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New GoDartsPro darts shirt - 5 years anniversary edition

New cool darts shirt available – GoDartsPro 5 years!

I started to develop GoDartsPro back in the summer of 2017 and it is already soon 5 years ago! Time really flies and what a ride it has been!

It sure has been five difficult years, losing my dad, losing my colleague Mikko Laiho, losing a good darting friend and ambassador member on GoDartsPro to Covid, losing my beloved cat, and last year we lost my stepson due to mental illness.
But somehow, the darts have always been there for me during these tough times. Being able to work with my passion and receiving wonderful feedback from members from all around the world are so inspiring, healing and giving.
So thank you all!

To mark the 5 years anniversary of GoDartsPro, 2017 – 2022, I’ve designed a new darts shirt that is now available. I wanted to keep some ideas from the last shirt, but to make an even cooler shirt this time.

(I’m 178cm and wear a Large shirt)
How to order the shirt and what does it cost?

To cover the cost for printing the shirt, the price is €42 + shipping (€5 for shipping in Europe and €10 for shipping outside Europe). Sizes over 4XL 5 euro more!
The shirts are printed and delivered from RedLips Design = high quality shirts!
The information needed for all orders are:
Shirt size
Name printed on back
Flag you want printed on neck
Shipping address

Contact me to make your purchase and I’ll be happy to assist you! Make sure to add your details for the order.

Are you the
If you’re a big fan of GoDartsPro and would like to mark this as well, there’s another option.
By upgrading to PREMIUM for 5 years, you’ll become an ULTIMATE MEMBER and I will include the shirt and some extra goodies and benefits for you, for your support!

ULTIMATE MEMBER will also be printed on the shirt to show your ultimate support for GoDartsPro!

The price for this is 5 x €69.95 = €350!
Contact me how to become an ULTIMATE PREMIUM MEMBER!

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+100 darts practice games

More than More than 100 proper training games for you to make your darts practice fun, inspiring, interesting and addictive so you don’t even notice that you are improving!

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in the world of darts?

Go to our Rookie-page to read more about how to get started and check out our Starter Pack–concept.

Played darts for a while?

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