The more you practice the luckier you get...


Let’s break this down, and ask how much can you stay 100% focused? Because non-focused practise can cause you more harm than good should go without saying.
The first burst of full concentration lasts approx. 25 minutes if you want to believe Pomodoro Techinque. This is a good base when approaching this issue. After that have a short so called mini-break lasting 3-5 minutes.
Then go for another 25 minutes at max. Now you’ve done under 55 minutes with a break.
I asked about this from my mate, who works in University of Bath in Biomechanics (he is a MSc in Sport Coaching) and he agreed immediately because he’s also a Finn and how long does one Finnish school class lasts from primary to high school? 45 minutes. Did you know that we have the best school system for kids? Now you do. I rest my case.

Darts is way more physical than sitting in school bench and it’s mainly played by older persons than school kids, so there is a base to add a short break inside of it.
So here we have frame work for our first fully focused practise session. It will be optional anywhere between 45 and 60 minutes. And then it’s time for another, now a bit longer break, say 15 – 30 minutes maybe. All these details depend on players age, physical form and health – maybe even throwing style, release and follow through.

There are more examples proving our point. If you compare these time frames to competitions, it’s quite rare that any single match (PDC plays best of 11) lasts nowadays more than 40 minutes. At least without a break in middle and between I can’t think even one. Even Matchplays deciders, like 2018 final Suljovic vs. Anderson, which had last break in situation 11-14 and ended 19-21 lasted only 38 minutes, and Barney vs. Taylor final set in 2007 lasted 31 minutes.

One of the longest legs ever was played in 2018 Worlds’ between Simon Whitlock and Martin Schindler which lasted over 5 minutes.
But all the previous examples were carried on in the competitive situation, so adrenaline played a big part, which is hard to repeat during training.
So the best practise session is 20-25 minutes in one go, short break, then another 20-25 minutes and you’re done.

How many sessions per day then?

Another study, which was done during recording session to top level musicians 1980’s, proved that in total there was absolutely no use to keep orchestral sessions on more than maximum approx 200 minutes – results faded hugely after that total time. They did have a 10 minute break every hour, mind.

To keep it fully focused your normal practise day shouldn’t exceed 3.5 hours or 2000 minutes mark, which equals at max 4 sessions. And we think that after ever session should be a longer break meaning that you need to spend with darts daily almost 5-6 hours?

But as we all know it’s basically impossible to practise that much a) if you have kids, b) if you work full-time or c) if you got other hobbies, so keep your aim at 100% focused, enjoyable and interesting practise all the time, as we do on GoDartsPro, and try to practise 2-3 sessions every practice day.

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