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Make your darts training more challenging

One of the most important keys to make your darts training effective is to make your practice enough challenging. Just throwing darts at treble 20 or bull will eventually make you better but if you really want to improve as fast as possible you need to start practise deliberately with a good amount of pressure.

Try to beat your current level

Instead of only focusing on your 501 average as an indicator of your current level, check your statistics from your favourite games on GoDartsPro and find your average there. It’s better to try to beat your average scores rather than just chasing to beat your high-score for a game. This will give you small victories more often and will build up your confidence and your mind-set that you can win and that you are a winner.

The coach for the Swedish Development Team, Peter Sajwani, asked me to add the game SOLO-01 to GoDartsPro which is a game he use regularly for the players in the team. He gives them a ”homework” to find out how few darts they need to win 8 out of 10 legs in a game of 501. They then play against that fixed number of darts to try to win 8 out of 10 legs. Their number of darts to play against will be lowered as they improve. That’s a smart and effective way to put you under good amount of pressure at your current level.
Try it you too with the game SOLO-01

Use Premium League & Monthly challenges

Use the Premium League concept and the Monthly Challenges on GoDartsPro. Find a game you like on GoDartsPro that has some kind of leaderboard for it. Either as a Monthly Challenge, part of the Premium League concept or as an in-game leaderboard. Concentrate and play a session of the game and compare your score with the leaderboard. Didn’t make it to the leaderboard? No worries, continue and play the game again and try to beat your previous best score until you reach the leaderboard.
Got a position in the leaderboard? Check the score just above and try to beat it to climb the leaderboard?
Are you in the lead of the leaderboard? Have a break – you deserve it!

The Virtual Coach IS a challenge

The Virtual Coach is designed and developed to challenge the players to perform just on top of their current level or average. This inspires the players to beat their average again and again which leads to a steady improvement. If the Virtual Coach want to suggest a game for you and you haven’t yet played it, the Virtual Coach compares your MICO-factor with thousands of other members on GoDartsPro, to find a suitable level for the game to set up a challenging task for you. If you’re having problems finishing the tasks the Virtual Coach gives you, try to finish at least one before time’s up and then try the new tasks you’ll get at next visit.

Mix up your games with the playlist feature

Create a playlist with a few fun games you know you usually perform quite good at and mix them with a few tougher games. A big reason people don’t improve that much is that they mostly practising the things their already good at. I know, it is much more fun to play a drum fill you know you can do quite good, rather than practising the rudiments on a rubber practice pad you know will make you good later on… Challenge yourself and pick a few tough games where your main task is to stay focused and positive until you finish it.

Set a goal for your training session

A good habit is to set a goal for your training session and that you don’t quit until you reached it.
The goal must always be personal based on your current level and achievable. For example, to score more than 100 points with three darts, hit at least one 180, throw five throws over 85 in a row etc. Be creative and set new goals for your sessions to make them more fun. Stick to it and don’t quit until you’ve nailed it.

Most important – Enjoy your darts and make it count!

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