hitting it twice to move on to the next. From 1 to 20.
If you choose the 6,9 or 12 darts option the doubles needs to be hit twice and closed in pairs.
If you go with the standard option 6 darts, you therefore need to hit double 1 twice before you go for double 2 and hit that twice as well. All within 6 darts. This is can be really tough so make sure you are fully focused and have time for an intense training session.

Play Double Doubles now

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