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How to use the ‘Checkouts’ application

The Checkouts practice routine is a famous pro training routine used by many professional darters.
You need to hit all the good doubles: 40 36 32 28 24 20 16 12 8 4 2
You score by taking the out in 1-3 darts.

Rules: Hit the out on 1st dart = 3p, 2nd dart = 2p and 3rd dart = 1p

For example: Start with D20, if you miss and hit S20 you go for D10 on your second dart. Hit the S10 and you go for D5 on your last dart.

The Checkouts routine is exclusive for VIP-member.

Read more about VIP membership here »

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The more you use it – the more you use you will get from the statistics.

And don’t forget, tracking your practice makes it more profitable and more fun!

Checkouts darts practice routine