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Launched the app Thriller

I’m thrilled to introduce the latest app on GoDartsPro.com!

Now you are able to feel the pressure with the new Thriller practicing routine!
Practice darts under pressure is really important and an effective way to improve your skills.
If you’ve never felt the pressure during your practice, what will it feel like when your up for a game?

Pick a number and how many darts you will throw. If you hit the target the score increases but if you miss with all three darts your score is set to zero. That’s why you feel the pressure and the “Thrillometer” is flashing red.
Can you handle the pressure?! Available for everyone in a limited period before it is exclusive to VIP members.
Give it a try!

thriller - darts training routine

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+80 darts practice games

More than More than 80 proper training games for you to make your darts practice fun, inspiring, interesting and addictive so you don’t even notice that you are improving!

Are you a Rookie
in the world of darts?

Go to our Rookie-page to read more about how to get started and check out our Starter Pack–concept.

Played darts for a while?

Get your Premium Membership to unlock the MICO-factor games now. Our MasterClass is the worlds’ first level-hopping game IRL darts, so that might be an inspiring challenge for you.


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