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With darts practice flying and what seems the whole world playing and practicing using online technology, we have developed the latest maths skills program to help you learn the perfect way to score, set up finishes and stay calm under pressure even enjoying the strategic advantages that great counters have in the game.

So what better way to endorse this skill than to ask one of Darts best known TV referees and counters – Little Richard.

We asked Little Richard what makes counting the most underrated of darts key skills “Darts counting has always fascinated me and amazes me at how much of an advantage it can be for every level of player, as they can learn to score in areas around the standard of their game. By way of example if your best finishes are on Double 16 its so important to know from 200 down what the best way to 32 is, as even one surprising treble can leave you very close to a quick finish, but what we often see is players stop to work out where they are often throwing away that superb advantage”.

The GoDartsPro Mathlete will start you off at the level that suits you most taking you all the way to the wizard like counting we see from the World’s very best like MvG and Simon Whitlock.

The key to any practice is repetition!
Darts Mathlete is all about repetition!
Darts Mathlete online and offline

Darts Mathlete is available as a FREE-To-Try premium game on as well as stand-alone iOS and Android apps. The iOS and Android apps don't need Internet connection to be played and will be your perfect company during travel. Next time you're on a bus, train or flight, use the time wisely and prepare for your next 501-game!

The Darts Mathlete as iOS and Android apps doesn't requite premium membership.

Enjoy your challenge and gear up for your very own Mathletics here:

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