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Use multiple Scolia's on GoDartsPro

With the increased popularity of the amazing autotracking devices from Scolia, more and more members use Scolia together with GoDartsPro. Now more and more public venues, clubs and darts academies also use Scolia. Functionality to set up and use multiple Scolia’s with your account on GoDartsPro has therefore been requested frequently lately. It is now available so check out below how to set it up!

Add multiple Scolia devices to your GoDartsPro account

On the Scolia page on GoDartsPro you can now register and set up multiple Scolia devices to use for your training at different places. You need the serial-number for the Scolia-device (printed in the manual/order from Scolia) and the format should be NNNN-NNNN-NNNN (where N = alphanumeric value).
At a public venue you could ask the staff for the serial-number to set it up and use with your GoDartsPro-account. Give the device a name to easily identify the device in the list on GoDartsPro.

GoDartsPro - Add multiple Scolia devices to your account

Switch Scolia devices within the game

With a Scolia device registered on GoDartsPro, you will see a small badge appear in the top right of the game (for games with Scolia support).
Now there’s a small dropdown menu button next to the Scolia symbol and the text READY. When you click the button a drop-down list will be shown with all your registered devices. There you can easily switch device for your training session and you can also Unselect the current device. This can be useful if you for example are a coach with multiple Scolias in your club/JDC Academy but need to track the darts manually at a board without a Scolia.
When you do a switch, the game will reload with the selected device connected.

GoDartsPro Select Scolia from within the games

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Use multiple Scolia’s on GoDartsPro

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