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Checkpoint-501 - new power-scoring darts training game

During last year I’ve got many requests about darts practice games that are focused to improve their 501’s play. Also, games that simulate the 501’s with a twist have been asked for several times.

Because of that I now decided to launch three (at least) games that all are intended to improve your 501’s.

First out is a game request by the promising player and GoDartsPro premium member Andreas Toft Jørgensen. The game is called Checkpoint-501.

This is a power-scoring game that depending on the level option you choose, challenge you with different checkpoint scores you need to reach within a certain number of darts.

The rules for Checkpoint-501

You start at 501 and if you choose the default Advanced mode your target score is 170 that you need to reach within three throws (9 darts). If you reach the checkpoint you get 5 points and the score is set to 501 again for a new ”leg”. If you don’t reach 170 (or less) within 9 darts your next checkpoint score is 125. You need to reach it within the next throw.
Then the target scores are 90 within 15 darts or 40 within 18 darts. If you haven’t reached/passed the score 40 within 18 darts you score no points. Then the next ”leg” starts with 501 again.

Since you are not trying to hit any doubles at the end of each leg, this game is all about power-scoring.
This is a fun 501-type game that will put you under pressure to score heavily to pass the checkpoint score. Since the difference between each of the checkpoint scores gets decreases, it gets ”easier and easier” to reach the checkpoint but the points reward also is decreasing.

Who is it for and when to use it?

Since the game has several options anyone can benefit from practicing with this game.
If you are new to darts even the easiest option might be tough to score 5 points at.
But if you don’t reach the first checkpoint you might reach the next with one big score.
So don’t give up and make sure to refocus and do what you can to reach the next.

You can also use it as a final warming-up routine before a tournament. Use it before an important match to get into the right power-scoring mode. If you like playing 501’s as part of your daily practice, throw in a few rounds of Checkpoint-501’s and you’ll work on your scoring power.

If you’re serious to improve your 501’s play you should use the ”Checkpoint-501” game to power up your scoring power.

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