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How to use the ‘Bobs 27’ application

This practice routine is invented by the famous darter Bob Anderson.
The rules of Bob’s 27 is to start with the score 27 and your first target is Double 1.
Throw 3 darts at the target and track how many darts you hit. For each hit your score will increase by the target value.

Let’s say you hit 2 darts on target Double 1. Your score will increase by 2 x 2 = 4. Your score will then be 31 and your next target is Double 2. The application will guide you through all the numbers, both visually and by voice.

But if you miss the target with all 3 darts, your score will decrease with the target value.
So let’s say you miss the target Double 2 with all your 3 darts. Your score will then decrease by 4 (double 2 is 4 points) and your new score will then be back to 27.

The higher the numbers get, the more important it will be to hit the target with at least 1 dart.
For example, if you miss the target Double 20, your score will decrease with 40 points.

The more you use it – the more you use you will get from the statistics.

And don’t forget, tracking your practice makes it more profitable and more fun!