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Nations Training League

The most dedicated nations

Average number of darts thrown by members based on flag/country
Flag / Country Total avg. 230123022303230423052306230723082309231023112312
1   Poland1045558514604----------
2   Switzerland961953154304----------
3   Finland868151573524----------
4   Czech Republic845547483707----------
5   Belgium811242983814----------
6   Denmark766342913372----------
7   Australia735631474209----------
8   Austria728736413646----------
9   France707146282443----------
10   Hungary697232023770----------
11   Netherlands627732902987----------
12   Sweden611631862930----------
13   Germany607533252750----------
14   Iceland588227743108----------
15   United Kingdom546135631898----------
16   Scotland517830822096----------
17   United States486624422424----------
18   Canada483818223016----------
19   Italy426826781590----------
20   England422523011924----------

Based on all members with a flag selected to represent their country, who also have thrown at least 100 darts during the actual month.
The members registered number of darts are divided by the number of active members for each country.
If you haven't yet set a flag for your country, click here and do it now!

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