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GoDartsPro relaunched!

Last week we made a new launch of the website with a lot of new great stuff for darts players eager to practice darts in a smarter way.
Our idea with this “sneak launch” was to have some days to collect feedback from our members to understand what needed more and clearer information, what we needed to add and change to make it easier to understand.
So far we’ve got some great feedback and we’re adding changes everyday to improve the website.

Here’s a summary of all the new things that we’ve added to the website.

First – Welcome Mikko Laiho

I’m happy to welcome my new colleague Mikko Laiho and together we will continue to create great darts practice solutions for all kind of player levels.
Mikko is the guy behind the 12 Weeks Pro Darts Practice Program at RedDragonDarts and he’s been working with other projects with Winmau for several years and he’s been coaching all level players – from beginners to World Champs. His input is one of the main reasons for this re-launch.
Mikko will publish darts practice articles and a video-diary on GoDartsPro on a regular basis as well.

MICO-Factor darts games

Together we have developed a fantastic and simple way to measure your skill level as a darts player.
All the games we have added in this MICO-Factor genre are totally measurable and therefore solid base of how good you really are.

Each game needs to be played 5 times to get MICO-Factor score for you as an average for that game.
MICO-Factor games are also comparable with each other, so they will combine your MICO-Factor score in total.
When you have played 5 games 5 times each you have your total MICO-Factor average to compete with.
We have now added 9 new highly addictive practice games to the MICO-Factor genre.

If you happen to have a Winmau GreenZone game we now have a special game for you as well.
And we’ll add more fun GreenZone games in the near future.

GoDartsPro MasterClass

The GoDartsPro MasterClass declares to be the first ever level hopping practice game in darts.
Now you need to get through all the games, starting on Beginners level, to unlock the next game in hand.
You have to finish the 8 new games in the Beginner level to climb to next level.
New levels will be added over the next months.

Hit & Run Game – Mikko’s Megatrain

We’ve also added a great “Hit & Run”-game called Mikko’s Megatrain where you’ve got 20 quite hard targets to finish.
You only compete against the clock in this game. Can you finish the game under 20 minutes?
There will also be more “Hit & Run”-games as well in the coming months.

VIP is now Premium

With all these new addings we’ve also changed the VIP-membership to a Premium-membership.
All current VIP-members are automatically upgraded to Premium without any extra cost.
By adding the monthly subscription option we’ve also made it easier for you to try all our Premium-games and content.

We’re proud and happy for this quite extensive launch and we hope you’ll enjoy the new games and improve with them over time.
We would also love to get some feedback on our new games/concepts so send your questions/feedback through direct messages on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Now it’s up to you! 

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+100 darts practice games

More than More than 100 proper training games for you to make your darts practice fun, inspiring, interesting and addictive so you don’t even notice that you are improving!

Are you a Rookie
in the world of darts?

Go to our Rookie-page to read more about how to get started and check out our Starter Pack–concept.

Played darts for a while?

Get your Premium Membership to unlock the MICO-factor games now. Our MasterClass is the worlds’ first level-hopping game IRL darts, so that might be an inspiring challenge for you.


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