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New game: Finish & Lock

The well known Winmau player Danny Noppert recently visited the Winmau HQ and explained one of the training routines he usually plays to prepare for a tournament. Based on this routine, we added options to make it suitable for more players, and created a new game we call: Finish & Lock!

Game instructions

The game is similar to the popular game Doubles Lock that was one of the first games added on GoDartsPro, but this game is not just about hitting doubles.

The game logic is that you start on Double 20 but you need to finish it in a 501-style. That is, if you miss Double 20 and hit Single 20 instead, you now have the score 20 to finish and will therefore go for Double 10 with your next dart. If you then hit Double 10, you’re back with your last dart on Double 20 and try to hit it this time. Technically you have a chance to finish the Double three times in one throw (3 darts in the current double).

If you manage to finish the current Double in any way (directly or by continuing finishing what score is left) you’ll drop down to the next even double. So you will throw at the doubles: 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 4 and 2. The game wraps it up with a go at Double 1.

Danny use the rule needing 3 hits to lock the double!

The game logic is similar to Doubles Lock here, that if you fail to finish the current double, you need to restart at Double 20 again. If you bust your score with darts left you’ve failed to finish the double and need to get your darts and prepare for next throw.
Just as in Doubles Lock, you have a chance to lock a double to avoid getting back all the way to Double 20 again. Danny usually plays this game with the rule needing three hits at the current double to lock it. To make the game useful for more levels of players, we added the option to choose to play the game with 3, 2 and 1 finish to lock the double. This way you start using the game earlier in your career and change option as you improve. Start with the easiest option and play the game a few times. When you’re getting comfortable finishing the game under 30 minutes or so, start using the Intermediate mode and work your way to Expert mode.


This is another very useful and fun game to play on a regular basis. Mastering finishes from 40 and below will really improve your game and with this game you will do this with a good amount of pressure added.
Imaging the pressure you will feel if you managed to go down from Double 20 to Double 1 without any doubles locked on the way!

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