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Darts games to sharpen your finishing skills

Spending many hours of deliberately practicing finishes will improve your skills in many ways. Depending on which routines you use you will be practicing power scoring, hitting doubles, darts maths, etc. As a result, you will also improve your accuracy, concentration, and stamina. Practice finishes 100% focused and don’t always aim to better your high score and your confidence will improve as well. You should therefore add a good amount of your training time to various finishing routines.

Switching Doubles

Your targets are the important doubles to master.
Throw one dart on each double and track your hits.
If you manage to hit all three doubles you get one extra turn.
Doubles are:
Play Switching Doubles »


Finish the checkout within 9 darts.
For each finished checkout, the next checkout will be increased.
If you finish the checkout within 3 darts, that checkout is also locked and is your new base checkout.
If you don’t finish a checkout within 9 darts you are back to your base checkout.
Play as long as you want or if you reach 170!
Play 121 »


Grindout is a really tough game but also a very good one.
Six darts in use and you’ll try to take the out from 81 in 2 to 6 darts.
You need to finish your target number with six darts, starting from 81. Depending on your level, aim either to go until you’ve done 90 (Novice-level), 120 (Rookie-level), 140 (League player) or 170 (Advanced level). If you get the finish what you aim for in six darts, you move ahead to the next number. If you don’t get it, you drop one point backward. If you get any finish at three darts or less, that number becomes locked and you can’t drop below that anymore.

Play Grindout »


Frustration is also a very tough game used by many professional darts players on a regular basis.
Hit the minimum score at the current level (ex 80) with the first 2 darts.
Then hit the current double to finish from double 20 down to the ending number.
Choose minimum score, ending number, number of scores to finish a number, and if you want continuous/loop order.
Play Frustration »

Shooting Gallery

A great MICO-factor game similar to 121 but with a twist.
Use max 9 darts to finish 01-game style on the double.
Start from 121 then 122 and so on until 130.
Play Shooting Gallery »

Checkout Challenge

Start with the checkout 21 and need to finish it (501-style) in 3 darts. If you manage to finish the checkout in 3 darts, next checkout will increased by 10 = 31.
If you fail to checkout within 3 darts, next checkout will be reduced by one if you’re on a bigger checkout than you started with.
The last checkout you finished when the game is ended will be your score.
Play Checkout Challenge »

Catch 40

Try to take the out (61-100) in 2 to 6 darts.
Score for taking the out in 2-6 darts. If you miss out in 6 darts, press MISS button and go for next out.
Play Catch 40 »

Also, check out Winmau Practice Zone for more games to play!

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