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Darts challenges on GoDartsPro

Now you can challenge yourself, your friends and all other members in different challenges on GoDartsPro.

We start with the game ‘100 darts @ 20’ and the challenge runs through August. Attend as many times as you want and your highest score will be your contribution to the challenge.

The scores are saved for each throw so if you abort and leave the game before finishing it, your challenge score will be the score when you left the game. Next time you start the game from the challenge your current session will be resumed and you can continue from where you left.

There will be more challenges with different games and rules soon so this is just a small summer start.
Each challenge will have its own rules and settings. Some will be restricted to one try per challenge and others will accept as many tries as you want.

Since this is a free practice challenge without score verification it is created to be fun, challenging and honest. GoDartsPro reserves the right to remove/hide scores that are most likely entered to cheat and the member will be contacted.

Here’s the Challenge page!

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