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Forging a brighter future in darts training!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

Since the electrifying launch of GoDartsPro in 2017, we’ve been on an exhilarating journey, dedicated to crafting the ultimate online darts training platform tailored to your wildest ambitions in darts.
Our commitment to excellence has driven us to continually unveil groundbreaking darts training innovations, from the game-changing Virtual Coach to the addition of over 50 thrilling new games.
We’ve even brought Scolia support to more than 60 exhilarating games, redefining the landscape of darts training.

But that’s not all! Since 2018, we’ve proudly supported and sponsored the Junior Darts Cooperation, Team 360, and the JDC Cadets, fuelling the passion of young talents who embody the future of darts.

As we set our sights on even more groundbreaking advancements, we are now changing our Premium prices for the first time since 2018. Starting October 15th 2023, our new Premium Membership pricing for NEW PREMIUM MEMBERS will be as follows: €6.95 per month or €69.95 per year

But wait, there’s more! As a token of our gratitude to our dedicated CURRENT PREMIUM MEMBERS, we’re freezing the new price until January 1st, 2025, ensuring you continue to enjoy top-tier benefits without any extra cost.

We’re always by your side on your darts journey. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.
Get ready for an even more exciting GoDartsPro experience!

Join us as we shape the future of darts training – it’s going to be a blast!

Questions & answers

I’ve got a monthly premium subscription now, when will the new price be updated for me?

– January 1st, 2025. Until then, you’ll continue to pay €5.95 / month.

I’ve got an annual premium membership ending soon. Can I renew it before the 15th of October for €59.95?

– Yes, any annual premium purchase will be automatically added to the end of your current membership.

If i start a new premium subscription before the 15th of October, will I automatically get the new price?

– Yes, but you have to wait until 1st of January 2025 for the higher price.

Is it possible to purchase premium for more than 1 year?

– Yes, any additional premium purchases will be automatically added to the end of your premium membership. That way you could use for example PayPal to stay premium for more than one year.
We also got the ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP, for the truly dedicated members which includes 5 years premium membership and extra benefits. Read more about ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP here!

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+100 darts practice games

More than More than 100 proper training games for you to make your darts practice fun, inspiring, interesting and addictive so you don’t even notice that you are improving!

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