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January Checkout Challenge

To kick off 2024 in the right direction with better-structured darts training, we start with a new January Checkout Challenge. As with other challenges or competitions on GoDartsPro, it is all about participation and not about the scores or leaderboard. All to keep any cheating trolls away… Just play, enjoy and improve!

How to participate and how to win

All premium members who play and finish a session of the game “Checkout Challenge” (any of the options) during January will get a ticket for the raffle and in the beginning of February, the randomly picked winner will be published on GoDartsPro’s social media (Facebook, X, Instagram). The lucky winner will win a handmade GoDartsPro skull darts holder + a package of GoDartsPro stickers etc. If many members will participate we’ll throw in some more prizes to the challenge as well.

Checkout Challenge

Checkout Challenge is a great practice routine that will be usable for a wide variety of player levels that will inspire and challenge you to improve. There are different options to choose and with the default settings you start at checkout 21 and you will be playing for 20 minutes. If you manage to finish the current checkout, the next checkout will be increased by 10. But if you fail to checkout, your next checkout will be reduced by 1.
So for example, if you’re at 21 and hit single 5 and finish with double 8, your next checkout will be 31.
If you can’t manage to finish 31 with 3 darts, your next checkout will be 30.
Your highest finish after 20 minutes will be your score for the round.

We’ve got a new World Champion!

To celebrate the success of Luke Humphries we’re adding a set of his darts from Red Dragon Darts to the January Checkout Challenge!

Game On!

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+100 darts practice games

More than More than 100 proper training games for you to make your darts practice fun, inspiring, interesting and addictive so you don’t even notice that you are improving!

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Get your Premium Membership to unlock the MICO-factor games now. Our MasterClass is the worlds’ first level-hopping game IRL darts, so that might be an inspiring challenge for you.


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