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Best double practice game there is?

There are a lot of aspects that makes any darts training drill a great game.
It needs to be:
* Challenging
* Inspiring
* Fun
* Simulating pressure
* Right level for the player

Our new doubles practice game, Doubles Lock, has it all.

You can compete with yourself on many levels in this game:
1) Finish the game – it’s quite a task itself
2) As quick as possible – play the clock
3) Score as much as possible
4) Least amount of darts used


Doubles Lock – game rules

Throw three darts at the same double and your first target double 20.
Each target needs at least one hit to move on to next target double 19. As a result if you miss the 19’s – you are back on hitting the 20’s.

When you hit the target double twice or thrice you lock that number for further play – you don’t need to go back any further.

Every time you manage to hit more than one target double, you get points. 2 hits means 50 points, three hits 100 points.

You hit Double 20 twice, now you get 50 points and it becomes locked and your new starting-base is Double 19.
When you then continue and hit Doubles 19, 18 and 17 once each the pressure becomes massive on Double 16.
If you miss Double 16 with all three darts you’re back at your base which now is Double 19 because you locked Double 20.
But, if you instead hit Double 16 with all 3 darts you score 100 points and 16 is now your new base!

Play the game until Double 1 is done and dusted.
Depending on your player level this game will normally take 20-60 minutes to finish and it doesn’t suit for beginners.

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