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The game Count-up has been updated

Every now and then old games on GoDartsPro will be updated with a new design and with added features. This time the well known game Count-Up has been updated and now also got support for a Scolia device to auto-track the darts for you.

GoDartsPro - Count-up darts training game
Game rules for Count-up

This Count-up game is useful and can be fun for every darts player, from beginners to professionals. The rules are simple. In the options screen you select a number and then try to hit it as many times you can in a row.You get 1 point for asingle hit, 2 for doubles and 3 for trebles.
You can also select if you want to run the training session on a certain time period or if you want the session to last until you miss the target. There’s an easy and a hard option for you to choose as well. And don’t forget, tracking your practice makes it more profitable and more fun!

Scolia support

The game now also got support for Scolia devices to automatically track the darts for you during your game session. This will give you more focus during your training session since you only need to focus on your throw.

The higher score you get the more pressure you will feel to continue to score and not to miss the selected target. This is very a powerful way to practise under pressure.

In-game statistics

We’ve now also added the in-game statistics feature for this game. When you visit the game you will find the “Your stats” red button top right which will open up a statistics view for your training sessions. Play the game a few times and try out the different options to see which works best for your current level.

Check out Dawson Murschells video about this practice routine!

Play the game today and make it count!

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The game Count-up has been updated

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