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Dedication darts game

For every player who wants to achive a strong and consistent game, dedicated focused practice at their weaker doubles and trebles should be done on a regular basis. If you get stuck on a certain double during a Doubles Lock session for example, you should get back and dedicate quality practice time for that target only. The new Virtual Coach concept will also make this easier for you and analyse all your stats to find the weak doubles/trebles and use Dedication to sharpen your skills.

I remember when we added the Doubles Lock game to GoDartsPro and both Mikko and I was doing the final test of the game before launch. I played the game a few times every day and I got stuck on the double 12 every time. Mikko’s response to it was that I should dedicate the next training sessions for that double only and not quit (but taking shorter breaks) until I had 100 hits.
It took quite a while but the feeling when I hit the #100 I felt like I owned the double.
With gained confidence, I nailed the double with the 1st dart the next time I played Doubles Lock.


In the game Dedication you will select your target number (single, double or treble) and the limit for your practice. You can choose to throw a number of darts or until you finished a number of hits. You can also choose to play for a dedicated time.

In this game you can also choose to track if your missed dart was a close miss or not. Even if your stats doesn’t show increased number of hits it can be encouraging to see that more and more missed darts are tracked as close missed darts.

Play Dedication now »

Pick out 2 or 3 doubles/trebles you know you’re having a hard time and use Dedication to sharpen your skills for these targets.
Enjoy your darts!
– Anders

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