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How to use the ‘100 darts’ practice game

First select which number you want to practice

1 to 20 or BULL.

Then throw 100 darts and track each hit of the selected number.
Press the large buttons in each column “Single”, “Double” and “Treble” for the hits.

Lets say you hit 1 single and one treble of the selected number 20.
Press the button 1 hit in both the columns “Single” and “Treble” and then press the button Report score. You will then get the score 4 for these two hits.

If you somehow report the wrong hits there’s a Undo latest button for you to remove the latest score.

We store all the information your track so that you can follow up your progress after using the application for a while.

You will for example be able to see if your treble hits increases, your overall score increases and compare if there’s any number you need to practice more on.

The more you use it – the more you use you will get from the statistics.

And don’t forget, tracking your practice makes it more profitable and more fun!