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New game: Streak

The ability to score is of course crucial in the game of 501 so the majority of training for most members is about scoring.
Spending hours trying to score as much as possible is tiresome especially if you’re not getting any feedback or statistics to motivate you to continue. It is also very important for GoDartsPro to provide games suitable for all levels of players, beginners to pro’s, where everyone can get a score to work on.
That’s why we felt there’s a need for a game like Streak!
Note! The game is pre-launched for active Enduro Challenge players only!

Darts training game Streak
The rules for the game Streak

In the Streak game you have 20 throws (60 darts) so It is a quite short game (about 5-6 minutes) which makes it easier to stay focused during the whole game. A shorter game with different visible scores/goals to try to reach leaves you more often with the feeling of: Just one more time…
which leads to more training! 🙂

The aim of the game is to get as good 5-throws-streak score as possible. This to give you an idea of your peak performance ability when you get your throws right.

In the start of the game you will see the leaderboard for the best streaks the past 30 days from other members. This to give something to work hard for to try to reach.

Darts training game - Streak

During the game you throw and track 20 throws and the game will update the 5-best-streak scores in the interface. Even though if you get a bad throw after a good streak, don’t give up! If you manage to get the last throws really good you still might improve your sessions best streak score. So continue during the 20 throws and try to stay focused no matter what.

Alternative streak score

We all know it is so easy to get a few stray darts which can ruin any score and any game. That’s why we also show an alternative streak score which shows your best streak when the 10% worst throws (2 worst throws) have been removed. This also to give you some inspiration to try to stay focused and to avoid those stray darts in your next game session. Those small indications can be very valuable to keep in mind and work hard for.

So when you see a big gap between your real streak score and your alternative score, you know that it is within your reach if you only can lose those stray throws.

Streak Darts Game - stats
In-game statistics

When you’ve finished a game session you can review your stats by clicking the red “Your stats” button to the right of the game. There you’ll see your best sessions and a history log where you also see the percentage stats for different scoring segments.

Use the game and work hard on your scoring abilities and you’ll see your stats improve.

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