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How to use the ‘Catch 40’ application

Great darts practice routine by John Part.
The rules of Catch 40 is to take the out (61-100) in as few darts as possible.
In this application you will practice your finishing skills. The application starts with the out score of 61.Your mission is to finish the score 61 within 6 darts.
If you take the out in 2 darts = score 3, in 3 darts = score 2 and take the out in 4,5 or 6 darts = score 1.
There is one exception though, if you hit the 99 out in 3 darts = score 3. The maximum score is 120.
The application will guide you through the outs of 61 to 100.

The more you use it – the more you use you will get from the statistics.

And don’t forget, tracking your practice makes it more profitable and more fun!