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The Journey Continues

I’ve now gotten past the initial shock when my colleague and friend Mikko Laiho tragically passed away in the end of April. We spoke almost daily, or at least chatted or emailed daily the previous months, about our new ideas and concepts we wanted to create for GoDartsPro.

Mikko, as many of you know, lived for darts 24/7 and to educate how to practise darts in a more efficient, challenging and inspiring way.
Now with some distance to this abrupt ending of our collaboration It feels good to know that Mikko was so inspired and confident the last times we spoke, that we had some really good things in the pipeline with the all new games and concepts we where working on together for GoDartsPro.
It’s been a tough couple of weeks dealing with this sudden loss of Mikko, both on a business level but of course on a personal level.

Therefor I am now glad to announce that I now can and will continue the journey I myself started in 2017 with GoDartsPro.
GoDartsPro will continue to publish fun and challenging practice games and concepts in the spirit of what me and Mikko worked and planned for the past year.

MasterClass – Challenger Level

The week before Mikko left us we almost finished the work with the second level of his master piece, the GoDartsPro MasterClass, and we were supposed to launch it a few days later.

The second level, the Challenger Level, is now finally launched and contains 5 completely new games and 8 games with increased difficulty from previous level. As with the first level, you need to finish each game to open up and be able to play the next game. You need to finish them all to complete the level.

With these unique training games you will challenge yourself and improve faster.

Are you ready for the Challenger Level?

Click here for MasterClass!


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