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6 darts practice games to improve your doubles

If you stick with a one-dimensional approach for your darts practice you will lose focus quickly and your training sessions will be boring. Just throwing darts at double 20 hour after hour would lead to losing interest and forget about exactly why you started to play darts.
When many players start to practice doubles they go for Bob’s 27. Nothing wrong with good old Bob’s 27 but luckily there are more games to use to really improve the doubles. Therefore we’ve got many different games where you need to focus on hitting doubles.

What is the best way to practice doubles?

This must be natural to you already, but never underestimate the power of repetition. The business end of the match is always doubles. If you want to improve hitting your doubles you need to deliberately practice trying to hit the doubles for a good amount of time. All those hours are important to learn which muscles are needed to hit each double and tune them in to be able to hit them consistently. You need to get that “feel” when the throw is right or not as soon as the dart leaves the hand.

Doubles can be practised in many different ways and the best way to keep your focus high and to stay inspired is to vary your practice. Try each of the following games and find your favourites to throw into your training sessions from now on to spice up your practice.

Doubles Boomerang

Tony David (BDO World Championship winner) invented and used this game to sharpen his doubles skills. So why shouldn’t you use it to improve your doubles?!

Hit each double clockwise on board starting with 1. One dart on each so first throw will be double 1, 18 and 4. If you hit the double it is locked and you move on. If you miss a double you need to return to it on the next throw. Use as few darts as possible.

Play Doubles Boomerang »

Switching Doubles

In this game, your targets are the important doubles to master. Throw one dart on each double and track your hits.
If you manage to hit all three doubles you get one extra turn.

The doubles are:
Play Switching Doubles »

Doubles Lock

Setting up a list of great doubles games without “Doubles Lock” would be incomplete.
This is a really effective and fun doubles darts practice game with a twist that makes it challenging and puts you under heavy pressure. This game will improve your doubles fast!
You throw 3 darts on each double from 20 to 1.
You need to hit at least 1 dart on the double to move on to next double.
If you hit 2 or 3 darts on the double the double is locked and the next double is now your new starting double. If you fail to hit the double with your 3 darts you need to start over on your starting double.

Play Doubles Lock »

The Three Stooges

This is not a doubles-only game, but a fun all-over-the-board game, which strengthens your focus.
If you manage to hit the doubles you will get a good score in this game.
This game should be played daily right after a proper warmup.

Play The Three Stooges »

420 darts practice routine

You start with the score 420 and your goal is to bring it down to or below zero.
Your targets are the doubles from 1-20 + bull’s eye.
If you, for example, hit two double 1 – your score will be reduced by 4 (two double 1 is 4 points) and you move on to number 2.

The pressure increases by the target numbers and if you hit 3 bull’s eye your score will be reduced by 150! Can you go below zero?!

Play the 420 game »

Doubles Down

Short and simple doubles training game. In 501’s you want to end up on an even double to get another double shot if you miss and hit a single on the first try. So in this game, you only practice the even doubles. Throw 3 darts on each of the even doubles from 20 to 2 and track your hits.

Play Doubles Down »

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