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Hit area feature in the Dedication game

New great feature for the Scolia owners!

Size really matters – at least when it comes to your ability to group the darts.
If you’re able to group your darts on a smaller area of the board, you’re more likely to hit the target you’re aiming at.

The new technology that Scolia adds to the game of darts, where the exact millimeter on the board is registered for each dart hit, adds a whole new dimension to darts training and darts coaching. Being able to track the positions and angles of each dart you throw, opens up new ways to analyze your stats and approach actions to improve.

Check out our presentation in Youtube for this new feature!

How does it work?

When you throw the darts we store the positions on the board for each dart.
After 3 darts we’re able to calculate an area using the positions of the darts as a hit area.
As long as your following darts land inside that area, your hit area remains the same.
But as soon as one dart is positioned outside, the hit area grows.

When the game session is finished and all darts are thrown, we’re able to show the hit area and also calculate the size of it, showing your hit area size in square centimeters.

What is the smallest area that you can throw 100 darts in? Test your grouping abilities today!

This is all explained and showed in the Youtube presentation for the hit area concept.

How to use this new feature?

This new feature can be good for your training in many ways. First of all, as inspiration and challenge, when trying to group your darts in a smaller and smaller area. Knowing your smallest area so far, will give you a goal to work hard for, trying to shrink the hit area, millimeter by millimeter.

By selecting different targets on the board and comparing your hit areas, you’ll see if you have any areas on the board where you have issues with trying to group your darts on a small area. With this knowledge, you can do some extra dedicated practice for these areas and sharpen your skills even more.

Join the launch challenge!

To inspire you to try out this new feature we’ve created a launch challenge with some great prizes to win.

Click here to get to the challenge and try it out you too!

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